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Feral (11) - Woodland
submitted Feral (11) - Woodland. about 1 year ago
Amandra - Ruban Rouge EP
submitted Amandra - Ruban Rouge EP. about 1 year ago
Marco Bailey Presents Various - Conjunctions EP
submitted Marco Bailey Presents Various - Conjunctions EP. over 3 years ago
Ricardo Donoso - Iron / Verse Remixes
submitted Ricardo Donoso - Iron / Verse Remixes. over 8 years ago
Expo 70* - Closet Full Of Candles
submitted Expo 70* - Closet Full Of Candles. over 9 years ago
Comoros / Expo 70* - Live At Germ Books
submitted Comoros / Expo 70* - Live At Germ Books. over 10 years ago
Corpsessed - The Dagger & The Chalice
submitted Corpsessed - The Dagger & The Chalice. over 10 years ago
Steve Roach - The Dream Circle
posted a review of Steve Roach - The Dream Circle. over 14 years ago
Like elvish waves slowly moving through dawn fog, Dream Circle is a mesmerising, majestic and infinitely graceful unravelling of a new day, an almost ritualistic yet so very noble and dignified greeting to the returning light.

The calm and serenity... See full review
Steve Roach - Immersion : One
posted a review of Steve Roach - Immersion : One. over 15 years ago
When I first heard this I expected another Darkest Before Dawn, and became disappointed when it wasn't as dark and melancholic. I wanted more of that infinite, eternal black womb and felt that this was too light and naïve. But after a while my opinion... See full review
Akasha Project - Electric Church / Chain Of Reaction
posted a review of Akasha Project - Electric Church / Chain Of Reaction. over 17 years ago
I absolutely love dense, organic-sounding layer-upon-layer of sinister acidic trance, and "Electric Church" is like a swirling black hole of pulsating hypnosis, relentlessly sucking you in. It would score this record a solid 5/5, if it wasn't for an... See full review
The Bhakti Experience - Dealului
posted a review of The Bhakti Experience - Dealului. over 18 years ago
This is awful. I bought it without having heard it first, since it was dirt cheap and the titles had "goa" in them - A shot in the dark trying to find some obscure oldschool goa trance, so to speak. However, the vocals present here, while a nice idea,... See full review
The Infinity Project - Time And Space EP
posted a review of The Infinity Project - Time And Space EP. over 19 years ago
I'm not sure if this is true for all copies of this record, but on mine the groove is off-centre on the A-side making the pitch appear to oscillate more and more toward the end of the record, and as a result the A2 track sound horribly out of tune.... See full review
Etnoscope - Tribal Interference EP
posted a review of Etnoscope - Tribal Interference EP. over 19 years ago
The breakdown in Tribal Interference serves little purpose - there is no buildup going on and it's too long. Other than that it's a great, interesting and creative track which shows that Etnoscope have a lot of tricks up their numerous sleeves.

I... See full review
Triac - Sink / Brain Can Dance
posted a review of Triac - Sink / Brain Can Dance. over 19 years ago
Not all that exciting, but this is good stuff. Anyone into The Delta or older Synthetic material should really try to get ahold of this one. Sink is the better track of the two, with very heavy bass, great atmospheres and whipping percussion. Reminds... See full review
Qlap - Mexico EP
posted a review of Qlap - Mexico EP. over 19 years ago
I was a bit disappointed in this. The production is extremely good, sounds are super crisp and everything sounds just right... but it just doesn't do anything for me. It's so slick it just slides past unnoticed. I have yet to hear any of these tracks... See full review
Son Kite - Aiwana Remixes
posted a review of Son Kite - Aiwana Remixes. over 19 years ago
Son Kites own Flow Mix is very very good, on par with the original. I was surprised that I played the other mix from the vinyl more though, DJ Nukems progressive-housey and stripped down version. Not something that will have people lose it completely... See full review
The Delta - Send In ...Send Back
posted a review of The Delta - Send In ...Send Back. over 19 years ago
Ultra-heavy bass, monotonous trashing percussive beats that sound like they've been raped with a chainsaw and doomsday atmospheres on top. Sounds good? It is.

