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posted a comment on Housey Doingz - Pick-N-Mix EP. 22 days ago
Run out groove reads - up yours eric powell
The grass is greener
referring to them never getting paid for the releases on grass green records
posted a comment on Audio Clash - Don't Take It Away / Electro Rhythm. 5 months ago
from what i can tell 'Don't Take It Away' is the first wild pitch mix by dj pierre
posted a comment on Jay Denham - People's Revolution. 8 months ago
i seem to have a odd promo which has sides B & C pressed on 1 X 12"
posted a comment on Rue East - Indoor Culture. 10 months ago
great lp just a shame 'we need air' isn't on the vinyl release
posted a comment on Hieroglyphic Being - Ancient Echoes EP. 12 months ago
originally appears on
as Ancient Echoes (A Tribute To Larry Heard) but this is a far better version
posted a comment on The Look - Glammer Girl. about 1 year ago
Track A - Glammer Girl (Bochinche Prelude Ballroom Mix Moog Reprise) is a unaccredited remix on this label , it's actually the gypsy remix done for DMC - , B1 & B2 are the same as... See full review
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Sequence (A Retrospective Of Axis Records). about 1 year ago
many thanks for the tip Red-Kite in my collection at last
posted a comment on Jfff Mills* - The Director's Cut Chapter 3. about 1 year ago
flying machines on vinyl at long last and a fantastic cut to boot , first heard this track on 'All Tomorrows Guestmix For CGNY - July 2010' then it appeared on Sequence: A Retrospective Of Axis Records on CD 2012 wrongly claiming it was from 'Every... See full review
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Nighttime World Volume 1. about 1 year ago
head straight for side D , Untitled is a minimal masterclass and Stark Reality is classic Detroit
posted a comment on Slam - Positive Education / Intensities In-Ten-Cities. about 1 year ago
don't get me wrong i love this track but let's be honest it is just banging version of terrace's remix of altered states(South Side Terrace)
posted a comment on Luke Slater - Fear And Loathing 2. over 2 years ago
great mix especially cd 1 , would love to know who "L. Inc - 52 Hours" is and if it was ever released . i'm guessing it was one of luke's unreleased tracks
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Berlin. over 3 years ago
have to disagree i think the DJ Pierre Mix of late night is excellent as is the mills mix , it's a shame the pressings so quiet , needed to be a double pack really
posted a comment on Spooky - Clank EP. over 3 years ago
i remember getting sent this on promo and seeing it was spooky assumed it would be dated prog house , how wrong i was .
still love this track today has aged well , it's more two lone swordsmen than spooky and seeing as how it came out a year before... See full review
posted a comment on Arcade Fire - Everything Now. over 3 years ago
Creature Comfort has got a real feel of Siouxsie & The Banshees ‎– Kiss Them For Me ( i don't think they have sampled it just similar vibe. both great songs
posted a comment on Floppy Sounds - Ultrasong. over 3 years ago
excellent FK mixes , speech from the opening of 'planet of the apes' not quite sure what he's done to charlton heston voice but it sounds great
posted a comment on Radikal Fear. over 3 years ago
great artwork, great releases, great artists & great pressings whats not to like . some of the best work by K hand , Armando , DJ sneak , Johnny Fiasco as well as great remixes from Roy Davis Jr and Robert Hood. it amazes me this label is so cheap ,... See full review
posted a comment on Random Logic - Voko E.P.. over 3 years ago
your right i was working in a record shop back in '95 and i remember the distributors telling me it was robert hood
posted a comment on Gigi Galaxy - Interview With An Alien. over 4 years ago
took me ages to track down this record after hearing it on a wiggle mix tape , finally got it in fatcat records two years later in '98 absolute classic
posted a comment on Green Velvet - Flash (Remixes). over 4 years ago
i'll be honest the remixes are all a bit of a muchness but worth buying alone for "I'm Losing My Mind" which is one of green velvets best tracks
posted a comment on Logic - Celebrate Life / One Step Beyond. over 4 years ago
not all pressing have the Celebrate Life (Accapella Mix) on them even through the label says it has ..
