Albums Of The Year:

1. VNV Nation [Noire]
2. ohGr [TrickS]
3. Autechre [NTS Sessions]
4. Ice Cube [Everythang's Corrupt]
5. Matter [Primitive Forms]

1. This Morn' Omina [Kundalini Rising]
2. KRS-One [The World Is Mind]
3. Encephalon [We Only Love You When You're Dead]
4. KMFDM [Hell Yeah!]
5. Legend [Midnight Champion]

1. David Bowie [Blackstar]
2. Marc Heal [The Hum]
3. Covenant [The Blinding Dark]
4. Somatic Responses [Folding Space]
5. Rotersand [Capitalism TM]

1. The Prodigy [The Day Is My Enemy]
2. Atari Teenage Riot [Reset]
3. Encephalon [Psychogenesis]
4. Public Enemy [Man Plans, God Laughs]
5. Haujobb [Blendwerk]

1. Pink Floyd [The Endless River]
2. Aphex Twin [SYRO]
3. Chrysalide [Personal Revolution]
4. KMFDM [Our Time Will Come]
5. Seabound [Speak In Storms]

1. Nine Inch Nails [Hesitation Marks]
2. David Bowie [The Next Day]
3. How To Destroy Angels [Welcome Oblivion]
4. Front Line Assembly [Echogenetic]
5. Blush Response [Tension Strategies]

1. Public Enemy [Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp]
2. Legend [Fearless]
3. Mind.In.A.Box [Revelations]
4. Public Enemy [The Evil Empire Of Everything]
5. KRS-One [The BDP Album]

1. Haujobb [New World March]
2. Atari Teenage Riot [Is This Hyperreal?]
3. Covenant [Modern Ruin]
4. Necro Facility [Wintermute]
5. Beastie Boys [Hotsaucecommitteeparttwo]

1. Architect [Consume.Adapt.Create]
2. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross [The Social Network]
3. Mind.In.A.Box [R.E.T.R.O.]
4. Project Pitchfork [Continuum Ride]
5. Front Line Assembly [Improvised Electronic Device]

2009- Project Pitchfork [Dream Tiresias]
2008- Nine Inch Nails [The Slip]
2007- Nine Inch Nails [Year Zero]
2006- Tool [10,000 Days]
2005- Nine Inch Nails [With Teeth]
2004- Skinny Puppy [The Greater Wrong Of The Right]
2003- Haujobb [Vertical Theory]
2002- Alec Empire [Intelligence & Sacrifice]
2001- Project Pitchfork [Daimonion]
2000- Covenant [United States Of Mind]
1999- Nine Inch Nails [The Fragile]
1998- Forma Tadre [Automate]
1997- KMFDM [Symbols]
1996- Haujobb [Solutions For A Small Planet]
1995- Skinny Puppy [The Process]
1994- Nine Inch Nails [The Downward Spiral]
1993- Rage Against The Machine [Rage Against The Machine]
1992- Skinny Puppy [Last Rights]
1991- Public Enemy [Apocalypse '91: The Enemy Strikes Black]
1990- Skinny Puppy [Too Dark Park]
1989- Nine Inch Nails [Pretty Hate Machine]
1988- Public Enemy [It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back]
1987- Skinny Puppy [Cleanse, Fold & Manipulate]
1986- Ministry [Twitch]
Recent Activity
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Aphex Mt. Fuji 2017. 4 days ago
Still hoping for a CD/Vinyl/Digital release for this, sucks that it's got so much new stuff yet is so ridiculously hard to find and overpriced.
posted a comment on haujobb.* - Electronic Live Performance. about 1 month ago
Haujobb should release a CD/Vinyl/Digital reissue of this performance from the "Freeze Frame Reality" era.
posted a comment on Forma Tadre - Automate. about 1 month ago
This is probably the best Ambient-Industrial music of all-time, I remember listening to this beauty when it first came out religiously every weekend after a long week of school in 98/99 with my best friend. It was truly a transcendental experience ... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - LP5. 4 months ago
This was the first AE I bought back in the day & it still remains my favorite album of theirs. There was still lots of rhythmic qualities but the glitchy brilliance was beginning to creep in and makes things really interesting.
posted a comment on Underworld - Beaucoup Fish. 10 months ago
These boxsets they're releasing for each album are amazing, hopefully they release boxset versions of all their work. It's nice to find such a comprehensive collection from an era.
posted a comment on X Marks The Pedwalk* - Facer. about 1 year ago
The beginning of Future-Pop is "Facer", this is a historical single in music history. Years before Covenant, VNV Nation & Apoptygma Berzerk popularized the style, XMTP released this single & changed the game forever.
posted a comment on 2nd Face* - Nemesis. about 1 year ago
The best newcomer of 2017, great Industrial/EBM hybrid. Every track on this album is solid, easily a 5 out of 5. The best label in the world for this style of music finds another diamond in the rough.
submitted Mind.In.A.Box - Memories. over 4 years ago