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posted a comment on Jack Nitzsche - Soundtrack Recording From The Film : One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. 19 days ago
No comments on this one?
One of the best soundtracks ever,for me!
posted a comment on AIMES - Grandiose Visions. 26 days ago
Grandiose Visions (DJ Rocca Remix) is the reason I bought this record!
Very very nice and so Italo but chillout!
posted a comment on Alan Hawkshaw - The Road Forward. 27 days ago
Clicks on B1 and B2,rest is great.
Music on A side is so better if you ask me!The sound is very good,nice pressing.
posted a comment on Micatone - Nine Songs. about 1 month ago
After all these years no comments for this superb album!?Well,pressing is really good and the sound is quite good,very open and enjoyable.The album itself is superb!From jazz to break beat..drum and bass.....dreamy and melancholic.
posted a comment on Elvis* - Moody Blue. about 1 month ago
Not a best reissue.Cover is nice but that is not important,right?It is all about music and some quality sound?!
I did compare with the first U.S. pressing and the difference is huge..
U.S. pressing is louder,more dynamics and more details are present.
I ... See full review
posted a comment on Steve Green - Video Reaction. 2 months ago
Another underrated Electro Funk piece with killer vocoder for cheap!
posted a comment on Charlie - Spacer Woman. 3 months ago
Sound quality is bad,very bad.I bought red and white and also sold them.My advice is to buy original first press or dark entries reissue.
posted a comment on Supertramp - Breakfast In America. 3 months ago
Harsh sound,not a pleasant at all.I was really disappointed.
It's a kind annoying when you listen louder,the mids are not so sweet like on the old pressings.Almost no bass and must say that I have several older pressings from 1979 and this is a bad one ... See full review
posted a comment on Ed Lee (6) Featuring Alison David - I Am Someone. 3 months ago
Can you imagine this I Am Someone (Original) song 30 years earlier?It would been a huge success back in these golden days of 80´s!Very nice indeed!
posted a comment on Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars. 3 months ago
It sounds even better than the first pressing.I did a compare and this one is a really nice one.Clean with details and nice stereo image.
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Computer World. 3 months ago
It is perfect!Really good if compare with the first pressing,happy to have it!
Sound is top notch and pressing quality is outstanding!
posted a comment on Keith Mansfield / John Cameron (2) - Voices In Harmony. 4 months ago
Nothing wrong with the sound quality or pressing.No issue at all.
Very nice indeed!Keep up with these remastering reissues!
posted a comment on ADN' Ckrystall - Jazz' Mad. 5 months ago
Weird and cool in best imaginable way!I have first pressing and also this remastered from Dark Entries and you can't go wrong with any of them if you like warm analog sound from 80's.This is a sleeper ,worth to have in possession if you ask me.
posted a comment on Charlie - Spacer Woman. 5 months ago
Pressing is very good and the sound quality is superb,like the first edition!
posted a comment on Sven Libaek - Ron & Val Taylor's Inner Space - Original Television Score. 5 months ago
Beautiful mastering job is done here!The sound is neutral as it should be,in a very good way.
I could listen to this soundtrack on and on,it is a pure gold!
Pressing quality is a different story!Record I bought was sealed,brand new.It has some very ... See full review
posted a comment on Vera (2) - Take Me To The Bridge. 6 months ago
Superb sounding record for cheap,and pressing job is done with most care and quality!
posted a comment on The Egyptian Lover* - 1985. 6 months ago
Really cool album with some fresh electro tunes as expected from this genius!Everything She Wants is awesome!
Pressing quality and the sound are top notch!
posted a comment on Ne Plus Ultra - T's & Blues. 6 months ago
Very cool & obscure Electro Rap,easy to find for now but worth to buy.I think there are not so many left on the market .
posted a comment on The Necessaries* - Event Horizon. 6 months ago
Just drill a wider hole with small scissors and then find a best position to get a perfect center!It works!
posted a review of Vangelis - Blade Runner. 6 months ago
This is a test designed to provoke an emotional response!
...color is not relevant in this case!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Stelvio Cipriani - Squadra Volante (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack In Full Stereo). 6 months ago
My copy is spotless and no pops clicks,clean and superb sound!
