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posted a review of Neuro # Project* - The Electric Mothers Of Invention. 1 day ago
a superb genre leading experimental album, sounding fresh still today in that retro kinda way. its easy to see why r&s became so interested to work with them. well in dave and si !
posted a review of Rob Mello - No Ears Dub. 21 days ago
god when this came out i played this 'DEBUT' trk to death, remember trawling round west coast with doc martin playing it everywhere we gigged at. amazing. its just got 'it, that grooooooooove
posted a review of Various - Star Tracks Vol. 2. 24 days ago
when this BEN DOVER track came out it hit hard. still sounds good for a retro disco house jam . a sure fire peak time party rocker
posted a comment on Carol Williams / Max Berlin - Super Disco Breaks Volume 5. 24 days ago
some drums hey. have you checked bside of vol 4 ?
posted a comment on Bassheads - Back To The Old School. 2 months ago
special moments down in stoke in the 90 s !
posted a review of Dimitri From Paris - Salsoul Mastermix. 2 months ago
now being released in uk sept 2017, maybe a saving for you !
posted a review of Brooklyn Funk Essentials (2) - Change The Track. 5 months ago
been shitting my pants to this tune since 88 . IMMENSE !!!! one of the best warehouse era house cuts ever. think ralph lawson @ back to basics , or hacienda bomb .
posted a comment on Digitalis (4) - Accepting And Giving. 9 months ago
im curious ... what did you see in it ?!
submitted Kris Menace - Steamroller. 10 months ago
submitted Tom Stephan & Superchumbo - Chumbomix - Remixes And Productions July 1999. 10 months ago
submitted Various - Totally Wired Series. 2 Volume. 1. 10 months ago
submitted Felix Da Housecat - Virgo, Blaktro & The Movie Disco. 10 months ago
submitted Tom Colontonio / Robbie Van Doe - Astral / Elavation. 10 months ago
submitted Flip (16) & Djuma Soundsystem - Atilla E.P.. 10 months ago
submitted Kos (2) - Azteca. 10 months ago
submitted Mark Trophy - Ripper. 10 months ago
submitted Owen* & Rune RK* - Life. 10 months ago
submitted Matt Samuels - Much Love E.P.. 10 months ago
submitted The Factory (4) - Couldn't Love You More. 10 months ago
posted a comment on DJ Gregory - Don't Know Malendro / Vasefa. 10 months ago
maybe should have said rarely , but its good to hear if that is the case. i take it you mean this 2016 summer in ibiza ? superb if so
posted a review of Signal Hill - The Signal Hill EP. 10 months ago
seeing this for sale at £2 on discogs makes me feel ill !!!!! this is a classic tony humphries tune that nobody ever plays . incredible production too , fresh as anything with that classic keyboard stab riff . definitely one of the best house records ... See full review
posted a review of Simphonia - Can't Get Over Your Love. 10 months ago
rarely heard these days , but supremely classy and ultimately timeless deep vocal groove . this simply oozes class , and still to this day sounds as fresh as ever near 30 year later . at the peanuts price on discogs its a worthwhile addition to any music ... See full review
submitted George Andrews - Sideline Soul E.P.. 10 months ago
submitted Dirty South (2) And Paul Harris Feat Rudy* - Better Day. 10 months ago
submitted Rekelectrik - Till We Meet Again. 10 months ago
submitted D.Ramirez* & Mark Knight - Colombian Soul EP. 10 months ago
submitted Lissat & Voltaxx Feat. Betty Bizarre - Enlarge Your Penis. 10 months ago
submitted Michael Jackson - Is It Scary. 10 months ago
submitted Various - Quad Reunion Classics. 10 months ago
posted a review of Tribal House - Motherland. 11 months ago
cooltempo always used to pick up some of the best house, and this is one of those cool bass heavy deep us house cuts probs from ny or new jersey that stands the test of time . hacienda graeme park tune . producers also produced the epic ma foom bey ... See full review
submitted Roger Sanchez, Tom Stephan - Afterdark Vol.1. 11 months ago
submitted Nathan Fake - Outhouse. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Talismantra - The Damn Thing Keeps Kicking. 11 months ago
absolutely bang on with this review ! what a tune ;-)
posted a review of Hardfloor Presents Dadamnphreaknoizphunk?* - Volume 2. 11 months ago
Ain't Nuttin' But A Format Thang - ahh mannnnn , such a powerfull outstanding acid breaks tune , that threatens but never gets too over the top . an absolute block rockin secret weapon ;) giving the chemical bros a run for their money lol . with the ... See full review
posted a review of Attica Blues - Blueprint (Remixes). 11 months ago
the alex reece mix on this is classy cool warm drum n bass , timeless stuff with cool spoken sample .
