producer, dj, collector, overall pain in the ass.

lover of house, techno, disco, funk, boogie, soul. also known to jam to jazz, acid rock, drum n bass, jungle, reggae, old school hip hop. if im in a weird mood i'll listen to drones and atmospheric chill out trax.

got my start bombing thru my pop's record collections at age 11. he was a college radio dj. eventually he told me to get my own lps after digging thru his stealing n sampling what i wanted.

by age 17, i cut my own homemade beat tape after spending hours slaving over a busted mpc 2000xl and digging thru dusty record stores. highly influenced by the smooth jazz sounds of dilla, rough cuts of dj shadow, and the funkiness of primo.

at age 21...transferred more into production of house n 80s synth tunes, released a lofi house ep featuring analog jams and vocal samples of samuel l jackson from pulp fiction.

current production set up includes, but not limited to:

akai mpc2000xl
akai s900 sampler
roland alpha juno 1
roland tr505
roland tr707
yamaha dx27
soundcraft ghost 16ch mixer with modded overdrive circuits
akai r2r tape machine
tascam portastudio 424mkii
rack full of 19" efx

my crappy tunes

keep it funky...and lo-fi
Recent Activity
posted a comment on Chab - Tunnelling / The Sinus. 13 days ago
19 years later and both of these tunes sound great. the synth work and drums here are sublime. a must have if you're a prog fan.
posted a comment on Michael The Lion. 3 months ago
this man pumps out some serious heat on the edits - always the fattest low ends on his tunes.

posted a comment on Amon Tobin - Bricolage. 4 months ago
i find myself back here streaming this album and listening to it whenever i can on wax. takes a few listens to really get into it, but i will always find something new to key on with each listen that i didn't pick up before. it's hard to put your ... See full review
posted a comment on Soul Reductions - Got 2 Be Loved. 4 months ago
Got 2 Be Loved is a such a huuuuuuge tune. Staple in my bag.
posted a comment on House Of Jazz - Club Swing Vol. 2. 7 months ago
both Hold Your Head Up and Lose My Mind are huge tunes...shame the prices on this piece of wax are astronomical!
posted a comment on Glenn Underground Presents The S.J.U. Project* - Untitled. 7 months ago
these tunes take you on a journey...deep 3am vibes. killer releas, easy grooves is the one for me!
posted a comment on Glenn Underground - I Feel Love / The Chase. 7 months ago
killer GU edit to have in your bag. guaranteed to make the party go nuts :)
posted a comment on G U* & Cei-Bei - House Music Will Never Die. 7 months ago
You definitely need this one in your bag, true vibes!
posted a comment on Pariah (9) - Detroit Falls / Orpheus. 10 months ago
Came back to this record recently, shame Pariah hasn't released very much in recent years because he had a really cool sound.
posted a comment on Adesse Versions - Pressured. over 2 years ago
This is an absolute bomb - goes off at all times. Pressure is the one although the photek sample on Modal is absolute class.
posted a comment on Fouk - Gruff Ep. over 2 years ago
nice big chunky baseline on the a1...fouk at it again!
posted a comment on Fouk - Heavy On The Bacon. over 2 years ago
coconuts is the one for me, nice drums on that one
posted a comment on Fouk - Kill Frenzy EP. over 2 years ago
man fouk has really produced some dope tracks in a short amount of time...
posted a comment on John Beltran - Earth & Nightfall. over 3 years ago
this album is so far ahead of its can hear John developing his warm techno stylings that really set the stage for the Ten Days album - pure brilliance.
posted a review of Emancipator - Seven Seas. over 3 years ago
not as originally good as "Soon It Will Be.." but still an ace work nonetheless. I enjoy the second half of the album more, from Canopy just flows!
posted a comment on Ackie / Chesse Roots - Call Me Rambo. over 3 years ago
big ch00n!!!
posted a comment on Ghetto Brothers - Muzik. over 3 years ago
bangin' 4 tracker, still sounds fresh today
posted a comment on Deep Sensation - Talkin'... / Get Together. over 3 years ago
that bass line!
posted a comment on Saine - Business Hours EP. over 3 years ago
Scrabble is dope!