If you like it heavy & atmospheric and enjoy getting whipped by distorted german hihats,... See full review
Battery Inc. - Intro Outro EP
posted a review of Battery Inc. - Intro Outro EP. over 19 years ago
After buying this back when it was released I regretted it and felt it was a mistake. However, it has grown on me to the point where I seriously consider playing it in some DJ set. I don't know if I'm slow or if Morgan was ahead of his time with this,... See full review
Perfect Rainbow - Yūgi. EP
posted a review of Perfect Rainbow - Yūgi. EP. over 19 years ago
This is excellent stuff, even if you're not a Kuro fan like myself :)

It's almost a little too sunny and cheerful even for a retro mix set, but full, thick sounds and good production. Kuro is one of the early adaptors and even creators of the goa... See full review
Various - The Truth Of Communication
posted a review of Various - The Truth Of Communication. over 19 years ago
The main reason to get this is "Time Dilation" by Pleiadians. Absolutely awesome. I find the mastering a little over the top actually - the loudest sounds seem to "crack up" a little, but you won't hear it over a PA (I've tested). It's one of the best... See full review
Hiscore - Identify / Tacker
posted a review of Hiscore - Identify / Tacker. over 19 years ago
The absolutely furious melody after the break on the info-side is truly remarkable. It's completely unique and I have no clue what one would mix this with. I have nothing else that sounds like this. It's a stormer though, and a real gem. If I come... See full review
Electric Universe - One Love
posted a review of Electric Universe - One Love. over 19 years ago
The second release of Boris Blenn for Spirit Zone records are two tracks from his debut album. As always Electric Universe stands for more sober music, which (at least to me) is more trance than psychedelic. The A-side, "One Love", is a surprisingly... See full review
Noma - Nothing Was Working / Digital Antichrist
posted a review of Noma - Nothing Was Working / Digital Antichrist. over 19 years ago
The second release from Acid Casualties is quite similar to the first (Atmos' "The Only Process"). Not too surprising since they're both from Gothenburg and even shared the same studio at the time, if I'm not mistaken.

"Nothing Was working" has... See full review
Son Kite - Consign / Topic: Perm
posted a review of Son Kite - Consign / Topic: Perm. over 19 years ago
One of the very first Son Kite releases here, if not even _the_ first. They've always had a very special flow to their music, mainly borrowed from the style of labels like Headzone and Groundgroove. It's very obvious that Massimo Vivona has been a big... See full review
Necton - Boilin' I-Balls
posted a review of Necton - Boilin' I-Balls. over 19 years ago
After enjoying the first 3 Acid Casualties releases I bought this one without having heard it. I've never come to enjoy it really, since I usually find Nectons tracks too stale. They try to be funky but fail, in my opinion. So if you're a big Necton... See full review
Son Kite - Like A Streak / Mirage
posted a review of Son Kite - Like A Streak / Mirage. over 19 years ago
I think this was released about the same time as their debut album. If you've heard that one you almost know what this is like.

"Like a Streak" is another monotone 16th note bassline type of track, but with sweet looped melodies that are very... See full review
Necton - Stahlwerk / Bob On Acid
posted a review of Necton - Stahlwerk / Bob On Acid. over 19 years ago
Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of Necton at all, so you probably should pay too much attention to what I think of them ;-)

Judging from the sound of this, the tracks on ACDC004 (Nectons first release on this label) were some old garbage they wanted to... See full review
Aircrash - Time Traveller EP
posted a review of Aircrash - Time Traveller EP. over 19 years ago
"One Night At Budokan" is the track of the two worth any attention. Its bassline is really something special, pushing you along gently yet forcefully. It goes very well with other Digital Structures and Baluns releases and this is one of the better... See full review
Amtrax - Atmoliner / Cityliner / Techliner
posted a review of Amtrax - Atmoliner / Cityliner / Techliner. over 19 years ago
Marcus Maichel told me personally that he thinks these tracks aren't the best they've done, and I must agree. Still, those guys make more interesting sounds taking a shit than a lot of other producers out there, so this is certainly a record worth... See full review
Vibrasphere - Airfield / Urban Grace
posted a review of Vibrasphere - Airfield / Urban Grace. over 19 years ago
Vibrasphere are one of my favourite progressive acts and this is one of their best ever.

