90s techno, house, and electro are mostly what you'll find here.

Selling a fair amount of my collection after collecting for 20 years. Time to thin out the herd a bit.

If you want to make an offer on something in my collection, feel free. Always willing to make a consideration.
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posted a review of Sterac - Secret Life Of Machines. over 13 years ago
People go crazy about Astral Notes Parts 1&2, but don't overlook the track Satyricon. It has a break in the middle and towards the end, that sounds like Steve Rachmad went down into the basement of his house and started bangin' on the pipes. Just amazing ... See full review
posted a review of Giorgio Moroder - Music From "Battlestar Galactica" And Other Original Compositions. over 13 years ago
The real cut on this record is "Evolution". Over 15 minutes of Giorgio Moroder goodness. Epic disco that avoids cliche's for the most part, and has a few instances of pure magic. Recommended.
posted a review of Damon Wild - Avion. over 13 years ago
Really focused Hard Techno with a great "sizzling" high hat. A minimal acid line creeps in slowly and completes Damon Wild's best record in my opinion. Jeff Mills used this in his "Live at the Liquid Room, Tokyo" Mix CD.
posted a review of Murat - Moments. over 13 years ago
Hard Minimal Techno with great programming. Some tracks sound like Jeff Mills, some sound like Robert Hood. As a matter of fact, Robert Hood played this record everytime I saw him in the past 4 years. Recommended.
posted a review of T.J. - I Dub Again. over 13 years ago
Great piano driven house that sounds like something straight out of a Marshall Jefferson set. If you love the classic Chicago House sound, this record will satisfy your appetite. Recommended.
posted a review of Convextion - Untitled. over 13 years ago
Side A is a great roller coaster ride of Steve Rachmad style melodic techno. Side B is more on the Basic Channel minimal style. Recommmended.
posted a review of Larry Heard - Missing You. over 13 years ago
Missing You (Larry's Jazz Cafe Mix) is one of the most beautiful House tracks I've ever heard. Perfectly capturing the mood of someone remembering a love since past. Gentle piano and percussion that will leave you moved. Recommended.
posted a review of Andreas Dorau - 3 Remixe Für Andreas Dorau - Girls In Love. over 13 years ago
The Grungerman remixes offer the perfect balance of a man on woman's singing to the dirty crunching techno behind them. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it's a work of amazing beauty. If you're into the Profan and Kompakt sound, this one blows ... See full review
posted a review of Grungerman - Hout. over 13 years ago
Dirty bottoming out bass, with a military cadance and some acid lines. Required listening for anyone trying to fit all the pieces together of the Mike Ink sound.
posted a review of Tim Hecker - Radio Amor. over 13 years ago
Supposedly inspired by a trip he took to South America that included a long journey on a fishing boat. Moody field recording style tracks with finite digital melodies you can just make out, if you listen hard enough. Recommended.
posted a review of Free Enterprise - Make It On My Own. over 13 years ago
Funky guitar, male singing, female chorus, it's all here! A great Bobby O moment that would set off any club. Made at the end of Disco's heyday, when Electro was starting to take hold. Recommended.
posted a review of Vladislav Delay - Entain. over 13 years ago
Sparse and crackling, with a pleasent drone to it. A good record to put on for a rainy Saturday afternoon, and just lay down on the couch.
posted a review of Munich Machine - Body Shine. over 13 years ago
The track "Space Warrior" is an amazing electro disco stormer complete with a chorus of girls "OOOing". "Party Light" is a little more laid back with super funky guitar.
posted a review of Gadgets - Gadgets Live. over 14 years ago
The live show is mostly very simple looped techno, with the crowd yelling everytime the bass gets cut out. However, there is a 2 1/2 minute intro track that is some of the best experimental minimal dub techno I've ever heard. If you see it cheap or in ... See full review
posted a review of Liquid - The Future Music E.P.. over 14 years ago
The track "Liquid is Liquid (remix)" is worth hunting down this record. Early Drum & Bass that is really a sound unto itself. I heard this track on a mixtape years before I found it again and it still sounds fresh. Driving breakbeats with minimal bass ... See full review