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posted a comment on Break / Exposure (14) - Solvent / Regrets. about 1 year ago
"Regrets" is appropriate as a b-side as it is nothing exceptional. "Solvent" is a magnificent techy roller that really stands out.
posted a comment on Stray (8) - Ginseng Smash / Akina. over 4 years ago
This release is so horrible that I felt compelled to comment... Cliche 808 beats mixed thinly with supremely obnoxious vocal samples that just repeat over and over and over and over and over. Seriously, anyone who is a fan of Critical/Modulations or ... See full review
posted a comment on Spor - Ziggurat / Push Me, Pull You. over 6 years ago
There's some lovely sweeping melodies in "Ziggurat" and the same solid production work we've all come to expect from Spor, but for my money this falls painfully short of the impact and creativity of virtually all his other releases.
posted a comment on Raiden. over 7 years ago
Just so I can say "I told you so" later- keep an ear out for Chris Jarman... this guy is going to end up having a tremendous impact on the evolution of electronic music as we know it.
posted a comment on Various - Last Of A Dying Breed. over 8 years ago
Not to rank on anything else to come out on this label, but this LP is- in my mind- Renegade Hardware's finest full-play release in a long time. Great diversity in beats, everything sharp, crisp, and expertly produced. Personal favorites on this ... See full review
posted a comment on SPL - Heartbreak EP. over 8 years ago
Okay, call me crazy, but I think the tracks on this may have been mis-titled from the get-go. The track called "Crushed" features a sample from the Tool song "Fortysix & Two, and the song "Sober" contains a sample from the film "Man on Fire" in which ... See full review
posted a comment on Data (15) - Visualizations Vol. 1. over 8 years ago
I purchased this on vinyl 3 days ago and haven't been able to listen to anything else since. Every track seethes with soulful, menacing darkness that- to this listener's ear- is the perfect musical expression of that quiet desperation in the lives of all ... See full review
posted a comment on Phace + Misanthrop - From Deep Space. over 8 years ago
"From Deep Space" takes us back to the familiar stripped-down funk of Phace and Misanthrop in a big way. The trio of producers aren't trying to forge a lot of new ground on this release, but they've managed to expand on their own sound and the genre of ... See full review
posted a comment on Current Value - 2012: The Day Of Silence. over 8 years ago
This album is all about track 4, "Addict"- this tune slams relentlessly from beginning to end with some of the most impressive, desperate fury I've ever laid ears on.