Feel free to contact me about records in my wantlist, although I won't always be able to afford them. Ditto your Ebay sales.

I will also consider swaps, but most of my collection I won't part with unless it's a really good deal, so don't be upset if I say no!
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RP Boo - Established
submitted RP Boo - Established. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Dark & Moody. 8 months ago
I would guess it's more likely to be EQ - as it says it was an F-Project offshoot, and he apparently ran F-Project. Although I guess he would be involved even if it was SS as the engineer.
SpeedyQ's - Return To The Source
posted a review of SpeedyQ's - Return To The Source. 10 months ago
The A side on this EP was a long standing mystery ID for me and a few others from some late 90s UK rave tape. As the title alludes to it's almost entirely made from bits from older gabber releases - the "i guess you're gonna play hardcore" intro from... See full review
DJ Seduction / Edit V - Disco Hardcore / Pumper
posted a comment on DJ Seduction / Edit V - Disco Hardcore / Pumper. 10 months ago
Well - "E-Creation" was itself heavily based on Seduction's tune DJs Unite - Volume 1. So in response Seduction decided to do the same thing with one of Scott's tracks - hence "Disco Hardcore", which uses the main riff from Bass-X - "Hardcore Disco",... See full review
posted a comment on R. Wagner. 10 months ago
he has an account on here: https://www.discogs.com/user/R.Wagner - appeared on the gabber forum briefly many many years ago (and I suspect hasn't logged in since!) And as said I know he was booked for a gig here around then too. According to that... See full review
Vince Watson - 1st Innovations EP
posted a review of Vince Watson - 1st Innovations EP. 10 months ago
This came out in the same year that Vince Watson was still making 200+ bpm hardcore for Twisted Vinyl (and with Loftgroover for Redhead). Which is remarkable as this record couldn't be more different.

Each track has a lovely mix of warm, dreamy... See full review
Epsilon - Christ As Bath Toy
posted a review of Epsilon - Christ As Bath Toy. 11 months ago
This was Epsilon's second vinyl release on Bloody Fist. Just as his previous release Extol Nihil used mostly tracks from his "Homemade Bomb" CD album, this EP takes five tracks from his excellent "Now Drill 3rd Eye" CD, also released on Bloody Fist.... See full review
Ill Behaviour (2) - ILL 006
posted a review of Ill Behaviour (2) - ILL 006. 11 months ago
As a huge fan of Coco Bryce, the Ill Behaviour series as a whole is a great showcase of his work. Each release is quite different - and yet also quite distinctive. Managing to avoid sounding formulaic, and yet also never over-complicated or too... See full review
Scott Brown - Feelin' Alright / Something Good
posted a review of Scott Brown - Feelin' Alright / Something Good. 11 months ago
I think this might be Scott Brown's first proper foray into English happy hardcore, on an English label. Which is reflected in the fact that "Something Good" does feel like halfway between the Scottish and English sound - mixing up some light breaks... See full review
Orbital - The Altogether
posted a review of Orbital - The Altogether. 11 months ago
It's an interesting thing to revisit an album which holds special memories for you, only to learn that many have very different feelings about it. As someone who loves a lot of deeply uncool music it's very familiar. And of course intellectually I... See full review
Bruyaa & Ozonic - Welcome To Death Row
posted a review of Bruyaa & Ozonic - Welcome To Death Row. 11 months ago
"Welcome To Death Row" has always been a real favourite of mine. One of those tracks that got a bit of play at the time, but is probably a bit more appreciated to early hardcore heads now. I first heard it played by Gizmo & Darkraver on the... See full review
FFF - Dubcore Volume 7
posted a review of FFF - Dubcore Volume 7. 11 months ago
The B side on here almost feels like a music nerd in joke. In that FFF used to sample old Dutch gabber a lot...and so what would be more appropriate for a track with samples referencing homophobia in ragga, than a homophobic gabber tune! (Bodylotion -... See full review
Bodylotion - Bodylotion IV
posted a review of Bodylotion - Bodylotion IV. 11 months ago
I'm not really a fan of the two most famous tracks on this EP. A1 has a bit of an unpleasant feel, both for the homophobia and the anti-happy hardcore sentiment :D (Also - anything they were dodging by saying "hobos" is somewhat undermined by rhyming... See full review
Activator - Rotterdam, Come On!
posted a review of Activator - Rotterdam, Come On!. 11 months ago
I've always felt this record is a bit overlooked - mostly for the title track. A description doesn't really do it justice - a quick intro leads into a simple hoover riff over a distorted kick, followed by a different hoover over a different kick.... See full review
Bodylotion - Bodylotion II
posted a review of Bodylotion - Bodylotion II. 11 months ago
It's hard to pick exactly, but I think this is my favourite of Neophyte's early hardcore EPs. It's a testament to the strength of the Dutch hardcore scene at the time that you'd get releases like this - with six full tracks like this that were all... See full review
Comababy - Nice'n Nasty
posted a comment on Comababy - Nice'n Nasty. 11 months ago
"Fun" bit of hardcore trivia - the vocals in "Comababy" are actually by Activator, who released two EPs on Terror Traxx around the same time as this release.
The Reece Project - S.H.A.R.P. Vol 1
submitted The Reece Project - S.H.A.R.P. Vol 1. 12 months ago
Electric Kettle - Camels To Cannibals
posted a review of Electric Kettle - Camels To Cannibals. 12 months ago
This album is an underappreciated gem. It somehow manages to capture the fun of the less po-faced side of breakcore, whilst avoiding the more obvious clichés. Whilst also being fun to dance to - and to mix!

