A/B tiles now allowed on main title for shellacs
RSG §6.13 The Stereo tag can be used for any stereo release, but is required for stereo releases that were also released in mono. Where a release contains both stereo and mono audio, both Stereo and Mono tags should be applied.
Cover song credited to a group, not credit as composer >> Other [Cover]

TWIST and YE-YE new styles
ZARZELA style (on Classical) is now in database, finally!!!
JOTA, PASODOBLE, BASQUE MUSIC styles (on Folk) on database
FLAMENCO and COPLA styles moved from Latin to Folk.
Issues to resolve: A. G. Marases Imp. Hispavox S.A.
Checking frequently Calssical genere released in Spain
Active on artist and label merges of Spanish/latin at forum:
Merging/Cleansing (Latin America) Artists created by borderes
Merge Latin American labels & companies created by UriahCego
.....and when I get some free time and energy then I try to complete semi-forgotten long term projects:
Fabrica De Discos Columbia, S.A., recovering company/manufacturing credits on Spanish releases:
Discos Decca and Decca Discos profiles to recover Spanish releases form Decca:
The Benedictine Monks Of Santo Domingo De Silos / Escolanía De Montserrat cases

Feel free to improve my submissions and contributions. I am always learning in this complex world :-)
Discogs member since Dec 2009, adding collection since late 2014, active member since early 2015, voter since mid 2015.
Buying pop & rock records since early-mid 80s. Increased collection in 90s with vinyl "depression".
Nowadays focused in classical records from 50s & 60s, yes, they were luxury products.
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No Artist - Discogs Dummy Release™
Google search for lists:
Spanish Expressions , Thanks to ksdfjsldfj
IRSC (ifpi) /
Wiki Discogslabs
Guidelines / Master / Text formatting / Format / Credit List / Grading / Spam users
PLACEHOLDER ENTRIES = No Artist, Unknown Artist, Various, Traditional, Folk, Anonymous, Not On Label (ArtistName Self-released), Public Domain (2)
Artwork By - Use "Artwork" for a linked credit.
Photography - Use "Photography By" for a linked credit.
Written By - Use "Written-By" for a linked credit.
Executive Producer - Use Executive-Producer for a linked credit
Other - Use the box brackets to define the role, for example "Other [Catering]". Never to be used for musical roles
A mastering SID code must always start with the letter 'L'.
A mould SID code can start with any letter apart from "I", "O", "S" and "Q"
IFPI L*** = Master
IFPI **** = Mould
Tracklisting auto-coupled releases:
"Published By" is used for musical publishing copyrights (scores, sheet music - partituras).
Recording Supervisor = Director de grabación.
Not On Label (ArtistName Self-released)
D. P. Domain Public = Dominio Publico
D.R. es derechos reservados, de dominio público. Abbreviation for Droits Réservés, Derechos Reservados, etc. meaning Rights Reserved.
N.O.S. Numero Original de Serie (en discos licenciados)
Written-By [Popular] - Folk (or Traditional, depending on the context).
Use ALIAS for Maiden/Marriage artist names
RSG §1.4.4. Manufacturing variations should not be counted as a unique release.
RSG §1.2.1. Capitalization guidelines
RSG §12.13.1. Index Track guidelines
About companies variations
Staff nik over 4 years ago
I am more and more strongly feeling we should stick to as-on-release for such things. I don't think it hurts to have 2, 3, 4 or so variations of a company. They can be linked together via profile or parent label, and it means we can capture the data properly for any future new features and / or discussion. So unless you are 100% sure it is exactly the same intended entity (needs an external, definite citation from the company itself IMHO), or it is just a wording change (Limited to Ltd, for example), then keep them separate. This is basically the exact same as what the guidelines say in any case:
but sometimes also
RSG §4.2.1.b. For larger 'major' labels and companies, any difference may be significant, in terms of defining a separate branch, brand, or company. These should be entered as on the release, unless there is proof that it is simply a variation for the exact same brand or company.

Solo Artist Plus A Generic Band Of Musicians
RSG §2.11.1. A Solo Artist + Generic Band Of Musicians is entered as a new group with the solo artist as a member, for example:
Please make sure to add the solo artist as a member of that group using the In Groups function on the solo artists page.
Also a group cannot be the ANV of an individual

No Artist - Discogs Dummy Release™ This dummy release can be used to create placeholder label pages that function as parent labels/companies, for example for label groups. For help with using the Discogs Dummy Release, refer to the Help Forums.

