Finally getting round to cataloguing the racks - get in contact if you are desperate for a piece as I *might* be able to locate items now (for those of you that have contacted me in the past). Cheers. TC

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posted a review of Donnacha Costello - Switch. about 1 month ago
Dublin Bus is the one for me on this... heavy Detroit sensibility. Not a fan of the other tracks to be honest.
posted a review of Bomb Jack - Top Pixel Action. about 1 month ago
A - Top Pixel Action... the rhythmic timing and syncopation is tasty. Probably a bugger to mix, but I never do, I just let it run from end to end as the journey is rather nice. Get involved.
posted a comment on The Brothers Grimm - Deja Vu. about 1 month ago
I just played the Awakening Mix again... about 5 times on loop. It's serious.
posted a review of Kev Bird - This Is A Trip. 2 months ago
This is a Trip was the one that got the most air time - probably as it was the slickest to mix. That said, the AA1 and AA2 on the flip were the more sophisticated productions. Let's turn it Out gives us a sneak of the pad driven sound that was to become ... See full review
posted a review of Bounty Killaz - Bounty Killaz - Part 3. 2 months ago
Featured in numerous sets ... If I recall correctly, it was an Eclipse tape set that got me on to this. Both sides played, but in different sets. Wish I'd managed to get to Eclipse/The Edge.
posted a review of DJ Krust* - Future Talk / Quiz Show. 2 months ago
Who doesn't love a decent mid 90s A/B 12 with one track on each side? You know you're gonna get decent sound spectrum for both tracks, good groove separation, and proper bass levels. Top mastering on this one. Balanced and punchy. Quiz Show is massively ... See full review
posted a review of Gang Related & Mask - Reasons For Living EP. 2 months ago
Both tunes rinsed at the likes of Lazerdrome and UN, fun to mix with - proper raw drum and bass.
posted a comment on Tara Kemp - Hold You Tight. 2 months ago
as sampled by many UK hardcore producers - "We're having the time of our lives" being the classic snip
posted a review of Point Zero - Transitions EP. 2 months ago
Tasty UK techno EP in the Detroit style, but distinctly UK. As per usual, my ears draw me to the B side. For me, the heaviest track on this EP is B2 In Troubled Minds. To me, sounds like it's a paean to B12. No bad thing. I would like to hear more from ... See full review
posted a review of Linea Alba - Chill-O-Matic / Space Travel. 2 months ago
IIRC, first heard Space Travel on the fabled Abstrakt Dance show on London's Kiss FM, hosted by Colin Dale & Colin Faver. I remember being amazed at how every track played on that show sounded different, but within a certain domain...electronic dance ... See full review
posted a review of Confusion Club - Move!. 2 months ago
Serious piece of plastic - shows how the UK owes the harder edge of breakbeat hardcore to our Belgian cousins, and where Belgium borrowed some bleep from the UK - not forgetting nods to Detroit in the percussion on Love OD. An underrated EP.
posted a review of Flow (2) Featuring Mikey Culture - Feel The Flow. 2 months ago
What  mousemusic said. I must write 10 words to post.
posted a review of Zimt (2) - U.O.A.A.. 2 months ago
Jeepers! Almost put this in the SELL pile....I had forgotten about the reason I bought this release - Have a go on B2. For me, the standout mix. Sleazy as hell. Heavy percussive swing. Simple driving 3 tone bassline. The lazy vocals work so well, and I'm ... See full review
posted a review of Decoy (2) - This City Has Lost Its Way. 2 months ago
Each track holds its own on this EP - each track of Detroit sensibility. From what I am hearing, the YT videos are pitched a fair bit. Hence the kick and subbass is a few tones higher than mid pitch. The stand out track for me is B2 Lost Its Way - ... See full review
posted a review of User (4) - 006A. 3 months ago
Was silly to have sold this - it's a filter-weapon. Drat!
posted a comment on K-Klass - The Wildlife E.P.. 3 months ago
Forgot I reviewed this. Just revisited as the EP was quoted by  BUNKERHEADZ recently - pleased to see Expose getting the love :) This EP was caned on the London pirates as  8892sales states. And rightly so. K Klass are, I think, under-rated by many, ... See full review
posted a review of Deeper Cut - Feel It. 4 months ago
If you're in North West London, you can find a Mint copy of this at an undisclosed charity shop - I shifted hundreds of pieces to various charity shops in 2018 if they were priced at around £1 on Discogs. How has this jumped to over £50? seriously, this ... See full review
posted a comment on KC Flightt - Planet E. 4 months ago
Yep, massive London tune - alas I was a nipper at the time (in hindsight, fortuitously), and this was caned by the London pirates that I listened to
posted a comment on KC Flightt - Planet E. 4 months ago
Don't let Fast Eddie hear you say such things! In fact, I may alert him to your post. Gosh! How very dare you!
posted a comment on KC Flightt - Planet E (Remix). 4 months ago
I guess hip-house is just a marketing thing... trying to sell hip hop to house heads, and house to hip-hop heads?
posted a comment on KC Flightt - Planet E (Remix). 4 months ago
Thanks man, just noticed your comment as I revisited the track on Oggs having heard it on a mix I checked out this evening... I have a recollection of Planet E being played in the background of a music or film video with - as I recollect - an alien ... See full review
posted a comment on David Morley - The Shuttle EP. 7 months ago
serious stuff, especially if you are in to interstellar hyperwave travel
posted a comment on Schematix - Contradictions EP. 7 months ago
not even sure I should be telling you about this
posted a comment on Nocturnal High - Jetstream. 7 months ago
oh yes, I need to write ten words for this to register
posted a review of BLD - Chamber Trax. 7 months ago
All about the B side for me.