It's hard to really do justice - a... See full review
Jungle Warrior - No Surrender / New Style
posted a review of Jungle Warrior - No Surrender / New Style. 12 months ago
"New Style" is a great tune on the B side here. Not the most creative, in that it steals the breakdown from the classic "Superpod" by Acro (aka Orca) from the year before. But this ends up being the better version, thanks to some much tougher amen... See full review
DJ Distroi & Boykz - The Knowledge EP
posted a review of DJ Distroi & Boykz - The Knowledge EP. 12 months ago
In the realm of early 90s hardcore, Distroi & Boykz are two of my favourite artists without doubt. They have a real knack for well constructed, dancefloor friendly tunes, both light and dark, with remarkable consistency. So it's hard to pick a... See full review
submitted Chevvers* & Fluxxy* - Rave Like A Bastard. about 1 year ago
Essence Of Aura - I Give You / Cryogenic
posted a review of Essence Of Aura - I Give You / Cryogenic. about 1 year ago
This is a very underrated EP by Essence of Aura. The two tracks are quite different - "Cryogenic" has a lot of techno influence, with a driving 4/4 kick over the breaks - one of those tracks with a few simple elements that all combine very... See full review
Teknarchi - Flashback
posted a review of Teknarchi - Flashback. about 1 year ago
I think "Free Flow" samples the Terrorize vocals from the Psycosis EP by Force Mass Motion - because they are edited the same way as on "Take Control" from that EP, and combined with the hoover from "Vanishing Point", also on that EP. It also samples... See full review
We Rob Rave vs Riffz & Dubsknit - Dubcore Volume 21
posted a review of We Rob Rave vs Riffz & Dubsknit - Dubcore Volume 21. about 1 year ago
As a long time music nerd, as I get older hearing something which sounds fresh and unfamiliar is less of a common occurrence. It's just an inevitable consequence of spending far too many years obsessively listening to rave music in its many forms.... See full review
Coco Bryce - Sound Dimensions
posted a review of Coco Bryce - Sound Dimensions. about 1 year ago
Yet another excellent EP by Coco Bryce. As with many of his EPs I like the variety on offer. The A1 track is quite stripped back, with the focus on some nicely sliced up drums, with some mildly unsettling atmospherics. B1 is a bit more lively, with... See full review
The Reece Project - S.H.A.R.P. Vol 1
posted a review of The Reece Project - S.H.A.R.P. Vol 1. about 1 year ago
Many of the releases on Liquid Wax have a distinct style - techno and electro influenced, but still very breakbeat-focused. The A side of this EP however, is classic Basement style, complete with a killer main riff with that signature Ron Wells stab... See full review
Sublove* - Vexation EP
posted a comment on Sublove* - Vexation EP. about 1 year ago
They are all tunes from back in the day, that's why :) "A Better Place" and "Coherent Flow" are from a PA they did at Tribal Gathering in 1993, previously only released in 2011 on Sublogic. "Vexation" is an unreleased tune from 94...and "Rubber Band"... See full review
Force Mass Motion - Transmission EP
posted a review of Force Mass Motion - Transmission EP. about 1 year ago
This is one of many releases from the 93/94 period when rave was fragmenting into new styles and hardcore producers were choosing which direction to follow, resulting in EPs like this one which don't fit neatly into any one category.