RSG §16.5.1 Please learn how to add a Release to a Master Release
The above is the "easy" way - this is the "advanced" way that I always use:
1) Find the Release ID, which is part of the Release URL and only contains digits, for example "12345678" - it is also featured at the top of the right column of the Release page, inside square brackets prefixed with a lower case r
2) Go to the Master Release
3) Click "Edit Master Release" in the top right column
4) Paste the Release ID into the "Releases:" field (one Release ID per line)
5) Paste the Release ID into the "Submission Notes:" field prefixed with a plus sign, for example "+12345678" (this is to make it easy to see which Release ID was added)
6) Click "Preview / Submit"
7) Click "Save Changes"
It's much easier than it seems!

RSG §3.2.2. If the release is a single or EP, and there are track titles, use the main track title as the title for the release. Do not add two or more track titles as the release title unless there is proof it was referred to on its release as this by the record label / artist. EXCEPTIO: shellac records, add all track on main title.

RSG §4.7.6. Sometimes individual discs in a multi-CD or multi-LP set will have their own numbers printed on them, separate from the main catalog number on the packaging. These numbers can be entered in the 'Barcode And Other Identifiers' section (see help/submission-guidelines-release-barcode ) and / or the company, when it is a sequential identifying number that relates directly to the company.
BTW, if you keep 3 label cat. Nr, first should be LALP 265/6 (the only one on lists of releases).

RSG §1.8.2.b When entering multiple languages, enter titles into the fields using an “ = ” between languages. Enter any main and track artist name translations in separate artist fields with " = " in the joiner, using ANVs as appropriate. For credits, please just pick one name using 1.8.2.a.

RSG §3.1.4. Subtitles should be entered into the title field. If the release doesn't have its own separators, please use parentheses brackets - Title (Subtitle). If there is doubt as to whether text on the release is a subtitle or not, try referring to other releases or the artist or label websites.

Artist as company role
RSG §4.3.7. Sometimes, an artist will also have a role that is a company role - such as copyright. At the moment, this will create two pages (an /artist one and a /label one). This is fine. If you can, try to match up the names so they are the same - for example, if the artist is "ArtistName (4)", then use that exact name including the bracketed number for the company name.

RSG §2.5.3. PAN as Artists, PAN as composer (usual real name) = 2 PANs aliased

Barcodes & Identifiers
RSG §5.10. 'none' can be entered into any field to indicate the absence of an identifier, but only when this is needed for differentiation of the release from other versions.

RSG §6.13. The Stereo tag shouldn't be used unless the item was released in stereo and mono formats, or is otherwise necessary to point out. For most CDs, Cassettes, and Vinyl releases since approximately 1970, it is unnecessary to state they are stereo.

RSG §6.12.2. Promo
- This tag should only be used where it is clear the item was released as such, for example it is explicitly mentioned on the release, or by the label, artist, or other reliable source. Retail releases with stamped, stickered, or similarly altered covers and / or media are to be considered the same as retail, as should retail releases with cut spines, marked or cut barcodes, or other such defacement. Additionally, retail releases that include 'one-sheet' promotional press-release or feedback type pages are not to be considered different than the retail version.

Format Free Text
RSG §6.1.7. As the free text field will be shortened the only the first three characters on the artist and label page lists, it is beneficial that the most important distinguishing feature be noted first. For example, if the vinyl is available in "mottled clear red, blue, and brown", it should be listed in the free text box with the color first: 'Brown Mottled, Clear' etc, so the three character abbreviations "Red, Bro, Blu" appear on the artist and label lists.

MP3, ogg-vorbis, And Other File Based Formats
RSG §6.5.1. "....... To provide verification of stand-alone file based releases, please provide (in the submission notes) a URL to the purchase or download location, or some description of how you obtained the files.

