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posted a comment on Mark Imperial - Raw Grooves Vol. 1. 27 days ago
This review has to be one of the worst reviews I've ever seen. If you know anything about this label, the Laurent X release you cite is the one that sounds nothing like the other releases on this label. Just putting up your review is worth 2 points I ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 27 days ago
posted a comment on Joakim Karlsson (6). 3 months ago
Hey, does this guy have a Facebook or Instagram at all, anyone know?
posted a comment on LNTG* - Tuff Cut 02. 5 months ago
Yeah, I hear you. Edit DJs, taking the money out of other people's pockets from other people's work.
posted a comment on Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee. 5 months ago
More weaksauce rip-off artists. Shut this shit down discogs.
posted a comment on Book Of Life / Knickknack - Verlorene Seelen / Freudlos (M.W. Cuts). 11 months ago
Hey, you still have that copy available? Where are you located?
posted a comment on Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Achtung! D.A.F. & Company. about 1 year ago
Is this CD a set of singles or is a mixed together comp?
posted a comment on Kito Jempere - Objects. about 1 year ago
Leave to JuJu and Jordash to make it lame. Put you to sleep.
posted a comment on David Guetta. about 1 year ago
No kidding. David Guetta is a hack. He's a joke.
posted a comment on PDC - Love For Sale. about 1 year ago
I believe your review to be 100% accurate. This is without a doubt true.
posted a comment on Cei-Bei. about 1 year ago
Great voice! Classic house vocals, would love to see more of Cei Bei
posted a comment on Various - Tugboat Edits Volume 6. about 1 year ago
And there you go. Not sure it's worth that much in dollars though.
posted a comment on Kerri Chandler - The Other Thing For Linda. about 1 year ago
Seriously, so what are the run outs and stuff? I've got a copy that doesn't match up to all 3 of these.
posted a comment on DJ W!LD* - Cabin Fever Trax Vol.24. about 1 year ago
Why is this selling for $30+? Discogs mafia. Ridiculous. Not that great a record.
posted a comment on Chicago Shags* - The Family Album. about 1 year ago
Not for me. Noting this so I don't take the time to listen to it again.
posted a comment on Josh Elle - Jabberwocky. about 1 year ago
Lol! I like how it's "we". Sure it wasn't just you? lol
posted a comment on Jared Wilson - I Love Acid 017. about 1 year ago
Ridiculous prices. It just came out. Sad. So sad.
posted a comment on Horse Meat Disco. over 2 years ago
Dude, you're in NYC, if you can't get an amazing roster of talent to play your party you're pretty weak. That list of djs is not very impressive, or extensive.
posted a comment on Patrick Cowley - Kickin' In. over 2 years ago
Not entirely sure why I bought this record. More I listen, less I think it was a good choice. But my taste isn't everyone else's. As the prices in SF have driven out a lot of the better DJs and producers, this sells in the gay crowds. Honey ... See full review
posted a comment on DA Rebels - D.I.U. (Deep In Underground). over 2 years ago
A ton of copies for sale... why? Overpriced. This record is decent with a good history to it, but I got to fill my bag to play a 200 person dance floor, this isn't the one that is making it in the bag.
posted a comment on Ris - Love-N-Music. over 2 years ago
Anyone have this? Is the vocal the original disco mix?
posted a comment on DB-X* - Bleep. over 2 years ago
Agree on the repress. If there going for $50, time for print of 300 to 500 copies.
posted a comment on Reality - Yolanda. over 2 years ago
I had no idea that this was Kool Rock Steady on the vocals for this. This was a radio jam back in the day.
posted a comment on Greg Wilson. over 2 years ago
Always a treat when he comes to San Francisco! Good fun!
posted a comment on Jordan Zawideh. over 2 years ago
He works at K Starke, he's cool. Everyone loves disciples of the Jackmaster Hater
posted a comment on The Wamdue Project* - The Deep EP. over 2 years ago
Probably one of the best first releases put out by an artist. Timeless music on this one.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Fish Go Deep - Baby Tell Me EP. over 2 years ago
Josh Milan vocals from How Deep Is Your Love. Nicely re-edited on the vocals to give the song a different feeling and story then the orig shelter release, and new beats that are super deep. Solid tune.
