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posted a comment on uon - Untitled. 6 months ago
It's an ep not an album surely? Whatever, it's lush.
posted a comment on The Scientist - Spiral Symphony. 9 months ago
For Those Who Know is the track that got under my skin back then. Still love it to this day.
posted a comment on John Beltran - Moth. 12 months ago
It's to the mid-nineties sound again. And that's no bad thing.
I loved the Delsin releases but Moth flies directly into the Moonlight of techno from yesteryear while sounding fresh as. Excellent production and musicianship as always.
posted a comment on Rafael Anton Irisarri - The Shameless Years. about 1 year ago
Just picked this up in Mexico City for the trade price (about £15) Really looking forward to playing it when back home.
posted a comment on Various - Dolly Deluxe 1. about 1 year ago
STFSHD 1.0 isn't listed on the mix cd as a track but it's a beast that needs listening to. Great pressing.
posted a review of Various - Dreamy Harbor. about 1 year ago
vinyl exists of course but isn't linked above yet and has a different track list (in part and running order) to mp3 and cd. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Dreamy-Harbor/release/9995090
posted a comment on The 7th Plain - Chronicles I . over 2 years ago
it's on the Astra-Naut-E 12" and there are youtube vids of it. It's shorter than the Four cornered Room version but well trippy, it's maybe a better version.
posted a comment on The 7th Plain - Chronicles I . over 2 years ago
Chronicles 1. Ok that means there's more coming so we'll get a remaster of To Be Surreal, Astra-Naut-E & Trj-Cendance at some point with more cuts from the never released GPR lp.
posted a comment on Various - Relics - A Transmat Compilation. over 2 years ago
I paid bobbins for a copy and naturally it turned out to be a knock off or ill repress. It sounds like a wasp nest, bloody unlistenable and in the bin it goes.
posted a review of Mark Pritchard / Bibio / Clark* - A Badman Sound / Heath Town / Inf Inf Inf Inf. over 2 years ago
About £9 from your local, friendly and fiercely independent record shop.
posted a review of Blanck Mass - The Great Confuso EP. over 2 years ago
I have a burgundy coloured copy which is a light weight affair and not the best pressing but I love all the tracks. Thought it was going to be black though so a surprise.
posted a comment on múm - Loksins Erum Við Engin. over 2 years ago
Lovely quirky, playful album that's mixes lo-fi aesthetics in a wonderfully organic way. Doesn't sound very electronic although it is.
Anyway I just bought a new sealed copy of this in 12 Tónar records, Reykjavik for £12. Shame I can't read the inlay ... See full review
posted a review of Bjarki - Артур И Интергалактические Киты = Arthur And Intergalactic Whales. over 2 years ago
Track 1 sounded good at 6am this morning but track 2 sounds good any time, all of the time.
actually tempted to buy it for the art work alone.
posted a comment on Pye Corner Audio - Prowler. over 2 years ago
Is this pressing a bit on the quiet side or is my inner ear in need of medical assistance?
posted a comment on Ochre - A Midsummer Nice Dream. over 3 years ago
Bandcamp.ochre. £6 gbp. Digital only of course. Well worth it and the artists gets the money which is a good thing.
posted a review of Source Direct. over 3 years ago
I'm sure Goldie referred to them as some sort of Cell that mutated from Photek, anyway their releases got cained by anyone and everyone back in the day and I still enjoy playing them.
The thing about SD was the breadth of styles they produced with in ... See full review
posted a review of Wagon Christ - Throbbing Pouch. over 3 years ago
Brilliant. 20 years on this genre bending classic requires a rerelease, I do believe.

Hip-hop, jazztastic electronica with a good dose of humour. It's enteresting to listen back and think about how Uziq, AFX, SquareP and Vibert were pushing each others ... See full review
posted a review of Drexciya - The Journey Home. over 3 years ago
You can buy the 4 volume Clone reissues that feature the 4 tracks from this ep for about £15 a pop, or you could just spend that £60 on this. Or be greedy and get'em all.
posted a review of Percussions (2) - KHLHI / Sext. over 3 years ago
I like B at 33rpm before noon on lazy days. A only cuts it at 45rpm anytime, any day.
posted a comment on Monolake - X I E. over 3 years ago
First Monolake 12" for a canny few years, maybe the first I've bought since Alaska and it's classic. You know what you're getting granted, there's no curve ball here just reliable Henke quality. I particularly like the beatless track but you can't knock ... See full review
posted a review of Dalhous - Will To Be Well. over 3 years ago
Excellent release. Genuinely think this is my favourite album from the year of 2014.
Sure it reminds me to varying degrees of other electronic producers but I don't care, it's brilliant and it deserves attention.
posted a comment on Grooverider / LTJ Bukem / DJ Rap - Fantazia Takes You Into The Jungle. over 4 years ago
I used to have this. Wish I could remember the the name of a tune that had a Star Wars same in it. Think it was this collection but now I'm thinking it might have been a Jungle Mania compilation.
posted a review of Legowelt - The Paranormal Soul. over 5 years ago
I've been meaning to try Legowelt for ages but thought I'd start here with his most recent and I'm smitten. What a fun, classy release. Yep it sounds familiar but it supposed to. Second wave Detroit, Chicago and more inform this LP and I've always loved ... See full review