I like a bit of everything, as long as it's good =) My collection, however, is mainly progressive, house and trance.

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Activ (2) - Everyday
posted a review of Activ (2) - Everyday. over 16 years ago
Mariuu's remix here is actually a fantastic little track. It draws obvious inspiration from Rui Da Silva's classic "Touch Me". Mariuu's surprisingly refreshing version turns a rather average pop song into a funky tropical house number that is groovy... See full review
Donna Summer - Bad Girls
posted a review of Donna Summer - Bad Girls. over 19 years ago
In this album's thanks list: "To Giorgio Moroder: Giorgio, you make a great john."

The cover artwork has a prostitutes-and-johns theme and Giorgio Moroder does indeed make an appearance, on the inside of the gatefold sleeve, as a prospective... See full review
Chris Nemmo - Forbidden Paths
posted a review of Chris Nemmo - Forbidden Paths. over 19 years ago
One of the best albums of 2004. Needs to be heard for the production alone. Atmospheric, very defined and with an attention to detail that is stunning. This is one of those albums you can listen to on repeat just to try and pick up all the details.... See full review
Energy 52 - Café Del Mar
posted a review of Energy 52 - Café Del Mar. over 20 years ago
Very nice package. Contains most of the classic mixes of "Café Del Mar". Amazing pressing as well, the sound quality is outstanding on these vinyls.
G-Pal - Ophra
posted a review of G-Pal - Ophra. over 20 years ago
G-Pal's "Interpretation" mix is just beautiful. Incredible track. It seems to be a specialty of G-Pal's to do chilled-out melodic house mixes for other Greek artists: check out his "Summer Dream of Tonight" mix of Futuristic - Tonight and his... See full review