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posted a review of J. Albert - ORPHEUS005. 2 months ago
This record really surprised me. Side A is a blend of dub techno covered with a thick layer of foggy atmosphere that reminds of Burial's records. Side B is more uptempo with its shuffling breakbeat and might be as well released on Martyn's 3024 label. ... See full review
posted a comment on Jensen Interceptor (2) - WOD008. 3 months ago
The track sounds like an even angrier, darker and grittier version of „Microbial”, a highlight from Jensens „M” EP released on CPU Records in 2016. Fantastic 808 workout, when you hear something like this in a club for the first time it gives you the ... See full review
posted a review of Ole Mic Odd - Acid Booty EP. 3 months ago
B2 - "Back To The Booty" is one of the most badass examples of electro/acid I've heard in a while. The rest of the EP is a tasty serving of Drexciyan seafood with copious amounts of acid sauce.
posted a comment on Om Unit / MORESOUNDS x DJ Madd - Open Palms Dub / Toppatop VIP. 4 months ago
Open Palms was just posted by Om Unit on his Soundcloud.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a review of Various - 25 Compost Records Overture 3. 4 months ago
The standout track is the Zenker Brothers remix - they delivered a secret dancefloor weapon. Superheavy tribal beat. The other remixes are good too, especially the melancholic Recondite remix. Overall, a very solid package.
posted a comment on Om Unit / MORESOUNDS x DJ Madd - Open Palms Dub / Toppatop VIP. 4 months ago
I'm a bit dissapointed that the accompanying digital download is just a small snippet of the full tracks.
posted a comment on Kuedo - Severant. 8 months ago
This definitely needs a double LP repress. Fantastic album, as someone mentioned – ahead of its time.
posted a comment on Cybotron - Enter. 8 months ago
My copy has... Where do I start? Dust, debris, dirt and scratches right after unsealing the brand new album and taking it out from a poor quality paper sleeve. Side B - full of bubbles/dimples/sinks or whatever you call them. They did not affect ... See full review
posted a comment on Kruder Dorfmeister* - The K&D Sessions™. 9 months ago
Splitting to 5 LPs is actually very beneficial for sound quality, If you never heard of inner groove distortion, google the term. In terms of sound quality they really outdone themselves. Amazing release.
posted a comment on Maxence Cyrin - Modern Rhapsodies. over 9 years ago
A music has to be played on the instrument it has been composed for. True for J.S. Bach played on a synthesizer, true for an electronic composition played on a piano. This is not conservatism, this is an evidence: if there is not a ... See full review