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posted a comment on Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV. about 1 year ago
Ok cool! Just keep digging you'll eventually find one trust me I'm a digger so I know. Let me know when you find one. God Bless!
posted a comment on Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV. about 1 year ago
Sorry for the late response but a music store called The Exclusive Company- in Milwaukee Wisconsin been around for years. $16.99 when it first came out. I had to check mines because I never played that side in all these years and several ppl online... See full review
posted a comment on Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV. about 1 year ago
Bought mines when it came out but had to check it. No problem here
posted a comment on Garfield Fleming - Don't Send Me Away. about 1 year ago
Why do you hate record store day? Prices are still ridiculous
posted a comment on 2Pac - All Eyez On Me. over 2 years ago
Nah it's the Explicit version. I bought it back in 2000 and was initially disappointed when I opened it up and seen the black label as opposed to the original label. But its explicit and authentic
posted a comment on The Stop The Violence Movement - Self Destruction. over 2 years ago
Because it came out in 89. I remember how big that was as a kid and still have my vinyl when it first came out. But I'm sure it was just a press mistake
posted a comment on Tela - Piece Of Mind. over 2 years ago
Its explicit, just low as hell because all the songs on one vinyl. But if u have a great system that shouldn't matter
posted a comment on Digable Planets - Reachin' (A New Refutation Of Time And Space). over 3 years ago
Buyers bid over $100 on eBay, that's why sellers get greedy and set their price super high, which is why I believe they won't sell. Glad I bought it when it came out
posted a comment on Black Moon - Enta Da Stage. over 4 years ago
Use wood me it works..if u unsure use an old record u don't care for.