So much vinyl and I never play it. New priorities means I'm selling selling selling. And just like they do on the telly, it's all got to go.

Make me an offer an any or all. I will ship them anywhere at your expense.

Think funky vocal house disco grooves, add a mere smattering of UK underground stuff from 1996-2000 and that's basically my collection, and it is all for sale.

I keep updating my list but have around 1,800 to do, which can be a little time consuming.

Feel free to contact me - tubbster at london dot com - to make an offer on anything on the list. Equally, even if I haven't got round to including it in my collection, I may own it. Look at my collection, see if you think it sounds the right kind of thing and ask me. I might just have the little fella you're looking for.
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posted a review of Herbie Hancock - Rockit (S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d Version). over 13 years ago
Classic funky hip hop tune made way back in 1983 by Herbie Hancock, the jazz keyboard master. Funkier than a dog licking his own bone, this starts on a scratch you just can't bitch and keeps dropping bombs all the way through.

The production is ... See full review