[Favorite Label]
Downwards, PVC, Olga+Jozef, Numb, Antidandruff,
Rodz-Konez, Infrastructure NY, Asymmetric, Blueprint, ARC(ANE), Surface, Counterbalance, Cosmic, Emergence, Inceptive, Mechanisms Industires, Sonic Mind, Black Nation, Wols, Sheep, Veto, Zet, Seico Corp, Kellermusik, Zhark, Zero G Sounds, Echocord, Cytrax, Delay, Level, Earsugar, Modelisme, Milnor Modern, Underl_ne, Monolake, Mosaic, Narita, Pom Pom, Plong!, Sleeparchive, Solid Groove, Soloaction, Trax, Glimpse, Iero, FXHE...and more....


I've been especially looked for the following vinyls for ages.....


*Klangbild - Kreisstadt Grimma EP
(Kellermusik 03 3/1 / Kellermusik Records)

*Archetype - Destroy Meaning
(LEVEL 1209 / 21/22 Corporation)

*Takaaki Itoh - Question EP
(Stim 011/Stimulus)

*Various - Chorusline EP [2 x12"]
(fig 004/Figment)

*Ben Sims - The Hardgroove Project [2 X12"]
(TR006X/Theory Recordings)

*Wax Master Maurice - Crazy Tunes
(DM 126/Dance Mania)

E-mail me if you'd like to sell the above to someone.

Thx for reading.