I'm interested about all music that you make dream, fly, have some visions, colors. And the electronic music is, for me, a good way to get into those feelings.
But, I love to listen a large genres of music. Rock, Jazz, Classical, Funk, Soul and french or U.S. oldskool Hip-Hop.
In electronic, my searches are based on a lot of stuff which are made between 1980 to nowadays and most of them in the 90's. Old analog synthesizers, drums always with a cool sequenced hats also tribal percussions, FX, freak & chill melodies, driving bassline and more...
My principles searches are on Ambient (psychadelic, spacey, organic...), Disco, Dub with trance/ambient elements. Techno-Trance( it has to be between 92-98) , IDM, Electronica, experimental & twisted Psy Trance. and Spugedelik style of course. (The Finnish's Psy :)

If you got something for my wantlist or even records like i said above, feel free to contact me :

You can download songs wrote by me on Logic Pro

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If you add the "Mystery Of The Yeti", you have the perfect square of the Goa's chill room