sweet sequenced bass jam
posted a comment on Saine - Drifter EP. over 3 years ago
fantastic EP!
posted a comment on Paul Johnson - Feel The Music. over 3 years ago
pure blinders on this 2LP set
posted a comment on RIP Productions* - The Payback EP. over 3 years ago
all three cuts absolutely massive!
posted a comment on Persian - Feel Da Vibe. over 3 years ago
a1 "feel da vibe" is a bomb! deep deep sine sub
posted a comment on Ben La Desh - Stop That Groove Girl EP. over 3 years ago
The A cut is a nice filtered jam
posted a comment on Various - Voyage Sampler 01. over 3 years ago
man solid 4 trakker right here...not a single dud. all dope jams.
posted a comment on Harvey Sutherland - Edges EP. over 3 years ago
$73? fack off really...repress?
posted a comment on Harvey Sutherland - Brothers. over 3 years ago
some relentlessly chill tunes on here...great vibe to this 12" each cut keeps you coming back for more
posted a comment on Magic In Threes - Beatin' Tha Breaks. over 3 years ago
both mixes are good, but i have to agree with artificialsweetner, fouk remix is funky flame
posted a comment on Michael The Lion - Michael The Lion Edits. over 3 years ago
4 dope cuts here...fat bottom ends the lot.

id just like to point out the track name "909s and herb" perfectly describes my life aspirations
posted a comment on Cheek - Venus (Sunshine People). over 3 years ago
serious bomb!
posted a comment on Glenn Underground - I Feel Dub. over 3 years ago
the record BANGS...plain n simple hot house edits
posted a comment on Stick Men - Entruder. over 3 years ago
The b1 cut has some cool hypnotic feels thanks to chords and trippy vocal laid over top a twirling filtered acid line.
posted a comment on St Germain - Boulevard (The Complete Series). over 3 years ago
seminal album...Navarre is a pure talent
posted a comment on Dark Sky (2) - Myriam EP. over 3 years ago
amidst some real off-kilter, almost upsetting tracks, the b1 shades has an awesome groove. some of the other stuff is cool on this release but its just kinda an exercise in sonics
posted a comment on Dark Sky (2) - High Rise. over 3 years ago
dark riddims here....dark sky really keeping it tribal on the drums and heavy with the sub bass pressure...fresh sounding release.
posted a comment on Dark Sky (2) - Something To Lose. over 3 years ago
love the rolling chords on Something to Loose...old skool vibes!
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Rainstorm II. over 3 years ago
my fav Levon release!

??? is the most ridiculously diesel-fueled bass groove I have shattering, room-splitting synth sounds
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Six Figures. over 3 years ago
six figures is such a tune. hypnotic bass!!
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Invisible Bitchslap EP. over 3 years ago
simply genius...
posted a comment on Steve Summers (3) & Bookworms - Halfzware . over 3 years ago
so far this label has some cool sounding tunes - i love the deep reverb /submerged feel to all these cuts
posted a comment on Mr. Pauli* - Don't Want To Be You. over 3 years ago
some funky trax here, luv Lo Mas and Satisfaction...hard basslines.
posted a comment on Macho Cat Garage - Freedom For The Macho Cat. over 3 years ago
beautiful synth work here.
posted a comment on The Parallax Corporation - Autistic Sync. over 3 years ago
fresh sounds! crispy basslines, crackin drums. luv these cuts
posted a comment on Boo Williams - Residual EP. over 3 years ago
Mortal Trance is a sublime cut from kinda just drift around and then a thudding kick n sizzling hat lead you to the groove!
posted a comment on Windy City (3) / Illvester* - Chicago (Kon Edit) / Feel Reel (Kon Remix). over 3 years ago
Kon's edits here are pretty damn good - the original feel is preserved but they are made into DANCEFLOOR BOMBS!
posted a comment on Blake Baxter - Energizer. over 3 years ago
Those drums!
posted a comment on GU* - Clap Yo Hands. over 3 years ago
Luv this joint - early glenn on the MPC!
posted a comment on Boo Williams - Midnight Express. over 3 years ago
Every track on this plate absolutely BANGS. peak time chicago warehouse sound. absolutely goes off on the proper system. make sure nobody gets hurt when you play these :)
posted a comment on GU* - Essentials II. over 3 years ago
glenn can do no wrong - another series of steppers!
posted a comment on CVO - The Wilderness. over 3 years ago
The Wilderness is a 7 minute masterpiece! big up Glenn/CVO my fav producer!