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posted a comment on The Well Paid Scientists 2* - To The Batrave......Let's Go / Buzzbomb. over 4 years ago
Epic review mate, yeah fuck 'em.
posted a comment on Desert Storm - Desert Storm. over 4 years ago
The vocal sample at the start of the track Desert Storm, is taken from a CNN live report from an under assault Baghdad during the first Gulf War. The reporter was the New Zealand born war correspondent, Peter Arnett, who also covered the Vietnam war ... See full review
posted a comment on Pob - Boiler. over 6 years ago
Great review,i agree with you about the Humate remix,when the track was released in 1998 it was reviewed in the British Dance magazine Mixmag,the reviewer,and i cannot remember who it was,called it the "Remix of the year".
posted a comment on Pure & Liza 'N' Eliaz - Killerbees On Acid. over 7 years ago
I am surprised that this legendary release is still without a review or mention.It is quite simply one of the most devastating Hardcore acid records ever released.Both tracks are superb but the title track "Killerbees on acid" is the superior of the two ... See full review
posted a comment on Limelight - Limelight. over 7 years ago
Why Bother commenting on music you obviously have no liking for,Pete Namlook a "Trancey Jerk",you idiot.
posted a comment on Gorn - Gorn 3. over 8 years ago
E.I.LA. In my humble opinion, the Best of all the Gorn Tracks released on Fax,And My Favourite Massimo Tune of All Time,This track sounds Incredible on a Large system,an absolute Weapon in any DJ box,it is rare,so buy on sight............ One of the Best ... See full review
posted a comment on Out Of Order (2) - Stung. over 8 years ago
Generally better known for the Jungle Remix of Stings "Fields of Gold" with the title "Stung",this two tracker also features an obscure old Acid gem "Emotions",which featured on the Kickin Records Compilation Techno Nations The Mind Trip,so unusually you ... See full review
posted a comment on Marmion - Schöneberg (Remix). over 8 years ago
No Comment on this yet,WTF?.Arguably the Greatest Trance Tune Of ALL TIME.
posted a comment on Renegade Legion - Friends Or Foes?. over 8 years ago
Discogs is on the go since 2000,and as of yet,2011, there has been no review or comment about This legendary release on FNAC.The 3 tracker contains one of the most hauntingly beautiful trance tunes of all time.."The Weeping Waste",no need for me to ... See full review
posted a comment on Ultrahigh - The View Of Ultrahigh. over 8 years ago
I am not going to go on a rambling review of this Ultrahigh release,i merely want to point those, who may have missed this, in the direction of the last track titled "in my heart",an unforgettable ambient track that is well worth buying the full release ... See full review
posted a comment on Phi-Phi & Greg D. - Jesus Trip. over 8 years ago
I just want to second what Aftering_at_my_way has stated and add that this is a sublime piece of emotional,epic Trance,uplifting,Melodic and Brilliantly produced and mixed by Phi Phi and Greg D.It was released[This Version] in 1995,a fantastic year for ... See full review
posted a comment on LSG* - Blue Print. over 8 years ago
There were few producers as prolific as Oliver Lieb,and fewer more who released quality offerings as consistently as he did.The Sheer quantity and quality of his work is breathtaking,So with that in mind,and having been into this music as long as i ... See full review
posted a review of Various - The First Orbit. over 8 years ago
A Superb compilation of the earliest tracks released on this fine Swedish label,the tracks being predominantly in the Hard Trance Genre and all Top Quality productions.Later the label developed in a more minimal direction,alienating those who like their ... See full review
posted a comment on Traumatic - Higher EP. over 9 years ago
For me as a Noom fan and collector from the earliest days,this is the Finest release of them all,and thats saying something for a record Label that featured the likes of Michael Cores,Steinmeir and Craemer,Oliver Lieb,Chris Liberator and the Boss himself ... See full review