I am selling my private record collection, most of my records have mainly been enjoyed at home and handled well & cared for from new. I have owned all of my records & CDs for many many years mostly from new, so I know them all, and my vinyl rating will be accurate. I am not a trader selling at a profit, you will get good honest vinyl form my old collection. I have been buying dance orientated music since 1986, and have many eclectic genres from Jazz Funk, Disco, 80's soul, early house, early techno, acid, hard techno, rave, hardcore, gabber and more ! Mainly Vinyl and some CDS too.
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posted a comment on J.O.B. Orquestra - Open The Doors To Your Heart. 21 days ago
Why are such gems never available as a CD reissue ?
posted a comment on Johnny Guitar Watson - What The Hell Is This?. 24 days ago
Oohhh that Moog bass. Love it. Tight and heavy, no hesitation on this funk cut. Nice to see a CD issue too.
posted a comment on Watsonian Institute - Master Funk. 24 days ago
Never seen the light of day on CD? I would snap up straight away if it was
posted a comment on Fake - New Art. 25 days ago
Released 3 times on CD unofficially, yet the lame labels can’t do it themselves....about time we see this on CD...
posted a comment on D.I.A. - Passion Play. 26 days ago
Nice find. Seems this band only ever made this one ?
posted a comment on Henry Mancini - Mancini's Angels. 29 days ago
So many albums over the years, another one here that never saw the day on a CD
posted a comment on Rhythm Heritage - Sky's The Limit. 29 days ago
There where no samplers in 81, they would have used decks or tape loop
posted a comment on Tunesville Inc. - Time Of Your Life. about 1 month ago
Oh my, how I would snap this up in an instant if a CD was issued !
posted a comment on Charles Earland - Intensity. about 1 month ago
My CD copy look diferant, Poorly printed sleeve, and CD has no matrix. Are there bootlegged copies out there?
posted a comment on Stereo (2). about 1 month ago
CD reissues of their work much needed before it falls into totally forgotten land.
posted a comment on Christophe - J'l'ai Pas Touchée. about 1 month ago
B side is a killer synth wave track, total contrast from pop A side
posted a comment on Marcos Resende & Index - Festa Para Um Novo Rei. 2 months ago
This needs a CD reissue , I am hoping and it has been decades....
posted a comment on Jeremy Steig - Energy. 2 months ago
I am surprised there are no CD re issues , most of his work has.
posted a comment on Jeremy Steig - Fusion. 2 months ago
There is a CD issued, not listed here as yet.
posted a comment on Gonzalez - Move It To The Music. 2 months ago
Again another great band especially early days, with Nothing on CD
posted a comment on Gonzalez - Shipwrecked. 2 months ago
This release has never seen a CD issue ? Come on labels music lovers waiting
posted a comment on Energit - Piknik. 2 months ago
Another gem of an album also never seen a CD reissue. It’s about time
posted a comment on From - Power On!. 2 months ago
Not having a CD reissue of this gem is criminal. Will a decent label do the right thing?
posted a comment on فرقة الأرض = Ferkat Al Ard* - أغنية. 3 months ago
Who will be the first seller to charge eye watering extortionate exorbitant prices for this ?
posted a comment on Paz. 3 months ago
I am gutted and surprised that the Instagram 6 albums have never yet seen a CD reissue ?
posted a comment on Som Imaginário* - Portfolio. 3 months ago
Have sellers completely lost the plot here with prices ?? I guess lockdown has made people need money
posted a comment on Neal Creque. 3 months ago
3 fantastic albums. Not a single one issued on CD
posted a comment on David Lindup. 3 months ago
So much great material I wish they would issue a bunch of CDs
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Jack McDuff* - The Heatin' System. 3 months ago
Thanks to Japanese labels for CD issue, virtually nothing else from this artist is available on CD.
posted a comment on Takeshi Inomata And His Group. 3 months ago
3 great albums, not one CD issue :[ come on labels it
posted a comment on Takeshi Inomata Group* - Jazz Rock in Stravinsky. 3 months ago
No one selling, no one have or wants it seems much... sadly I doubt there will ever be a CD reissue.
posted a comment on John Murtaugh - Blues Current. 3 months ago
Someone needs to put out a CD reissue of this gem before it is lost
posted a comment on Armando Sciascia - Sea Fantasy. 3 months ago
Throw this reissue in the bin, the sound is abysmal. How can anyone think it is OK ???
posted a comment on Wolfgang Lauth Quartett - Jazz For Fun - Enjoy It. 3 months ago
Does this exist ? Zero sold, zero want, 2 have it ???.
posted a comment on The Rainbow-Orchestra - Wonderland Of Sound. 3 months ago
About time a decent label picks this up and issues a CD
posted a comment on Kiyoshi Yamaya. 3 months ago
Such large catalogue, so many great albums. Yet not a single decent label to pick this up and reissue anything on CD ??
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Music From Building A Better Way. 3 months ago
Does anyone know who wrote this? (Yes Minimum 10 words)
posted a comment on Corviria - Descriptive. 3 months ago
I think sellers are at this price. They take the piss.
posted a comment on Corviria - Descriptive. 3 months ago
Yet another gem totally neglected by labels by not reissuing this. CD please '!!!!!
posted a comment on Tatsuya Takahashi & Tokyo Union Orchestra* - The Rock Seasons. 3 months ago
I need a cd reissue of this. So good, labels have neglected this
posted a comment on Tatsuya Takahashi & Tokyo Union. 3 months ago
Prolific fantastic band, yet almost nothing released on CD. Labels have abandoned good music and good artists.
posted a comment on Alan Feanch & Cecil Wary - Flash Resonance: Flash Thèmes. 3 months ago
So much music like this out there, yet so few very very few releases ever see the day on CD
posted a comment on 田辺信一* - 獄門島 (オリジナル・サウンドトラック盤). 3 months ago
This and other titles need a CD reissue, come on labels
posted a comment on Alessandroni* - Spontaneous. 3 months ago
I so need to see this on CD, please’s about time.
posted a comment on Igor Savin i Orkestar Stanka Selaka - YU Disco Expres. 3 months ago
Aargh !! I need someone to issue this on CD so good !!
posted a comment on Chisato Yamada - Suite Nihonkai 組曲「日本海」津軽じょんから流れ節. 3 months ago
This release and many other of this albums need CD reissues or his music will get forgotten soon forever
posted a comment on 深町 純* - Queen Emeraldus Synthesizer Fantasy = クイーン・エメラルダス - シンセサイザー・ファンタジー. 3 months ago
Classic animation OST, I am shocked that the is no CD issue ever made of this album.
posted a comment on Robohands - Green . 3 months ago
Very very silly price asked by greedy opportunistic sellers, not worth this.
Clearly sellers are on another planner asking up to £250 when no one has historically bought copies yet via discogs.
posted a comment on Robohands - Shapes. 3 months ago
Cd is high price even on release date,,why are people,so,greedy? No one bought, no one has sol one here at the time of writing. Lower the price then.
posted a comment on Karim Ziad - Ifrikya. 3 months ago
Some amazing grooves and beat structures here. A drummers paradise.
posted a comment on Robohands - Dusk. 3 months ago
What no CD available..not everyone cares for vinyl only. Oh well download it is then
posted a comment on Kokoroko. 3 months ago
It would be great if Kokoroko released a CD album of all music made thus far.
posted a comment on Kokoroko - Kokoroko. 3 months ago
How about a CD release of music made for far...
posted a comment on Takashi Kokubo - 風のオアシスII~森と水の物語~. 3 months ago
So few or his albums on CD such a shame It is not easily available. Not paying rip off prices.