RSG §11.1.1. Release notes is a free text field. It is used to add any factual, objective notes about the release, or to list information that cannot be entered into other dedicated fields.
RSG §11.1.3. The "First Letter Of Each Word Must Be Uppercase" rule does not apply to the release notes field. Normal English grammatical rules apply.
RSG §11.3. The following items are forbidden from the release notes:
-Any information that belongs in other specific sections of the release data.
-Promotional language, hype, etc
-Standard copyright text (for example "Unauthorized copying prohibited" etc) not to be entered unless it differentiates one version of the release from another.
-"Domain names / web addresses / URLs printed on a release are valid for the notes section, but must not be made into links."
-" All credits for human roles must go in the credit section rather than the Notes"

RSG §12.2.2. You can enter the positions from release, or using the Discogs standard positions. The positions from the release are preferred.
RSG §12.2.6. Vinyl albums can have sequentially listed tracks, regardless of sides (e.g. A1, A2, B3, B4, C5, C6, D7, D8), but this should be clarified in the Release Notes.

RSG §10.1.5. Tracks: This field only appears in the main credits section. The Tracks field should not be used if the artist appears on all tracks. Leaving this field blank means the artist either is credited for all tracks, or it is unclear which specific tracks the artist is credited for. This field must use the same format as the track listing. Multiple tracks must be separated by a comma followed by a space. Groups of tracks are joined by the word 'to' with a space either side. Here are some examples:
- Two or more tracks: A1, A3, B3, B4
- Several adjacent tracks: A2 to A6

Track title NOT info
RSG §12.4.4. Only the track titles should be listed in the track title field. Please make a note of extra information (recording dates, dance names etc) or special features (locked grooves, double concentric groove, hidden tracks, inside-out cut, etc.) in the release notes, not in the track title.

RSG §1.7.4. Incorrect tracklists should be changed to reflect what is really on the release, the errors that have been corrected must be entered into the notes.
Interesting stuff about Liner - Inner sleeve/Wallet :
Liner : Usually referring to the inner 'wallet' of a sleeve, in which the vinyl is contained. Liners can be 'poly-lined' and may have 'punch-holes'. A liner can be plain or have printed matter on it. This may be in the form of the lyrics / artist photos, or even promotion of other releases by the Label. A liner, with lyrics for example, should not be referred to as an "Insert" .
Insert: Term for a loose item, inserted into the package. Usually referring to a lyric sheet or a booklet.
A vinyl liner with printed lyrics is NOT an insert!

Nice clean unmarked vinyl.
Both sides play with a warm clear sound, good definition and an extensive dynamic range.
All round a very nice copy. / Some superficial marks. / Hairlines
Significant surface noise between tracks and soft passages. / A few crackles. / No skip.

Stain from sticker removal. / Initials on top left corner. / Slight signs of shelf wear. / Some stor(age) marks.
Sleeve has hardly any wear. / Edge wear and a little scratch, some scratches and a sticker,
The edges of the box have mild discoloration which is the only damage / Promo hole drilled into tray of jewel case.

Silver Injection Labels
Solid Centre
Shrinkwrap- plastico de fabrica en portada.
Includes printed inner sleeve.
Semi-laminated sleeve (front only) with flipbacks at rear.
Flipback cover (or Wrap-around cover) & Laminated on front only - 40s, 50s & 60s sleeves, pestañas en trasera.
Issued in fully laminated gatefold jacket.
Laminated cover
Poly-lined sleeves
Printed inner sleeve
Die-cut cover = perforada
Few hairlines, light storagewear
Enclosed: LP-sized libretto with liner notes
Melodia, Melodya: codes Thanks a lot Silviu_Alexandru
US Labels

About Copyrights Stamps
Stamps on Recordings
Pre-decimal currency in Britain (before 1971)

DG -

DECCA (SXL / SET / LXT ) ZAL or XZAL- Means it's a "stereo" Decca recording
W/B ED1 = Grooved Wide Band with ‘original recording by’ at 10 O’clock.
W/B ED2 = Grooved Wide Band with Made in Enland at 10 O’clock.
W/B ED3= Wide Band no groove.
DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON (SLPM / SLPEM) 7 digits=1970 or later

