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The Auteurs - Showgirl
posted a review of The Auteurs - Showgirl. over 17 years ago
Three track blinding debut single.
Title track 'Showgirl' is a great way to announce your arrival on the music scene, it's larger than life intro quickly giving way to one the catchiest under-the-radar releases of the indie rock scene of the early... See full review
The Auteurs - How Could I Be Wrong
posted a review of The Auteurs - How Could I Be Wrong. over 17 years ago
Generally as far as B-sides and The Auteurs are concerned it's a mixed bag and that's exactly what we have here, 2 unreleased tracks; one great and the other less so.
'High Diving Horses' could easily have made it to the 'New Wave' album (although... See full review
Company Flow - Little Johnny From The Hozpitul (Breaks End Instrumentuls Vol.1)
posted a review of Company Flow - Little Johnny From The Hozpitul (Breaks End Instrumentuls Vol.1). over 17 years ago
An instrumental Hip Hop album!
Not quite as bizzare as it sounds, seemingly you could record yourself rapping along and send it to Company Flow (what they did with these recordings is anyone's guess).
More than likely, there were problems in the... See full review
Ulver - Blood Inside
posted a review of Ulver - Blood Inside. over 17 years ago
I bought this cuz I thought it was something different, what a pleasant surprise I had in store for me...
Expecting it to be ear splitting black metal from Norway, this caught me unaware... A beautifully produced album with so much depth that each... See full review
Jimi Tenor - Intervision
posted a review of Jimi Tenor - Intervision. over 17 years ago
The most underated artist from WARP's back catalogue has all the right moves on this sleazy, downtempo, backalley scrapbook.
The album kicks off with 'Outta Space' an uber camp acid trip which lures you into a hypnotic, drug fuelled false sense of... See full review
Maxïmo Park - Missing Songs
posted a review of Maxïmo Park - Missing Songs. over 17 years ago
I don't understand why this ever had to be released, I mean all the tracks were already available, so if you really wanted them that badly you could have quite easily bought the shite load of singles out there.
I nearly cried when I heard Maximo... See full review
Masami Akita & Russell Haswell - Satanstornade
posted a review of Masami Akita & Russell Haswell - Satanstornade. over 17 years ago
If the ground was to crack and the gates of hell were to open, this is what would be heard. Four tracks of devilish sonic mastery designed to split ears and bust guts.
If you're looking for some nice mood music to entertain the women in your life,... See full review
Broadcast - The Future Crayon
posted a review of Broadcast - The Future Crayon. over 17 years ago
An absolute gem of an album, collecting together all their b-sides from recent years. These aren't your usual throw away tracks and filler, the tracks here are often stronger than the title tracks of the releases on which they origanlly... See full review
Sam & Valley - My Favorite Clinic
posted a review of Sam & Valley - My Favorite Clinic. over 17 years ago
Hmmm, could this be the worst release on Rephlex? I think it is.
Any form of novelty value this record may have was clearly missed on me.
People shouldn't have to listen to this sort of pap and I hope someone lost their job for allowing this to be... See full review
Squarepusher - Square Window
posted a review of Squarepusher - Square Window. over 17 years ago
Worth hunting down for the Beautiful title track alone, although Venus No.17 is worth hearing too.
Square Window, as short as it is, is a better release than Ultravisitor. Thankfully, even when Mr Squarepusher seems to be releasing rubbish there are... See full review
Maxïmo Park - A Certain Trigger
posted a review of Maxïmo Park - A Certain Trigger. over 17 years ago
Why WARP why?
What on earth possessed them to sign Maximo Park?
A load of bobbins made even worse by the fact that virtualy every song seems like it's going to be released as a multi format single.
It's releases like this that make me question the... See full review
Khanate - Capture & Release
posted a review of Khanate - Capture & Release. over 17 years ago
Very scary record.

This CD should come with warnings. I don't think I have ever been quite as scared as I was when I heard this.
This is the sound of hell. Alan Dubin's vocals sound like he's having his fingernails forcefully removed.
Do not... See full review
The Auteurs - After Murder Park
posted a review of The Auteurs - After Murder Park. over 17 years ago
Possibly not one to listen to with your parents. After Murder Park is one of the darkest moments commited to disc, songs about child murders, alcoholism and plane accidents should be enough to turn alot of people off, but the content of the lyrics is... See full review
The Sabres Of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall
posted a review of The Sabres Of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall. over 17 years ago
To this day, Haunted Dancehall remains a jewel in WARP's crown. It has aged wonderfully and sounds as fresh today as it did when it was released. Far more structured than the Sabresonic albums and less dancey, this shows the Sabres at their creative... See full review
Sunn O))) - White2
posted a review of Sunn O))) - White2. over 17 years ago
Darker, slower and deeper than anything I'd heard before.
This has some serious bass going on and should be listened to at maximum volume.
Eyeball rattling and bowel moving insanity.
These guys are bonkers.
Harmonic 33 - Music For Film, Television & Radio Volume One
posted a review of Harmonic 33 - Music For Film, Television & Radio Volume One. over 17 years ago
This is one of those releases that could just pass you by on the first listen, but you'd be well advised to try it again. The LP doesn't contain all the segue tracks that are on the CD version, which is actually a good thing, it means a far more... See full review
John Callaghan - You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams
posted a review of John Callaghan - You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams. over 17 years ago
More comedy carnage from this bonkers Brummie mentalist. Sure this has novelty value, but thankfully it's not short lived. The tracks are infectious and fun, often naive and sometimes dark.
Worth checking out, if you're in need of some light... See full review
Richard H Kirk* - The Number Of Magic
posted a review of Richard H Kirk* - The Number Of Magic. over 17 years ago
Sometimes subtle and sometimes mesmeric, but never too far from being pointy and geometric. Once again Richard H Kirk weaves a beautiful and intricate tapestry of electronic sounds. Often overlooked by some, but given time this becomes increasingly... See full review
Gravenhurst - Flashlight Seasons
posted a review of Gravenhurst - Flashlight Seasons. over 17 years ago
I'm going to stick up for Gravenhurst and Warp's choice to sign him (Nick Talbot). This is a beautiful and haunting album, somewhat reminiscent of Elliott Smith or Nick Drake, but constantly sounding fresh and (excuse the pun) alive.
Granted, it's... See full review