posted a review of Kamasutra - Night Walk. 11 months ago
this 2x10" was expensive and can now be picked up for just a few £ fora tidy doublepack , BARGAIN ! when this came out alex neri was really putting out tune after tune from italy , and bloody hell it was all so well produced . the guy has such great ... See full review
posted a review of Cry Before Dawn - Gone Forever. 11 months ago
some records you heard , sold , etc back in the 80s bypassed you without a second glance as you stuck it in a bag at the till for another happy customer . yet 30 years later they seem to have gotten better over time . this , and another i heard recently ... See full review
posted a review of Next Evidence - The One. 11 months ago
infectious 80s chimey melody , ''running'' style bgv vocals . and bouncy electroy bass sound keeps the who track grooving nicely with the fem vox lead line .
submitted Madonna - Hung Up. 11 months ago
posted a review of Country & Western - Positive Energy. 12 months ago
my god , what a lost classic . for me , one of the biggest tunes in my box early 90s. funky bassline and that relentless guitar riff dropping into that massive break with the vocal line . HUUUUUGE ! this kind of sums up the vibe of that era , with the ... See full review
posted a review of Si Begg - The Bleeps. about 1 year ago
is the MC live vocal a sample [im sure it is], or is it original on this record ? amazing energy from it. love the unique 3 remix of this , bleeps n breakbeats , authentic old skool vibe.
posted a review of Sugar Bear - Don't Scandalize Mine / Ready To Penetrate. about 1 year ago
when this got released it was the phattest most slammin hip hop breakbeat track around . put next to immense things like big daddy kane's raw it will hold its own and will not fail to destroy the party ! sampling talking heads once in a lifetime with a ... See full review
posted a review of Renato Cohen - Pontapé. about 1 year ago
this track literally destroys dancefloors . tech house bomb of the highest order . with relentless hats , driving prodded bassline , and THAT funk drop that just adds so much energy to the track . still love it to this day . for the record CARL COX ... See full review
posted a review of De' Lacy* - Hideaway. about 1 year ago
nothing will ever beat the deep dish mix ... with THAT bass , THAT hi hat , and THAT vocal ! one of the biggest house tracks fo the 90's without a doubt . amazing still , if you havent heard it for a while or dont know it , take a listen . deep dish ... See full review
posted a review of SGH - Losing You. about 1 year ago
a track that seems to get better by age, dub mix is awesome too clocking in at over 13 mins of house bliss. classic for sure
posted a comment on Mansun - Taxloss (Remapped By Coloured Oxygen). about 1 year ago
sorry i sold the acetate to a collector and the dat master tape is in a shed load of stuff in the loft
posted a review of Jump - Funkatarium / Groovalution. about 1 year ago
cream hacienda golden - so big everywhere. thundering standout funky bassline over a phat dj track. look out for the offbeat coming in after the break, it will need ableton warping if using digitally lol .... probably why half of the digital warriors ... See full review
posted a comment on Blunted Dummies - House For All. about 1 year ago
cheers will check it out th anks mate ;-)
posted a review of Tubeway Army - Are 'Friends' Electric?. about 1 year ago
when this came out that riff was so out of this world . hearing it as a kid blew my mind and led me to a life of electronic music .
posted a comment on Andrés - New For U. about 1 year ago
THIS is an amazing review. i love 'new for u' , and also own moodyman , faze action and sneak , so when i saw a track i didnt know i discovered a gem i love cos of you - SOUND STREAM ! thanks mate , its no coincidence that the orig track two tons of fun ... See full review