EDIT, ah crud, ah crud, I had to submit a variant CD that wasn't in the database...PLEASE correct anything I may have done wrong! I tried to get it right... o_o;;;

S-l-o-w-l-y adding my CDs here. I can't find some "Not On Label" ones in the database and am kind of chicken to try adding them myself in case I do it wrong. :/

I haven't listened to all the albums I own, since I used to tend to buy CDs based solely on how interesting the cover art was (and then ended up hating the music). But I've ripped them all to MP3 anyway and I think there's a good sampling representative of my tastes. As you can see, I like really grand, orchestra-and-choir, trailer music-type things...and Eighties pop. Feel free to offer recommendations.

If I show up as a contributor anywhere it's because I tried to fix an incorrect song title or something like that. They all say "pending" so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right...

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Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable
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Not sure where to include this info, but there seems to be an alternate version of this release, with instructions on how to redeem bonus content printed on back cover. Alternate barcode is 8 8697-19126-2 3; catalog number is 88697-19126-2;... See full review
Karl Jenkins - Imagined Oceans
submitted Karl Jenkins - Imagined Oceans. over 3 years ago
Mortal Love - Forever Will Be Gone
submitted Mortal Love - Forever Will Be Gone. over 3 years ago
Nemesea - In Control
posted a comment on Nemesea - In Control. over 3 years ago
Can confirm, my copy of this CD has no demo tracks, and starts with "1. No More" and ends with "10. Never."