B1 has "2am (acid) techno banger" written all over it. Not 'acid techno' in the crusty sense I might add. Not that I'm averse to a dodgy squat (that sounds wrong, but I'll keep it in for shits and giggles). By the way, for ... See full review
posted a review of Richard Sen - This Ain't Chicago (The Underground Sound Of UK House & Acid 1987–1991). 11 months ago
Stumbled over this having seen a YT vid featuring Richard Sen - this is a seriously well curated album. A wonderful snapshot of underground UK sounds from the late 80s to mid 90s. Quality. Get involved. Not least as it has Ability II on there (now silly ... See full review
posted a comment on Metal Heads* - Terminator. about 1 year ago
Just cataloguing another crate from the racks and came across which sounds suspiciously like the source of the phasing synth from Terminator. What do you reckon?
posted a comment on Mystique - Fire. about 1 year ago
Hmmmm... the metallic organ-like pad synth at the start of the Joey Negro mix sounds like its the source of the phasing synth line from Metalheadz Terminator
posted a review of Smooth & Simmonds - Pucker Tunes Vol 1. about 1 year ago
It's a moment in time. That's the beauty of it. Square wave radicalism.
posted a comment on The Unlimited Dream Company - Feel Like I'm Falling. about 1 year ago
It's all about B1 and B2... those that have it, know.
posted a comment on Joint / The Spirit (9) - New Jersey Drive / DJ Shy. about 1 year ago
Proper mid 90s dnb - this captures what it was all about AWOL, Lazerdrome, UN. If you were there, you were there. Yes Yes. Total sleeper. Buy it while you can.
posted a review of TDOP - New Belief. about 1 year ago
Surprised there's not more love for this EP. Talk about value for money...this is a DJs dream. A1 is a bleepy-house-vocal jam with a Detroit b-line. A2 is the epitome of jungle tekno. B1 - a driving 4/4 UK hardcore banger. B2 is another jungle tekno cut ... See full review
posted a comment on Oxidation - 2. about 1 year ago
B2 - X-One-L this is for the headz. Obscure deep and chilled out mid 90s roller that has big nods to the early 90s sounds but skirts the realms of dnb and tech house. Just love it when the 4/4 kicks in now and again. Cheeky jam this.
posted a comment on Erase - Jack Your Body. about 1 year ago
B2 - Configurated For War. Proper. Minimal. Electro. Secret. Weapon.
posted a review of Various - Background Records 050. about 1 year ago
Perfect EP for djs looking to play stuff that's never been heard before - can see this going down well at a Dalston or Peckham after party, after too much special K
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Energise - Report To The Dancefloor. about 1 year ago
One of my all time faves, and I've only just learnt that it's by Joey Negro. Cor blimey guv'nor!
posted a review of Forgemasters - The Black Steel E.P.. about 1 year ago
Am I seriously the first person to comment on this? I won't waste my time typing. Just listen to the tracks on YT. Seminal UK techno. Nuff said.
posted a review of Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk. about 1 year ago
As the previous reviewer has said, this is a seriously uplifting piece of plastic. Soaring 'hands in the air' pads, relentless beat, driving bassline. Vocal samples that everyone can sing along to. Various mixes to match your set. Complete bargain at the ... See full review
posted a review of Level 3. about 1 year ago
Blimey, no comments on this one. Both are hard hitting technical stepperz. Production is crisp and scientific, as you'd expect from Shimon.
posted a comment on The Moody Boys - First National Rapper. about 1 year ago
Just cataloguing the racks and also amazed that I'm only the second to comment on this. Funky Zulu was (and still is) hammered on the pirates. Breakbeat, electro, acid, rap - all covered in one track. Genre defying, but an unmistakably UK sound. All time ... See full review
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Complex Vol. 4: Circulation. about 1 year ago
Ahhhhh, I had split these discs in the racks and finally brought them together this evening. In short, this is a sleeper. 8 x early morning secret weapons. Best applied 2am+ for the headz on the floor that need techno with relentless groove. Serious stuff
posted a comment on Bassix (4) - Time. about 1 year ago
Only just IDed this one - sounds like a bit of Satin Storm 1999 in the background
posted a comment on JNX - Givin' Me Luv / Little Bit Higher. about 1 year ago
100% this captures a mid 90s sound, but for me it is less 'deep' and more 'banging 4/4 dancefloor stomper'. Sure, it has some subtleties if you listen hard, but this is a hallmark 2am 1995 London sweatbox stomper. If you were on the floor then, you know ... See full review
posted a comment on Capricorn - All I Am. about 1 year ago
I have a SPERM030 Promo which is seemingly the Part 1 of a double 12" Promo pack (the other being SPERM030 Promo2) with each mix of All I Am appearing as a single track on each side of the two 12s, rather than squished in to a 4 track EP.
posted a comment on Various - War Off. about 1 year ago
All about B1 for me... Sequence Harmonie. A 4/4 electro tech track - an insistent bassline lead that loops over and over and over again, subtle percussion changes providing a backdrop to the jack. Gnawing ghostly wails to add to the unease. Did I mention ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Human Body - High Voltage. about 1 year ago
Compelled to review this one - it got a fair amount of play when I was living in Amsterdam and brings back warm memories - but, to me, it felt like a Belgian techno EP from the mid 90s made on digital gear / In the box, rather than analogue hardware. All ... See full review
posted a comment on Abuser - Abuser 02. about 1 year ago
WMD - Weapon Of Mass Destruction - an absolute head wrecking damager. Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack....
posted a comment on Vincenzo - Time Out. about 1 year ago
I've always had a soft spot for Time Out - it's simple - sometimes simple is best. That said, there's plenty of subtle nuance when you get to know the track. So,it's a bit of a rider... gives you a chance to plateau, a breather, allows you to zone out ... See full review