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posted a comment on Steve Poindexter - Work That Mutha....... over 3 years ago
Same issue with my copy... Totally amateurish and unacceptable !
posted a comment on Various - Rome_Barcelona 1.0. over 3 years ago
On the sleeve is a picture taken from the 1934 FIFA World Cup quarter finals, Spain vs Italy. Artwork by Max_M (RIP)
posted a review of Youandewan - Spiral Arms. over 3 years ago
Exquisite and moody deep house with a subtle acid touch - Fool Be Cool is a gem !
posted a comment on Matthias Reiling - Gefällt Mir Nicht Mehr. over 4 years ago
Cover is stamped / printed, with additionnal individual hand coloring (red crayon).
posted a comment on Dimitri From Amsterdam* & Reinoud Van Toledo - Detroit Summer. over 4 years ago
Dimitri is in great shape, what a release ! Oceans To Oceans and Schwung are mental...I'm more than surprised to see it as a 'digital only' release... Any chance to see these tracks on vinyl anytime soon ?
posted a comment on MD (12) - It Ain't What It Ain't / Megapolitan Soul. over 8 years ago
Very nice Detroit / Drexciyan sounding EP ! Judging from the sounds of these two tracks, I think the monicker M.D can be attributed quite surely to JT Stewart, aka Stinkworx...
posted a review of Oxia - Speicher 34. over 13 years ago
I'm surprised no one added any comment on the DOMINO track. Ever listened to Eve By Day, by Patrick Chardronnet? Well Domino is *exactly* the same track, it's nothing but a cover...the arrangement is the same, the sounds are very similar, nothing is ... See full review
posted a review of James Ruskin - Correction Centre. over 13 years ago
Excellent EP not to be missed! A side contains one of the best Ruskin tracks ever, if not the best. Powerful techno with a heavy driving drum beat, futuristic atmosphere, one of my all time favorite. TIP!
posted a review of Surgeon - Klonk. over 13 years ago
Excellent EP! God it's good to have the powerful Surgeon sound back! If you were a bit tired of his BMB stuff, check this one out, you might like it a lot.
posted a review of Blueprint. over 14 years ago
An excellent techno label from the UK where James Ruskin releases most of his stuff. Ruskin's records are always very powerful, dark and industrial, syncopated and very futurist. His latest LP, "Circuit", embodies perfectly what techno should be in the ... See full review