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Valentin B* - Your Real Being
submitted Valentin B* - Your Real Being. over 7 years ago
Werner - Dominus
posted a review of Werner - Dominus. over 7 years ago
A crazy french club anthem from 1999, with a drunk/junk woman singing "Doooominus voooooomiscum".
Club mix reminds some italodance tunes from the same year.
Pump mix is a killer club anthem and is probably the most popular version from the disc,... See full review
Jean Pierre Austin - C'est Votre Dernier Mot ? (Talk To My Dream)
posted a comment on Jean Pierre Austin - C'est Votre Dernier Mot ? (Talk To My Dream). over 7 years ago
The melody of "brut de cash" version is directly inspired from "World cup" by "Kiko". Nice work !
DJ Zu - Tribal History
posted a comment on DJ Zu - Tribal History. over 7 years ago
What a sick clubbing reference into the whole jumpstyle's history !
A side is the best !
Crazy Bacon - Crazy Bacon
posted a review of Crazy Bacon - Crazy Bacon. over 8 years ago
This track is a MASSIVE clubbing reference from the late nineties ! A nice work around "Rollin' & Scratchin'" from Daftpunk. With the same typical drum sample used by several producers from the north of France (a kick smartly crossed over a snare... See full review