"Airfield" has one of the sharpest kickdrums I can think of ever having heard, but it still manages to dive way down into the frequency range. The track is... See full review
Atmos - Re-Processed 1
posted a review of Atmos - Re-Processed 1. over 19 years ago
When I saw Atmos live back in late 2000 or early 2001 he played a version of The Only Process that he later told me was the first he had made. Anti had wanted it to be speedier, so he did the mix that ended up on ACDC001. "Atmos Fertilizer Remix"... See full review
Atmos - Re-Processed 2
posted a review of Atmos - Re-Processed 2. over 19 years ago
Haldolium have made some amazing basslines in their days, and the one they pull off here has to be considered one of their very best. It's like it has two layers, and at least one of them sounds like it's got some freaky chorus effect on it. It... See full review
Creative Alienation - The Quest Of Psyborg / Psyborg Spiritual Spice
posted a review of Creative Alienation - The Quest Of Psyborg / Psyborg Spiritual Spice. over 19 years ago
Now here's something very strange. First of all the label is called Alaska Swimming Gear. What kind of a name is that? Their catalogue numbers have had some strange conventions throughout the years, but I'm pretty sure this is really the second... See full review
Sky Distortion 2* - Psychic Orient / Sin Gravity
posted a review of Sky Distortion 2* - Psychic Orient / Sin Gravity. over 19 years ago
A-side: This sounds like a Dimension 5 and Astral Projection joint effort. That means lots and lots goa-style of melody, for those without a clue. An eastern-esque chanting voice on top of the chirping melodies adds some special flavour, but other... See full review
Analog Pussy - Ball Banger / The Lion And The Witch
posted a review of Analog Pussy - Ball Banger / The Lion And The Witch. over 19 years ago
I've never been a fan of Analog Pussy, but I got this one for free. Since I don't like them I've never bough any of their releases. So if you think Analog Pussy are generally pretty good, you probably won't agree with this review.

"Ball Banger" has... See full review
Deviancy - In Too Deep / Lunatic Concept
posted a review of Deviancy - In Too Deep / Lunatic Concept. over 19 years ago
Sporting the same "we are all just complicated arrangements of atoms and subatomic particles..."-sample as The Deltas "Pop" and a kickdrum about as heavy, "Lunatic Concept" is a gritty, noise and dirty track. Considering it's from 1995 it's remarkably... See full review
Shanti Machine - Fish Laughing / Spherical Biosis
posted a review of Shanti Machine - Fish Laughing / Spherical Biosis. over 19 years ago
"Spherical Biosis" sounds like a 1994 track with an extra heavy bassdrum with its speedy and amateurish melody. It never gets an atmosphere going and the melodies won't make anyone go mental expect maybe for some of the stuff towards the very end, but... See full review
Tristan - Talisman / Close Zen Counters
posted a review of Tristan - Talisman / Close Zen Counters. over 19 years ago
Now this is a classic! As with all Aquatec releases (or at least the ones I have), the mastering isn't really top notch. In this case it's a little heavy on the treble for my taste. Nothing major, but enough to catch my attention.

"Close Zen... See full review
Etnoscope - Introphaze / Vattensörja
posted a review of Etnoscope - Introphaze / Vattensörja. over 19 years ago
Empty and slow, this is not like their other releases really. With empty I don't mean hollow though, as the souns is thick and meaty. It fits the creamcrop formula well, but I think they've done better. Vattensörja would be a great intro track, but I... See full review
Various - Footprints
posted a review of Various - Footprints. over 19 years ago
The tracks from Vibrasphere and Etnoscope are by far the best here. I got this compilation for free, and I can't say I would have bought it otherwise. The two I mentioned are very good though. The 12 Moons track is ok, but nothing I'll play when... See full review
Vernon - Wonderer (Remixes)
posted a review of Vernon - Wonderer (Remixes). over 19 years ago
A fantastic track that is almost too good to be remixed - a simple re-release would be enough. But then Son Kite come along and work their magic, and it gets even better. Staying true to the original while still making it sound clearly Son Kite-ish,... See full review
The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms
posted a review of The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms. over 19 years ago
Quite possibly the best artist album I've ever heard, and the most obvious 5/5 in my entire record collection. No matter if you're into house, techno, ambient, trance, noise or whatever, this is one of the most essential pieces of electronic music I... See full review