"On The Move" is... See full review
T.Power - The Shape Of Things To Come E.P.
posted a review of T.Power - The Shape Of Things To Come E.P.. about 1 year ago
One of the joys of getting into oldskool hardcore years after it was released, is that often the tracks that mean a lot aren't necessarily the big tunes. Sometimes it's the records you discover by chance. In the case of Soapbar, I got many of their... See full review
Nasenbluten - Toys / Necros
posted a review of Nasenbluten - Toys / Necros. about 1 year ago
"Do you like it?" "Well it's quite unusual..." - that's how it starts, and it's very fitting!

The A side of this is quite straight forward Nasenbluten hardcore, full of weird noises and out-of-place samples. Nothing too memorable but good fun... See full review
Eruption - Nicey / Just A Feeling
posted a review of Eruption - Nicey / Just A Feeling. about 1 year ago
It took me an embarrassingly long time to work out that the reason the A side is called "Nicey" is because it's a cover of "Nasty".

Although for me it's all about the other side, "Just A Feeling" - it's pretty typical 94/95 style, but whereas most... See full review
DJ Paul Elstak* - The Promised Land
posted a comment on DJ Paul Elstak* - The Promised Land. about 1 year ago
It does sample an English breakbeat tune - the breakbeats are lifted from Future Primitive - "We're Flying" (Vibes & Wishdokta remix), which he also used for the Evil Maniax track. He sampled breaks from Kniteforce enough that they started putting... See full review
Run Tings - Back Again (Remixes)
posted a review of Run Tings - Back Again (Remixes). about 1 year ago
The Austin remix on here is one of the best things on Suburban Base, a great example of '92 hardcore at it's happiest. Almost like a more laid back prototype of happy hardcore - with the uplifting pads and jaunty stabs nicely offset by a funky... See full review
Ilsa Gold - Up (Remixes)
posted a review of Ilsa Gold - Up (Remixes). about 1 year ago
As great as the original version of "Up" is, the remix package here is probably better.

The GTO remix is total lunacy, adding in a very famous classical sample that I would know if I wasn't so uncultured - along with some warmer moments in the... See full review
Krispy Krouton - Krispy Krouton E.P. Vol. 2
posted a review of Krispy Krouton - Krispy Krouton E.P. Vol. 2. about 1 year ago
Whilst this EP is not as legendary as the first Krispy Krouton EP - this might be controversial, but I think this might actually be the stronger release, as a whole. Four different, but very strong tracks from Mr Slater.

"Can You Feel The Sunshine"... See full review
Outa Intelligence - Foolz Gold
posted a review of Outa Intelligence - Foolz Gold. about 1 year ago
Amongst the many exceptional hardcore releases from 1993, this one has always stood out to me as something special.

On the A side, "Fools Gold" is similar to many other contemporary tracks, focusing on rolling amens and atmospheric pads. But whereas... See full review
DJ Krome & Mr Time* - The Slammer (Remixes)
posted a review of DJ Krome & Mr Time* - The Slammer (Remixes). about 1 year ago
The original version of "The Slammer" is such a perfect tune that remixes almost seem unnecessary. But thankfully both remixes here do the sensible thing, and are very different to the original, essentially only retaining the vocals.

I'm a little... See full review
Embolism - This Means Fucking War!
posted a review of Embolism - This Means Fucking War!. about 1 year ago
This release really embodies the attitude of Bloody Fist so perfectly - ugly, abrasive, but also with a dark sense of humour.

