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posted a comment on The Red Crayola* / 13th Floor Elevators - Hurricane Fighter Plane / Reverberation. about 1 month ago
is this the version of Hurricane as compiled on that Acid Dreams comp from the 80‘s?
posted a comment on Mary Stevens (2) - Find Your Love . about 1 month ago
We are all getting older and carrying big crates of 12" simply isn’t as convenient …
posted a comment on Katia Tchenko - Sun. about 1 month ago
be assured it'll hold a three digit pricetag soon …
posted a comment on Ultimate Spinach - Ultimate Spinach. about 1 month ago
Thanks for sharing this! Sounds a little bit more transparent and three dimensional, the original. I suppose even if you have access to original master tapes, time will have had its toll on any source. And the process is gonna be a different one. Nothing ... See full review
posted a comment on Ultimate Spinach - Behold & See. about 1 month ago
Agreed . . . . . . . . .
posted a review of Miss Misty And Dillinger - Set My Heart On Fire / Can't Stop / Dance, Dance, Dance. about 1 month ago
"Dance, Dance, Dance" is beautiful, obviously a blatant rip-off of Universal Robot Band’s "Dance & Shake Your Tambourine" but in a very good way! Even better than the original due to Miss Misty’s beautiful vocals.
posted a comment on Kebekelektrik - Magic Fly / Magic Fly II. about 1 month ago
Why was this released as "Journey Into Love" after the initial release as "Magic Fly"? And why with totally different credits? Does anybody know the story behind this? Legal fights?
posted a comment on Daybreak - Everything Man / I Need Love. 2 months ago
Thanks for giving some insight on this! . . .
posted a comment on Miss Misty - Dance Dance. 2 months ago
No official release = usually no official master tapes. This means 9 times out of 10 that somebody ripped a copy of the vinyl to a computer and had it (if at all) semi-professionally mastered and then probably semi-professionally pressed (because it is ... See full review
posted a review of Metropole - Miss Manhattan. 2 months ago
I have this record but it has these labels of "Paris Casablanca 1" pressed on it: – anyone else experienced that? Obviously the same (sub)label …
posted a review of Paris Casablanca 1* - A Love At First Sight. 2 months ago
My copy of this is, apart from the labels, actually this record: – Anyone else? Since Heroes of North America seems to be a sub-label of P.B.I I suppose they screwed up some label/master ... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Flat Earth Society (3) - Waleeco. 2 months ago
Didn’t know when writing this comment that Psycho is a bootleg label, I’m sorry.
posted a comment on O. C. Smith* - You Thrill Me / Love To Burn. 3 months ago
All about the slow b side ballad here, in my opinion.
posted a comment on West Coast Natural Gas - Go Run And Play / A Favor. 3 months ago
Is this a styrene pressing? Is anybody able to clarify?
posted a comment on Summer (9) - Flying Home. 3 months ago
Agreed! Great tune, pretty overlooked record . . . .
posted a comment on The Open Mind - Magic Potion / Cast A Spell. 3 months ago
Anyone willing to sell this bootleg for a reasonable price?
posted a review of Rina Berti - Viens Dans Mes Reves / Quand Je Danse. 4 months ago
Guys, this is a dollar bin record, no need to jazz up the price for the sleazy Bee Gees (!) cover …
posted a comment on Flowers - For Real. 5 months ago
Who is actualy buying such ugly sh*** ? I’ll rather stick with my MP3 in the meantime.
posted a comment on The Birdwatchers - Mary Mary / Cry A Little Bit. 6 months ago
That’s true. Would love to see a vinyl pressing of this though …
posted a comment on Silver Apples - Whirly-Bird. 7 months ago
Can anyone provide more info about the quality of this record? What about the "remastered" stated here? Is it official?
posted a comment on Chicago Gangsters - I Choose You. 7 months ago
Screams for a reissue on proper vinyl. All known pressings seem to be styrene …?
