Various - Emerald / Landslide / Hypnadust / Blue Ethic thumper303

May 31, 2019
Obscure release for sure, but i cant help thinking that if all the tracks on this e.p were available to listen to, then this would be a much more highly sought after record.
I'm no expert in this field but there are some stonking tracks here.
A2 and B2 are very Lucky Spin/Good Looking sounding (In my humble opinion), A1 has it's own sound and B1 is a wicked jungle monster (if a little short in length).
I'm extremely fussy what Drum n' Bass i hold onto, but this is staying home.



Aleceo - Clouds thumper303

November 23, 2018
edited 7 months ago
Track A2 Nevesomost' is the killer here.

Take it up to +7 ish and drop it into any deep house set.

Oh my gosh what a tune.........................

Shy FX - The Formula thumper303

May 17, 2018
Miss pressed (or maybe all?) copies of this exist with Potential Bad Boy-We Keep It Movin' as A2 and T.Power-Killer Bee Remix as B1.

El Cubano - Esta E La Vida thumper303

May 13, 2018
For all you deep house heads out there pick this up for the Harley and Muscle mix alone.

For the money it's going for it's a steal.


Underworld vs. The Conductor - Rez 2004 thumper303

January 13, 2018
Great remix.

Slow it down to -6 and mix it with the original 12" to finish your set and watch out for the smiley faces!!!

Unknown Artist - Zion Road / No No No thumper303

July 21, 2017
MASSIVE version of No No No here..............

Huge bassline carries the tune, best version of this tune i have heard by far.

SECRET WEAPON............................

Lee Perry & The Full Experiences* - Disco Devil thumper303

July 21, 2017
Essential addition to any dub heads collection.

I heard the Disco Devil track played at the U.K Shambala festival 4-5 years ago on a big rig and knew i had to have it.

The only copy i could find back then was in Japan and after getting hammered with import tax it cost me about 70 quid.

Dont care.

Sounds great and had to have it.

Track times are:

Disco Devil: 7 minutes 50 seconds

Keep On Moving: 8 minutes 47 seconds

Frank Bennett And The Orchestra Royale - Creep thumper303

July 21, 2017
You've got to hear this to believe it.

Frank Bennett with full orchestra crooning Radioheads "Creep".

As Kitch as it comes and in my book completely brilliant.

One of my secret weapons............ this always brings a smile to peoples faces!

Deep Dish Presents Prana (2) - The Dream thumper303

June 1, 2017
I have this.

I am pretty sure, unless anyone can tell me otherwise, that the only difference between this promo and the full release, is the promo sleeve!

Soho / Chicago (2) - K2 Beats Vol. 1 thumper303

May 26, 2017
Fantastic blissed out jazzy house beats.............

The B side is a remix of the Chicago track that Kenny "Dope"/The Bucketheads heavily sampled for his huge track "The Bomb" back in 1994, making it a fantastic mixing tool to extend/warp/f##k up that track into something else of your own making/imagination....................

Why is this selling for a pound?

Secret Weapon................................................;-)

The Prodigy - What Evil Lurks thumper303

April 18, 2017
Where does it say it was limited to 10 copies?
The photos on here are of my actual copy and when i picked it up it was mint, the sticker over the center hadn't been broken through.
It was thought for quite a while that no promo copies for this release were issued but here it is...........
I let my mate mix with it and he had a habit of using his long nailed fingers to beat match.............which left marks on the record............hey ho, back then we were just enjoying the tunes.
Still got it here somewhere marks and all.
I was offered 500 euros for it a while ago but turned it down.
Where am i going to find another one?
Part of dance music history, and mine (now 47 years of age).
Might let it go one day for the right price!

Nick Rafferty - Do It thumper303

March 17, 2017
According to the Chemical records sticker i have on my copy of this release, the artist is Tripod, and the title is I Do It.

Disco Direction - Party Rock thumper303

January 27, 2017
Great blissed out deep house disco beats..........

Just the sort of tunes the legendary D.I.Y sound system was playing back in the day.........

Xen Mantra - Primecuts Volume #1 thumper303

January 12, 2017
Four great early morning chuggers here.
The track Dead Xen tops it for me with it's wicked saxophone scat running through it.
All four tracks have the D.I.Y crew sound in my opinion and that is not a slate but a bonus!

Moguai - U Know Y thumper303

January 5, 2017
Si Begg strips down the original to a wobbly bass line and a scattering of hi hats and bouncy break beats with some cut up vocals finishing off this wicked remix.

Think Mr Ozio Flat beat stylee.............

Various - Peperoncino thumper303

July 28, 2016
Funny ox totally nail it here with the track Polka Mama.
I am yet to meet a person who doesn't rate this tune when they hear it.
Bought mine new for seven and a half quid and wish I had bought more copies.

If you see it buy it......

Stanton Warriors - Slanty / Jiggle Dat thumper303

July 28, 2016
Ghetto funk breaks done right as always by the stanton boys.
Top release........

Vlastur - Interaxion Dub thumper303

June 13, 2016
Stunning album of modern stepper style dub tracks.
All killer no filler here, such a shame it's not available on vinyl.
I may have to go digital just so i can play some of these tracks out................

Noah D - Higha Dub / Voodoo thumper303

June 7, 2016
Having dipped my toe into this label with PUREVOL 006 which is in my opinion a proper nice and naughty drum+bass record, i bought this record expecting more of the same vibe.
My mistake really for not checking out the artists involved as this release is basically a dubstep release and not drum+bass at all.
Not bad, but certainly not what i was expecting................

B.L.I.M. & Chris Carter - I Robot / Check It Out thumper303

April 22, 2016
B side is a great track. Sounds very mid 90's.
Play at -8 for an early morning chugger or go for +2 for a more lively excursion.

Reminds me of The Mighty Machine by Dream Plant.

God I miss the 90's.....

Arkatek - Wade / Explorations Of The Spin Out thumper303

June 18, 2011
edited over 8 years ago
Proper nice naughty techno tunes here.
London acid techno on a not so well known lablel.
Sounds like a Cluster, Hydraulix or Smitten release.
Quality tunage on a dark and dirty acid tip.

Hoschi / R-Damski - The Tribe / Project Part One thumper303

June 18, 2011
edited over 8 years ago
Hoschi-The Tribe......absolutley summs up the fantastic energy that german hardtrance was putting into the scene at this time. The bass makes this tune.
A very simple formula, but a classic tune none the less...................

Bodie & Doyle (2) - Stop The Rush / Cropduster thumper303

June 18, 2011
edited over 8 years ago
Huuuuuge tracks, both of them.
Prefer the B side offering..........banging techno monster of a track with a high BPM you may want to turn down a bit.
Played at -1 it's still fast...........11 years old.......never!

V-Tracks - Subway 26 thumper303

June 18, 2011
edited over 8 years ago
subway 26.........a wicked track that could only have ever come from the mid 90,s..........a totally timeless mid 90's tune. huge on the free party scene for many years, another morning tune............baam baam baam baam!

Free Radicals (3) / 3000003 - Skunk Famine / Green Bishop as reviewed by thumper303

February 8, 2008
edited over 8 years ago
I did my serious raving in the mid 90's when i was in my mid twenties and as far as i am concerned this was the absolute best time for techno and hardtrance releases.
There are so many classic releases from the 90's on labels such as Prolekult, Noom and many others that remind me of the fantastic free parties i used to go to.
I cannot believe more people do not know of the Roost record label.
They have bought out some of the finest acid trance releases of the 90's and the Free Radicals track here called Skunk Famine is surely up there with the best of the free party tunes from the 90's.
Dont take my word for it-check this tune out yourself, you wont be sorry.