The two highlights for me are: "Pillow Talk", which drops samples of a sex educator over some truly brutal no-frills... See full review
Da Tekno Warriors Feat. DJ Bam Bam - Pump Up Da Bass
posted a comment on Da Tekno Warriors Feat. DJ Bam Bam - Pump Up Da Bass. about 1 year ago
There's a nice surprise on the B2 of this record. Whilst the other three tunes are typical Tekno Warriors late 90s newstyle / US hard house, "Rockin With the Best" is a full on dark breakbeat / jungle. Nothing too fancy or elaborate, but better than... See full review
Nasenbluten - Cheapcore EP
posted a review of Nasenbluten - Cheapcore EP. about 1 year ago
Alongside the classic Industrial Strength releases, the main label to license Bloody Fist was Strike. This EP was the fourth - following "Straight Out of Newcastle", a double EP by Xylocaine and the "Strike vs Bloody Fist EP". The title supposedly... See full review
Ruffage* / Stargazer (2) - Paradise / Progress
posted a review of Ruffage* / Stargazer (2) - Paradise / Progress. about 1 year ago
The early 2000s was an exciting time for happy hardcore. It was in the midst of a revival, following a near-terminal decline at the end of the 90s. The producers who had stuck with it were now joined by a new crop of producers, all trying to move past... See full review
T3 (3) - Morning Mist / Dark Glory
posted a review of T3 (3) - Morning Mist / Dark Glory. about 1 year ago
This is one of the more unusual releases from the early days of Kniteforce, before they had fully defined their happy sound. In fact, as the B side suggests, this is on the darker side, but it's also not typical darkcore either.

"Morning Mist" on the... See full review
DJ 01 Mike Surtees*, John Banks (2), Jim Ray - Damage E.P. Vol. 1
posted a review of DJ 01 Mike Surtees*, John Banks (2), Jim Ray - Damage E.P. Vol. 1. about 1 year ago
Something I love about records from 1993 is that they came from a time when rave music was changing rapidly, and starting to split off into separate sub-genres. Some producers had not yet decided which direction they wanted to follow, and so you get... See full review
Uncle 22 - Super Mario E.P.
posted a review of Uncle 22 - Super Mario E.P.. about 1 year ago
I have a real soft spot for the many different Cool Hand Flex / Uncle 22 releases from the early 90s. They were masters at something I really love in hardcore - when producers with a healthy disregard (or ignorance) of musical rules would throw... See full review
Water Pistol - Squirt / Splash
posted a review of Water Pistol - Squirt / Splash. about 1 year ago
Both sides of this are total classics in my view. "Squirt" follows the typical Scottish hardcore sound, except with a much lighter kick. Perfectly designed for long mixes with a great DJ friendly build up, leading into a memorable riff that feels... See full review
The Specialist (3) - It Ain't Easy / Flashback
posted a review of The Specialist (3) - It Ain't Easy / Flashback. about 1 year ago
This first release on Bertie (one half of Future Primitive) is probably one of the earliest examples of "retro" hardcore. When this came out in 1996, and hardcore had shifted from breakbeats & pianos towards big kicks and off-beat hoover stabs. But... See full review
Intellex - The Argon E.P.
posted a review of Intellex - The Argon E.P.. about 1 year ago
This has always been one of my favourite lesser known EPs from 1993. There's a definite techno influence - not surprising given that one of the producers also produced an EP as part of legendary hard techno artist Caustic Visions. Although it is very... See full review
Tribes Of The Moon - Tribes Of The Moon E.P.
posted a review of Tribes Of The Moon - Tribes Of The Moon E.P.. about 1 year ago
Although it's currently listed here with Tribes Of The Moon as the artist, this is basically a Biochip C EP. And it marks the time when Martin Damm was moving away from breakbeat hardcore, towards a more analogue techno sound (with the Biochip C alias... See full review
More From The Posse - Milk! Vol. II
posted a review of More From The Posse - Milk! Vol. II. about 1 year ago
This EP is a follow up to the "Milk EP" by One From the Posse, which was a solo project by Redagain P - here he's joined by a few other artists, for 5 more breakbeat hardcore tracks. It does live a bit in the shadows of the first Milk EP, which was... See full review
Ant To Be - Cinematography EP
posted a review of Ant To Be - Cinematography EP. about 1 year ago
Ant-To-Be's previous Knitebreed releases were all excellent - in particular the fantastic "Nobody Likes Me" - so I was already keen to hear this EP...and I was not let down.

The A1 "Bells On The Way" as you might imagine is based around a bell... See full review