posted a comment on Tenderness - Gotta Keep On Trying / Telly Love. 9 months ago
Can anybody comment on the sound quality of the remastering? It’s probably better than the typical inofficial tin can sounding disco 12" bootleg, however I wonder if the mastering job was done properly and with respect to the original’s dynamics. I fear ... See full review
posted a review of Klaus Wunderlich - The Golden Sound Of Hammond. 11 months ago
"Summertime" is a massive breakbeat monster! B-Boys unite! … …
submitted The Vision (2), Natty U, T'Bwana Posse - Liveclash. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Overman (2) - The Result. 11 months ago
“I’m late” is a trippy vibe bomb, so good …
posted a comment on Saint Tropez - One More Minute. 11 months ago
Johnick’s – "Open Your Eyes" is sourced from this, finally found it … :-)
posted a comment on Maurice* - Maurice. 11 months ago
This one is said to be “remastered from the original 1/4" studio tapes” as stated by the label. Backatcha is not your typical bootleg label that would use a bad Vinyl/CD or youtube rip and just press it half heartedly with out any proper mastering ... See full review
posted a review of Darius (3) - Darius II. 11 months ago
It took me more than 10 years of owning this record to finally discover its magic beauty. This on is now among my most treasured LPs with “For Now I Love You” being one of the most goose bumps invoking private string laden folk/psych recordings I ever ... See full review
posted a review of The Marylebone Ensemble - Porcelain. 11 months ago
Can’t upload any label scans right now, but this is a green label pressing as oposed to the white UK version. Superb laid back, smokey hammond laden instrumental on the b-side. A-side is neglectable muzak style.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a review of Various - Noise Against The Machine. 11 months ago
Probably nobody ever did this before … Or am I wrong?
posted a review of Astral (6) - Turn Me Around. 11 months ago
Massive private press raregaze 7" from the US westcoast. First few copies includes guitar plectrum with band logo.
posted a review of The Depreciation Guild / Ringo Deathstarr - Dream About Me / Tambourine Girl. 11 months ago
Like if it was a 1990’s split 7" between Chapterhouse (A side) and My Bloody Valentine (B side) that never existed … Perfect time warp!
posted a review of Singapore Sling - Song For The Spirit. 11 months ago
Massive 80's influenced shoegazer record in best J.A.M.C. vein, love it.
posted a comment on Tripper (3) - Tribute. 11 months ago
This is insane, really, this is insane! Boy, boy, boy …
posted a comment on T.R.A.S.E. (Tape Recorder And Synthesiser Ensemble)* - Electronic Rock. 11 months ago
Not with my copy. It is flawless. Must be a different batch you got it from?
posted a review of Big Boss Man - Party 7. 11 months ago
Includes a huge, massive original breakbeat for all you sampling heads out there. Pure b-boy flavour directly at the beginning of A1.
posted a review of Monsters From Mars!* - Surfing Through A Creepy Castle. 11 months ago
“Toxic Free” is an instrumental surf cover of Britney Spear’s hit song “Toxic”, great record that hits a crude 60's garage instrumental surf style in a good way.
posted a review of Plasticland - Plasticland. 11 months ago
Amazing fuzzed out and psychedelic cover version of Pretty Things aka Electric Banana’s „Alexander“ – worth to get just for this one.
posted a comment on The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead. 11 months ago
There is one with a gatefold cover and one without, as far as i know.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Singapore Sling - The Curse The Life The Blood. 11 months ago
MASSIVE record, downgaze death rock masterpiece from that period that yet has to be equalled …
posted a comment on Eloise Laws - Love Goes Deeper Than That. 11 months ago
Thanks for the insight. And true, could have been hit, but then there is gazillions of great boogie/disco tracks from that area that would qualify for that. Just a great period for music with high quality standards I guess.
posted a comment on Guy One (2) - Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself. 12 months ago
Absolute bomb, both sides! Shout outs to the artists involved.
posted a comment on danyb - Busted Volume 2. about 1 year ago
Would really like to know what the originals are, I usually do not play out edits where I am not able to tell who’s the original artist. Makes you look like an idiot if someone asks "who is this?" …
posted a comment on Fifth Avenue (10) - Do You Feel It / On Our Way. about 1 year ago
would confirm what I heard from certain serious collectors in that field who would not be able to maintain their record buying habits if they stuck to the official platforms and price tags.
posted a comment on Dohnnie - Dancin Is Your Love / Skating On A Skateboard. about 1 year ago
Alright. How much did you have to pay back then?
posted a comment on Fifth Avenue (10) - Do You Feel It / On Our Way. about 1 year ago
Interesting theory, fetching a relatively cheap copy of a quite rare record, setting up a fake auction/bid to push a pseudo „market value“ and then pushing your copy straight afterwards while the „new“ price level is still in people’s heads.
posted a comment on The Birdwatchers - Mary Mary / Cry A Little Bit. about 1 year ago
Still after a dozen spins? . . . . .