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DJ G-Force* - Electronic Radiation E.P.
posted a review of DJ G-Force* - Electronic Radiation E.P.. about 1 year ago
That sample is from Star Wars A New Hope, yo!
Various - Cuban Essentials
submitted Various - Cuban Essentials. over 3 years ago
Universal Indicator - Universal Indicator Red
posted a comment on Universal Indicator - Universal Indicator Red. over 3 years ago
Limited to 1000 copies, yet as of 4 March 2021, 1055 people are listed as having a copy.
The Soldiers Of Fortune - All Ram Rough E.P.
posted a comment on The Soldiers Of Fortune - All Ram Rough E.P.. over 9 years ago
Very funny.
Millsart - Axis Copper Edition
posted a comment on Millsart - Axis Copper Edition. over 14 years ago
if it's limited to 3 copies, how is it that (as of 7 november 2009) 14 people have it?