Badlands (2) - Feels So Good To Be So Bad as reviewed by Gruntruck

February 29, 2024
The sound was better than I expected overall. Nothing perfect, but happy to add this one to the collection. Worth while for the Badlands fans out there, especially considering the scarcity of their vinyl these days.

Deerhoof - Reveille as reviewed by matthewdake

February 29, 2024
This pressing is still available on the Joyful Noise site (with a VIP sub, which is $5) for $30. Fuck this guy trying to sell it for $100, line the band’s pockets instead.

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly as reviewed by funyarinpa

February 29, 2024
One of the greatest albums I've listened to because of the sheer storytelling it provides with sound like nothing I've heard.

Gorillaz - Demon Days as reviewed by TomFuzz

February 29, 2024
It does play very well for a picture disc but that damn skip on D1 - Dare (also my favorite song on the album) kills me. Many others seem to have the same complaint so if you’re buying for that particular song consider a different pressing. Solid look and sound otherwise, packaging is a little odd though.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 as reviewed by _ZERO_

February 29, 2024
Absolutely spotless record. Flat dynamic and excellent range. For me this is his best work. Love it.

Various - Wagner Conductors On Record as reviewed by Fafnerdefeated

February 29, 2024
"From Pearl, ... mainly originating from the 1920s, comes an invaluable two-CD set of orchestral recordings of Wagner, some of them familiar, some of them not, but all deserving classic status.... The transfers are excellent, and less noisy than some have been from Pearl." Michael Tanner (3) in "Classic Express" (UK), July 1998.

Voronoi - Vis-Viva as reviewed by Greta_von_Gerbil

February 29, 2024
Electronic sound sculpture stuff that tests your stereo equipment at a detailed level, but pretty boring as 'music'.

Manuel Gonzalez (5) - Prisma as reviewed by manugmusic

February 29, 2024
Reconocimientos y premios
Mejor Álbum Musical del 2023.

Expedida por Def Jam Recordings Inc. (nov. 2023).

Asociada con Universal Music Group
Premiado por el sello discográfico a mejor composición destacado su popularidad de lanzamiento en reproducciones globales, superado en sus anteriores publicaciones musicales.

H.E.A.D. - James Dean as reviewed by sam.mijs2001

February 29, 2024
Does anyone know where to find the track Into Your Head? Can’t seem to find it anywhere online… -_-

Elton John - Caribou as reviewed by hallogwilo

February 29, 2024
My copy of this release has started to pinhole...just be aware.

Валерий Ободзинский - Эти Глаза Напротив as reviewed by lovegun888

February 29, 2024
Bomba Music, что за горе дизайнер лепит эти обложки для всех ваших виниловых пластинок? Гоните в шею этого безрукого дилетанта. Стыдно же на это смотреть.

Allie X - Girl With No Face as reviewed by Plebings

February 29, 2024
My copy was sealed, no sign of a jacket cover.

Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield Live 1967 as reviewed by crosscatch

February 29, 2024
The vocals on the first side sound awful. The instruments somewhat better. I suppose they kept it because the performance seems quite good.

Second side, better sound mix, but the recording is not as good to these errors. Still, it’s a crime that there’s no live Buffalo Springfield out there, so that’s why I bought this.

Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book as reviewed by 630nems

February 29, 2024
Really solid pressing for a bootleg, no surface noise or popping, plays at a standard volume

Les Claypool - Adverse Yaw: The Prawn Song Years as reviewed by smashysmashy

February 29, 2024
Great sound on the media thanks to remastering and a nice press, but the credits and record labels are riddled with typos and layout errors. Disappointing in that aspect.

Nick Barker And The Reptiles - Another Me as reviewed by do-re-pb

February 29, 2024
kick ass song kick ass album kick ass group everything nick touched was not successful but it was good or should that be gold?

Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit as reviewed by tommynorcal

February 29, 2024
You can still buy a new copy on 1-2-3-4 go records’ website for 22 bucks, FYI!

Donny Benet - Infinite Desires as reviewed by burrito07

February 29, 2024
does anyone know if the splatter vs black have different bar codes?