6-7 The Beatles with tennis rackets Help!
1968 come on Strawberry Fields get to No.1
1968 Summer Clifden - Fog Horns on the Hudson - John Peel thank you
1972 Tubuler Bells
1975 Rocking to James Last! weird
1976 John Peel you saviour
1978 'Change of Speed' yes John Change that Speed Joy Division
1978 The Tap Drips - Killing an Arab
1980 Totally Wired, camus in french good man camus
1983 That charming man reels around the fountain
1987 George Best
1996 My first Country and Western Album - alan jackson pop a top
2003 Shitmat
Oct 2004 The month that music could have died

May the athmosphere on strawberry fields never let the greedy ugly people see a darkness when they get teenage kicks
thanks Joy Division, The Beatles, Hefner, Will Oldham, The Undertones

Thanks in particular John Peel.
There can be no heaven if you are not there, please be there.

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