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Inner Tube - Pump Me Up!. over 4 years ago
Matthew herbert's Mumblin' Jim mix is a '90's house classic , and i believe Todd Teli is Tom Middleton or Mark Pritchard
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Expo Remix. over 4 years ago
it's the orbital mix for me , go back 16 years later and have a listen the others sound very dated but the orbital mix still sounds great
posted a comment on FUSE* - Dimension Intrusion. over 5 years ago
Got to be time to re-press this incredible LP , come on plus-8 get on the case
posted a comment on The Mephisto Odyssey* - Dream Of The Black Dahlia. over 5 years ago
brilliant track but which came first the nervous track or 'Mephisto Odyssey – Dream Of The Black Dahlia'
posted a comment on Mighty Atom Recordings. over 5 years ago
justin drake engineered quite a lot of the releases as well as remixing a few too
posted a comment on Pure Science - Back 2 Earth. over 5 years ago
head straight for '6903 (Dem-0-Lisha)' a wiggle acid soaked classic
posted a comment on Mr.Fingers* - Slam Dance. over 5 years ago
yeah the glitch is there on my copy , sounds like a bad bit of editing just gets slightly brighter
posted a comment on Ricardo Da Force - Why?. over 5 years ago
this version with Matrix / Runout: RICARDO F1 are the derrick carter remixes released 1996
submitted Elektric Suedehead - Wiredpitch. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on François De Roubaix - Cinemix Vol. 1. over 5 years ago
one of the best carl craig remixes in my opinion
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Sequence (A Retrospective Of Axis Records). over 5 years ago
does anyone know if track 1-6 Flying Machines was ever released on vinyl ? as it is not on "Every Dog Has Its Day CD (2001)" as claimed on the sleeve notes that track was just called "flying" and is a totally different
posted a comment on DJ Deeon - P.I.M.P.. over 5 years ago
if this don't make your booty move your booty must be dead
posted a comment on K15 - Insecurities. over 6 years ago
"Insecurities" sounds like it's got a bit of "the nervous track" - nu yorican soul in it too
posted a comment on Maximum Style - Wake Up. over 6 years ago
originally released by reverb records -
posted a comment on Primal Scream - Come Together. over 6 years ago
mr weatherall get's all the credit for re-inventing primal scream and probably rightly so , but for my money terry farley's mixes of loaded and come together have stood the test of time and sound far better now ( or maybe it's just the weatherall have... See full review
posted a comment on Annanan - Lyser. over 6 years ago
quality e.p. what's going on in canada at the moment? some great labels appearing 'forbidden planet' 'mood hut' amongst others
posted a comment on Aphrohead - Vintage To Aphrohead. over 6 years ago
my copy seems to have only tracks A1 & A2 one each side , the same as "Aphrohead ‎– In Thee Garden" 12" with the same cat no. GC 31
submitted Wata Igarashi - Junctions. over 7 years ago
added Lamar (5) - Guilty Pleasures to their collection. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on DJ Sneak - The Polyester E.P.. over 7 years ago
"Show Me The Way" is one of sneak's finest moments
posted a comment on Silicone Soul - Nosferatu. over 7 years ago
B1 samples 'Dexter Wansel ‎– Life On Mars'
posted a comment on Various - Untitled . over 7 years ago
quality house 4 track ep , 9077 System – Minor Moves is set to be a future classic
submitted Various - Untitled . over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Lectroluv - Dream Drums. over 7 years ago
i think what you have here is Eightball Records ‎– EB.42 " Lectroluv ‎– Remix Project - The Singles"
posted a comment on Derrick Carter's Sound Patrol* - The Music E.P.. over 7 years ago
in my view 'I'm Sorry (Clairvoyage) ' is a house masterpiece , derrick and chris at their very best , it's a real shame these two don't work together anymore
submitted Pure Science - Balanced E.P. . over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Duncan Grey* - Later That Night. over 7 years ago
spelling mistake on label should be Duncan Gray
posted a comment on DJ Sprinkles - Midtown 120 Blues. over 9 years ago
fantastic album , a true deep house classic. to use so many well know house samples and give them a new feel , this is a must have release
posted a comment on Movin Melodies Production* - The Ethics EP. over 9 years ago
classic '94 house music with Mr C on the vocals