DJ based in Melbourne occasionally venturing into the studio to work on productions. I've been collecting wax since 1993 and DJing since 1997.
Ive played in some of Melbournes best underground clubs with some notable residencies at Chasers, Sub Club, Commercial Lounge, The Duke, Saratoga & Eleven:A to mention a few, playing Hard House/Trance, House, Deep House, Tribal, Prog House, Electro & Tech House along the way. My underground club days have pretty much wound up since about 2010/2011 as I moved into a corporate 9-5 day job. However I haven't stopped though, since then my involvement in the music industry has mainly been guest spots,playing at small parties and corporate gigs and I'm still actively buying and collecting music stretching over many genres & I still love to play my tunes out loud.
I don't think I'll ever stop adding music to my collection.

Thanks to everyone for your love, support & feedback over the years it's been one hell of a party.

Hopefully you will be able to find rarities and choice classics in my sale list. I do have quite a large want list so it doesn't hurt to ask whether I'm still chasing them if you do happen to have what I'm after for sale. Just don't bombard me with requests as I still keep a keen eye out for what I'm really after.


P.S - Don't contact me to rip vinyl / wav / flac from my collection as refusal often offends so please don't ask.
Recent Activity
posted a comment on Balance Series. about 1 year ago
contact balance music via website or facebook. Very active label
posted a comment on Gus Gus* - Need In Me. over 2 years ago
President's Wildpitz Edit is FAT. Drop it at 5am and see what happens.
posted a comment on Chab & JD Davis - Girlz. over 2 years ago
The JD DAVIS remix is floor bomb!
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - This Way / Felly Forever. over 2 years ago
Side B is MASSIVE...electro tech barn burner with a sample of Technotronic - Pump up the Jam.
posted a comment on Deep Dish - Yoshiesque. over 2 years ago
Wicked mix by Deep Dish. This was one of the best mix CDs around in its day. The sample from ALIEN gets me every time......CLASSIC MIX CD
posted a comment on Pryda - Aftermath. over 2 years ago
Nice release but the flip side is a house's definitely not deep house I'm sorry.
posted a review of Liberty City - If You Really Love Someone. over 2 years ago
Murk strikes again mix is one of my favourite deep house tracks of all time. It's just so sexy. Love the dub and original too. I've kept listening to this for over 18-20 years now and I'm pretty sure I'll be still listening to in 20 to come. The word ... See full review
posted a review of John Digweed - Bedrock 12. over 3 years ago
We'll my copy is super rare then, I have the special slipcase but no signature or hand numbering.
It just says / 1000. Maybe mine is the first one ?
posted a review of Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp. over 3 years ago
The word " classic" gets bandied around quite frequently these days but if ever it is suitable then this techno barn burner deserves it whole hearty. After so many years the hook is still utterly mesmerising. Build and roll , build and roll , build and ... See full review
posted a review of Tom Middleton - Renaissance 3D: Tom Middleton. over 6 years ago
AWESOME MIX CD ....this will be in your collection forever ♫
posted a review of Various - Cassagrande Club Presents Ralphi Rosario. over 6 years ago
This is one of the finest underground mix cds from the chicago house legend of the leading forces in the early Chicago house music scene....rolling beats & sexy house :) This CD will be in my collection forever.
posted a review of Röyksopp - Back To Mine. over 7 years ago
one of the best in the series... in fact one of the best disco/funk compilations I've ever heard.....5 STARS !
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on M.A.N.D.Y. - Get Physical (2nd Anniversary Label Compilation). over 7 years ago
get physical label is at the top of its game...uber cool label. upfront brilliance period. :)
posted a comment on Nick Warren - Back To Mine. over 7 years ago
drift off to these gem of an offering.....quality come down :)
posted a review of Lamb - Back To Mine: The Voodoo Sessions. over 7 years ago
a few words to best describe the track selctions : soothing , earthy, full - bodied, mesmerizing, hypnotic , sensual , deep red wine kind of flavour: a potent soup with a slice of humour added here and there to make it an outstanding experience. 5 STARS ... See full review
posted a comment on Dave Seaman - Renaissance America - Volume One. over 7 years ago
This is Seaman at his finest back in the days when he was absolutely killing it with this mix a perfect reflection of what it was like to catch him in a club somewhere in the world and just fuken lose it :)
Its best described as a dirty tech electro ... See full review
posted a comment on The Orb - Back To Mine. over 7 years ago
seriously one of 'THE greatest kick back albums ever realased........
it rolls from groove to insatiable groove....unbelivable 10/10
posted a comment on Various - Transmission 00:1. over 7 years ago



"Transmission 00:1"

Global Underground

DVD Video containing:

Getting Away with it

The press called it 'hilarious' and 'a riveting documentary'. This 50' film, shot on the hoof over a year in ... See full review
posted a review of Guesthouse Music. over 11 years ago
"Guesthouse Music". One of the top labels in the burgeoning new school of underground - part of the forward-thinking house music movement in the United States. Started by dj Mes in early 2005, the label already has twenty one releases under its 2 year ... See full review
posted a review of Lefties Soul Connection - Hutspot. over 11 years ago
Some of the grittiest funk to come out of the European scene in many many years -- and a totally mindblowing full length set from Lefties Soul Connection!

The group have a tight core sound that never lets up at all -- a simple but extremely powerful ... See full review