posted a comment on Slope114 - Satya. over 2 years ago
I can look locally for you. Might be able to find a copy used in the $1 bin. I imagine they only did a limited run. These two have been trying to make music in SF for a long time. They don't seem to gig a lot here, probably because the music style. ... See full review
posted a comment on Cajmere - Percolator. over 2 years ago
That chump Claude Von Bitch be riding Cajmere for his fame, taking him on a ride, putting himself on the top of flyers when he doesn't and hasn't earned that legend. You got 20 years of work to put in still Claude. Quit riding the coattails of someone ... See full review
posted a comment on Mateo & Matos - See The Sky. over 2 years ago
Sound clip on the Jovonn mixes? Any one? Any one?
posted a comment on Karizma & Marcel Vogel - The Deadpool EP. over 2 years ago
After all the hype, if you really give a listen, the most annoying, super repetitive track. By August, when you hear it on the dancefloor, you're going to turn around and look for the other room, the other stage, or the nearest bar, or smoking area. ... See full review
posted a comment on Simoncino - Beyond The Dance (Mr. Fingers Remixes). over 2 years ago
Great work by Larry Heard, as usual. Must for any collector.
posted a comment on Matthew Herbert. over 2 years ago
Extensive catalogue of very little I would buy. Not much I'm very impressed with and think, "I MUST have that in my collection." Can't believe the amount of copies for sale and the outrageous prices for something with 18 - 20 copies on the market. ... See full review
posted a comment on 24Hour Experience - Part One: Dub Essentials. over 2 years ago
Yeah, but is it really only a little over 3 mins long?
posted a comment on Catz 'N Dogz* Feat. Monty Luke - They Frontin'. over 3 years ago
Would have loved a vinyl press on this one. Deserving of it.
posted a comment on Kenny Carvajal - Rise (Remixes). over 3 years ago
Alton Miller Remix is awesome, hidden gem for a moving vocal track. Believe John Redmond has passed away, his voice is amazing on this cut. RIP
posted a comment on Obas Nenor - My Way Home. over 3 years ago
Artificialsweetner be hating like a mofo. Good album for regular price. Get 2 cuts you can play out. Change is the dance floor wrecker.
posted a comment on Various - Concept 1210 . over 3 years ago
Definitely a must for the post punk / punk, electro eclectic varietal. A release that goes from the mold in a good way.
posted a comment on Secret Studio - Thought Subtraction . over 3 years ago
SS Records (Short for Secret Studio, NOT the Nazi Germany SS) has done it again! This time a great Acid House main room heater! These guys are main stage all the way! They keep putting out top notch releases. Definitely great taste in good dance ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Silicon Ghetto EP Vol. 3. over 3 years ago
Pricing is ridiculous on this. 17 for sale, clearly not highly sought out.
posted a comment on T.T.C. Toronto Track Company* - Untitled. over 4 years ago
Available digitally... not worth $50.
posted a comment on Various - Nation Presents The Modern Electronic Element Series III. over 4 years ago
Wow, amazing endeavor by a label to put together such a set! Packaging and appearance is amazing, music is mind blowing! Well done, bravo... get it while you can.
posted a comment on Kez YM - Root Bound EP. over 4 years ago
Some copies appear to have a skip from a pressing defect on "Amplified Soul" track.
posted a comment on Magic Touch (6) - Nothing More EP. over 4 years ago
Sweet release by Mr. Magic Touch, def a must for any house collector.
posted a comment on Jann (4) - The Ghetto Slang EP. over 5 years ago
Need to request a repress on your next pressing run. $30 for vinyl is too much. This would clearly sell.
posted a comment on Willie Burns - Tab Of Acid EP . over 5 years ago
Great set of cuts by Willie Burns. If I had unlimited space I would pick up a copy of this. However, because I can't take on a lot more vinyl, I will have to pass until I get a bigger space.
posted a comment on Mark Henning - Blackout . over 6 years ago
Both solid techno cuts.
posted a comment on Sascha Dive. over 7 years ago
Saw this guy in San Francisco. Amazing. Getting into his label and releases a little more. Recommend.
posted a comment on The House Nerds. over 8 years ago
These nerds are awesome! Love the thick vinyl they are pressing (is that 180 gram?) and the tunes are out of this world good. Please fill out a bio!!!