Right societies order SACEM SACD SDRM SGDL

These are price identifiers only. Between the late 1940s and 1968 all French record labels used a common, state-imposed system called "code-prix conseillé", which consisted of
- ARTISTIQUE (the most expensive price, usually for classical releases and/or high volume artists).
- MEDIUM (medium price. Basically for the majority of releases).
- STANDART (cheapest price, normally for lesser known artists or reissues).
Either the full text appears or the indicator is a single letter, usually encircled (but not always), on the back cover and labels:
Ⓐ or A
Ⓜ or M
Ⓢ or S
In 1968 this system was changed to 1 (or 2) letter(s), usually encircled on the back cover, top right hand side, e.g.
Ⓣ or T - introduced 1968 (price 24,70 FRF) or
SE - introduced 1977 (price 42,00 FRF).
1117 12e / 1078 16e
987 -11,168- 6f / 933-11,822-18f
833-13,054-19mz / 817-13,407-23mz
776-14,011-5a / 738-14,742-27a /
702-15,340-5my / 655-16,380-19my
620-17,193-2jn / 602-17,945-15jn
556-19,360-1jl / 542-19,885-12jl / 534-20,200-20jl /
505-21,042-1ag / 465-22,342-15a
430-24,103-7s / 411-24,566-17s
395-25,197-1o / 377-26,367-15o
349-27,515-1no / 337-28,343-16no
324-29,254-1di / 312-30,034-14di

302-31,056-1e / 291-32,111-15e
270-33,564-1f / 260-34,407-18f
250-35,455-1m / 246-36,645-16m
234-38,025-1a / 227-38,900-15a
223-39,851-1m / 209-41,340-22m
204-42.050-1jn / 201-43,000-19jn
198-43,800-1jl / 196-44,800-15jn
192-45,601-1ag / 183-46,731-15ag
180-47,500-1s / 177-48,070-15s
177-48.589-2o /171-49.526-15o
167-50,493-1n /161-51,843-20n
161-52,415-1d /153-53,650-16d

151-54,365-31d / 144-56,020-18e
140-57,255-5feb /139-57,716-15f
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Some collaborations:
«Antes de morirme», C. Tangana y Rosalía (2016)
«Llámame más tarde», C. Tangana y Rosalía (2016)
«Con la peña», Cálido Lehamo, Rosalía y Space Out Family (2017)
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@SonyMusicLatin @SonyMusicSpain We need vinyl for Rosalia "Me Quedo Contigo".

A song written by Enrique Salazar and Crescencio Ramos Prada and performed by Los Chunguitos in 1980 for "Deprisa, Deprisa" movie.
Rosalía concept cover was developed by ... See full review
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submitted J. Rodrigo*, J. Bacarisse* – Manuel Cubedo, Orquesta Sinfónica De Barcelona* , Director: Rafael Ferrer - Musica Española Para Guitarra Y Orquesta (Concierto De Aranjuez / Concertino En La Menor). 25 days ago
submitted Haydn* – Sinfónica De Boston* , Director: Erich Leinsdorf - Sinfonía N.º 93 En Re / Sinfonía N.º 96 En Re ("Milagro"). 26 days ago
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submitted Tchaikovsky* - Van Cliburn , Director, Kiril Kondrashin - Concierto N.º 1. about 1 month ago
submitted Frank* – Pierre Monteux, Orquesta Sinfonica De Chicago* - Sinfonia En Re Menor. about 1 month ago
submitted Beethoven* – Heifetz* • Munch*, Orquesta Sinfonica De Boston* - Concierto Para Violin (En Re) Op. 61. about 1 month ago
submitted Beethoven* – Van Cliburn, Fritz Reiner, Chicago Symphony* - "Emperor" Concerto. about 1 month ago
submitted Ludwig van Beethoven – Orquesta Filarmónica De Viena* , Director: Karl Böhm - Tercera Sinfonía "Heroica". about 1 month ago
submitted Beethoven* – Orquesta Sinfónica De Boston* , Dir.: Erich Leinsdorf - Sinfonía N.º 2 En Re, Op. 36 / Las Criaturas De Prometeo, Op. 43. about 1 month ago
submitted Beethoven* – Herbert Von Karajan, Filarmonica De Viena* - Sinfonía N.º 7 En La, Op. 92. about 1 month ago
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submitted Exnovios - Te Espero Al Final. about 1 month ago
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submitted Manuel De Falla, Larrocha*, Ansermet* - Nights In The Gardens Of Spain-The Three Cornered Hat. about 1 month ago
submitted Bizet* – Igor Markevitch, Orchestre Des Concerts Lamoureux - Carmen Nos. 1 & 2 / L'Arléssiene Nos. 1 & 2. about 1 month ago