Try to clean it...
posted a comment on Message From Future - Robot Is.... 7 months ago
'Lectric Workers is the original.This is a project done by Franco Rago, Gigi Farina,members from 'Lectric Workers!
added Megadon Betamax - Don't Ask to their wantlist. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars. 8 months ago
A side...... PHIL 34079-A S-81424
B side...... PHIL 34079-B S-81424
posted a comment on Junie Morrison - Techno-Freqs. 9 months ago
No comments on this one?C'mon,this is really a weird tune with strange vocals and vocoders!
posted a comment on The Action Band - Sexual Research. 9 months ago
Another underrated electro funk piece with killer vocoder for cheap!
posted a comment on Duke Bootee - Live Wire (I Want A Girl That Sweats). 9 months ago
Underrated electro tune for cheap!Not a killer but it has a really nice vocoder parts...B side is really good!
posted a comment on Royalcash - Space Traveler. 9 months ago
Killer electro with cool synth line and some awesome vocoders for really cheap!
posted a comment on Twilight 22 - Twilight 22. 10 months ago
any comment about the pressing quality and the sound?or any compare with the old one?
posted a comment on Vinyl Lovers (3). 10 months ago
can not agree with you,about this wax time comment.I am a long time record collector and wax time are doing a great job.pressing and mastering,really a perfect job.
posted a comment on Joe Jackson - Mike's Murder (The Motion Picture Soundtrack). 10 months ago
Very good pressing!Dead quiet vinyl,no background noise between songs and the sound is awesome,clean and well balanced!I have several other pressings but this one is a winner!
posted a comment on George Michael - Older. 11 months ago
any news now for a vinyl reissue!?it would be nice to do that now!!!
posted a comment on Leroy Hutson - Hutson. 11 months ago
Very good pressing and so nice mastering is done here by Mike Thorne!
I was really surprised how the pressing quality is good,vinyl is dead quiet between the songs!
The sound is awesome,warm and be honest,it is rare today to hear a such nice ... See full review
posted a comment on Leroy Hutson - Hutson. 11 months ago
Very good pressing and so nice mastering is done here by Mike Thorne!
posted a comment on Franco Micalizzi - Chi Sei?. 12 months ago
Quality of this pressing is 7/10.Some clicks and pops so I had to wet clean it.Visual dots and some surface noise.
The sound is great,loud and very nice remaster is done here,no doubt about that!
posted a review of Luis Enriquez - L'Amica. 12 months ago
A beautiful reissue...true master piece!The sound quality is outstanding.
Everything is there,warm and clean with beautiful stereo imaging,
Cutting and mastering for this record is done with love and passion.
Record itself is flat,centered and very ... See full review
posted a comment on Charlie - Spacer Woman. 12 months ago
I bought red and white records and must say that this remaster is a joke!
Stereo is not wide like on the original recording and the bass is kind a boomy,muddy and I think I heard a faint click after 43 seconds or so on both records on A side.It can be a ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Arabian Prince* - Innovative Life - The Anthology 1984-1989. about 1 year ago
I agree!Some tracks could be a vinyl rip.Odd mastering.Dull with no high and low frequencies.
posted a comment on GZ Digital Media. about 1 year ago
AVOID!!!!!!clicks and surface noise on almost all records I bought pressed by them!
posted a comment on Geno Jordan - You're A Peachtree Freak On Peachtree Street. about 1 year ago
Happy to have a copy but sadly not the best pressing quality like the other records I bought issued by PPU or is it a bad luck?
posted a comment on Jamie Jupitor / Gods Of Technology - The Bass Academy Vol.2. about 1 year ago
So dark and powerfull!
I'm happy to have all three records😁😀
posted a comment on The Incredible Rock City Band - Invasion Of The Rock-O-Mites. about 1 year ago
Great to have this on a record but the mastering is odd,perhaps the original sounds same?Quality of this pressing is not the best.Some background noise.It sounds like a vinyl rip.Can not be 100% sure.Not the worst case but it could be better but the end ... See full review
posted a comment on Maggotron / Debonaire* - The Rise Of Bass Planet. about 1 year ago
hot as hell...vocoders!!vocoders!!I would buy one spare to have just in case.
submitted Zinthetyzër - Green Onions. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Ourra ft Andre Espeut - When There's No Love. about 1 year ago
A side is The sound of music from Dayton.....Sorry but Dayton tune is so cool and so much better
posted a comment on Various - Theme Of Electro Empire. about 1 year ago
put it on a dubplate!I do that when it's not pressed on a vinyl!
posted a comment on ABC - The Lexicon Of Love II. about 1 year ago
Very bad pressing.
The sound itself is outstanding but the record is full with pops clicks and even after several wet cleaning.I have two of them.One came from the U.K. and another bought in a local store in Croatia.Brand new,sealed.Same problems on both ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago