I am selling my private record collection, most of my records have mainly been enjoyed at home and handled well & cared for from new. I have owned all of my records & CDs for many many years mostly from new, so I know them all, and my vinyl rating will be accurate. I am not a trader selling at a profit, you will get good honest vinyl form my old collection. I have been buying dance orientated music since 1986, and have many eclectic genres from Jazz Funk, Disco, 80's soul, early house, early techno, acid, hard techno, rave, hardcore, gabber and more ! Mainly Vinyl and some CDS too.
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posted a comment on Turntable Terror - Break. 1 day ago
what a heavy tune back in the day! early hardcore. Early Gabber was surely influenced by this track !
posted a comment on M.I.C. - OOBE 1 / OOBE 2. 1 day ago
such a hands in the air tune, I loved this in the raves back in the day. It seems to have got forgotten? one definitely to discover if you dont know it. very underrated.
posted a comment on 12 Tone - Bang. 1 day ago
Has this record been forgotten? it is a banger, low price bargain in 2019 too ! this was heavy back in the day
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. 1 day ago
what a great EP, why not any more reviews ?
posted a comment on Cyclone - The Sonic Cycology E.P.. 1 day ago
I agree with the Djeeta comment, incredible value in 2019, selling mine now but may regret later
posted a comment on Sweet Exorcist - Testone. 1 day ago
played to death at UK raves in 1990, classic must have
posted a comment on Sweet Exorcist - Clonk. 1 day ago
devastating bass on the right sound system. due to bass the pressing sounds a little low volume and surface noise is present.
My copy has a generic black disco bag with barcode sticker and cat number.
posted a comment on Sweet Exorcist - Clonk. 1 day ago
wrong there where many others before as far back as 1989
posted a comment on Man Machine Featuring The Forgemasters* - Man Machine. 1 day ago
shockingly good value as of 2019, this record is cheap as chips for such a classic early rave. Big influence on me at the time. It also influenced the Bass & Bleep era (my favourite period), possibly the 1st bleep tune ? Ahead of time
posted a comment on Vice - Survival Instinct. 1 day ago
a great forgotten rave gem, mind melt was for me a big head banging tune as good as any heavy detroit techno of the day
posted a comment on Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam Featuring Patti Low & Doogie* - Made In Two Minutes. 1 day ago
why has this not got any more reviews, it was such a big big tune, sent the dance floor crazy every time ! still loving it 30yrs later
posted a comment on Smooth & Simmonds - Pucker Tunes Vol 1. 1 day ago
this was so fresh sounding at the time, not heard much either in the clubs, but when it played it went down a storm ! Ahead of its time, with the bleep period coming on.
crispy clean production, although the record itself is not the best pressing.
posted a comment on Smooth & Simmonds - The Four Seasons. 1 day ago
the pressing was not the best, seems to be recycled vinyl? some crackle present since brand new out of the sleeve on day one.
Top tune
posted a comment on Tekno Too - Feeel The Power. 1 day ago
this was a bass heavy tune, great crowd reaction back in the day, but poorly pressed / mastered, very quiet pressing bass overpowering
posted a comment on Eon - Spice. 1 day ago
banging tune, still play it now from time to time. This was so powerful when it came out, ripping the sound system at the raves !.
Watch the Dune movie and you will see where the artwork was "borrowed" from and samples
posted a comment on Mad Bas'tard - I Am The Future. 1 day ago
has this track been forgotten, no reviews as of 2019 ?? Come on this was an underground bass & bleep deep tune for those who remember ? was not heavily played back then, but those few DJS that had this rare promo played it to death!
posted a comment on LFO (2) - Brainstorm. 1 day ago
One of my favorite bass & Bleep tune, sounding very clean and crisp and loud. So underrated
Simple 808 beat, Sh101 bassline, and some Kawai K1 synth it seems, simple but very trippy
posted a comment on Adam X - Recon Mission. 3 days ago
No CD release ? Aargh I will miss out then
posted a comment on Various - Sound Of Eukatech Vinyl: Rare & Unreleased Tracks. 24 days ago
timeless thumping techno from this great label. some absolute bangers here, still loving it 2019
posted a comment on Marco Carola & Adam Beyer - Fusionframe EP. 24 days ago
cant agree anymore with 3c3ts review, and to this day 2019 still loving it !
