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posted a comment on Kleptomania - Amadeus / Morf. over 3 years ago
B2 - no sense that this tune didn't get play back in the day. One of the great hardcore tracks & worth every penny. Phenomenal..
posted a comment on Luca Lozano - Junglish Massive. over 3 years ago
I'm surprised only 4 ratings, this is a massive release.This has all the elements required of a great breakbeat set. We've got the techno mentasms, plenty of bleeps & amateurish piano melodies, soulful warehouse vibes &, most importantly, running ... See full review
posted a review of Russell Haswell / Raime / Powell (9) / Vereker / Evol - Reel Torque: Volume 7, Diagonal Rave Tapes. over 4 years ago
Oh my word! The evol mix is wild, reminescent of sir Jeff at his finest. This is real & essential next level, fast cut hardcore house techno breakbeat. Pure energy wicked noise. Great release..