posted a comment on Vitamin - The Point. 24 days ago
MOK 1 started my fascination when it came out with Gabber, migrating from US Techno to this. I collected without fail every Mokum release until MOK 96, this is where it started !! essential collector
posted a comment on Riot Nation - Abba-Gabba. 24 days ago
fast, relentless, powerful, and fun! one of my favourites on this label, (and I have owned all releases from MOK1 to MOK 96)
posted a comment on The Original Gabba* - Kick Some Azz. 24 days ago
one of my old time favorite gabber record (and i did listen and own a awful lot of this music in it hay day), to be played loud to make the most of this killer production and pounding bass drum
posted a comment on Search & Destroy - Return To Madness. 24 days ago
you tube audio quality samples does this EP no justice, play it loud, relentless quality gabber form the best years, fantastic label
posted a comment on Annihilator - I'll Show You My Gun. 24 days ago
dark , dirt original relentless gabber the way it used to be, this tune will never age for me (show you my gun) - great label
posted a comment on The Outside Agency - Break It Down. 24 days ago
dirty dark gabber, which for me has not aged yet ! - Another great release on this majestic label
posted a comment on Various - Fantazia III - Made In Heaven. 24 days ago
Very rare and hard to find record, mailed out to DJs in very small quantities
posted a comment on Sean Brennan (2). 3 months ago
It is a pitty and annoying, that many of the CD reissues and remsters are somewhat heavily compressed, and suffer from the loudness war. Dynamics are often missing when you compare with original vinyl copies. Some of the CDs I had are taken from vinyl ... See full review
posted a comment on MCB (5). 3 months ago
Pitty they only ever released this, the band was funky, I guess times where changing in 83
posted a comment on Kano - New York Cake. 3 months ago
Bad mastering form vinyl original , why bother with that?
posted a comment on The Dennis Coffey Band - A Sweet Taste Of Sin. 4 months ago
Some tight beats and bass, why after all these years still no CD reissues?
posted a comment on Lenny Williams - Rise Sleeping Beauty. 4 months ago
Glad this great music is made available on cd reissues.
posted a comment on Various - Heavenly Bodies: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 4 months ago
This music has aged very very badly. Best forgotten. 1984 was a bit of a lost year
posted a comment on Dazz Band - On The One. 4 months ago
Needs a good mastering cd re issue of this classic
posted a comment on Rose Royce - Stronger Than Ever. 4 months ago
Notthing special, a very generic album for the time. A bit weak to be honest.
posted a comment on Ginger Baker - Stratavarious. 4 months ago
2018 still no CD re issues and still awaiting. Maybe one day?
posted a comment on Nucleus (3) - Under The Sun. 4 months ago
It is high time for cd re issues if this bands excellent music. I have forever been waiting.
posted a comment on Ian Carr's Nucleus* - Roots. 4 months ago
After all these years still waiting for a cd reissue, maybe one day...
posted a comment on The Incredible Bongo Band - The Return Of The Incredible Bongo Band. 4 months ago
Samplers delight on some of the tracks, so much good music from this period love exploring
posted a comment on Fabio Fabor - Aquarium. 4 months ago
A well mastered CD reissue would be wonderful, one can only hope
posted a comment on Idris Muhammad - You Ain't No Friend Of Mine!. 4 months ago
Does anyone know if the mastering on Wounded Bird CD is any good? (as in little compression and with good dynamics?) It has been so long due a CD release it would be a shame to bodge this up
posted a comment on Various - Extra Sensual Perception. 4 months ago
Classic tracks from a respected old skool label. Good period techno
posted a comment on Techno Grooves - The Compilation Mach 1*2*3. 4 months ago
All classic bangers from the old school days, excellent compilation
posted a comment on Liquid Gold - Liquid Gold. 4 months ago
Such a massive disco hit, why no official CD re-issues after all these long years!
posted a comment on Various - Techno Nations 5. 4 months ago
My 2xcd copy has different artwork alltogether from the images on Discogs. Booklet image is green. I bought new on release
posted a comment on Tyree* - Tyree's Got A Brand New House!. 4 months ago
Issue only once on CD, this is becoming a collector item
posted a comment on The D.J. Fast Eddie* - Jack To The Sound. 4 months ago
A rare find on CD, sounding great ! Unique style and Acid too
posted a comment on Inner City - Do You Love What You Feel. 4 months ago
My sleeve is a plain black disco sleeve (owned from new)
posted a comment on DJ Doktor Megatrip - Joy. 4 months ago
What has happened to this track? about 15 years about it was mega rare and fetching £35-£45 ? it is a very underground rare acid from the vintage of 88. Has this been forgotten? Love and very dirty acid & Psychedelic. The recording was not great you can ... See full review
posted a comment on The Smiley People - It Makes Me Haaappy. 4 months ago
Rare acid track , very obscure and instantly takes you to 1988 ! - Not the best production or recording but a must for acid collectors. This also rarely comes up for sale - For me a mix between Phuture Slam and Jesus loves the Acid