I'm a music lover first and foremost and that extends to almost all types of music. But I suppose there is a bias of electronic (rhythmic) music in my collection. The URL above doesn't belong to me, but it's important to my friends and I. If you click on it, you can find out more about what we do. Most especially you can find out how you might hear some mind-expanding electronic music, mostly (but not exclusively) which you can dance to. You can also learn about the rich history of the music which we like and about the culture which is associated with that music, from the past, to now.
If you have something from my wantlist and you want to do 'business', I'm not averse to this, but please note, I NEVER do eBay. My real collection lags behind the version you'll see here, so if you like what you see so far, maybe check back sometime. Isn't that what it's (discogs) all about? I hope this note is less pretentious than it used to be!

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posted a comment on Regis. about 1 year ago
Regis (and Female, for that matter) still loom large in my UK techno memory. To learn why, just flick the 'play' button on any of the files on their music release pages, in here. The music speaks concisely and economically for itself.
Pascal F.E.O.S.
posted a comment on Pascal F.E.O.S.. over 4 years ago
Thanks. Imagine not knowing what that acronym meant and wondering for over 20 years?!
Matthew Dear As Audion - Fabric 27
posted a review of Matthew Dear As Audion - Fabric 27. over 4 years ago
A whole mix of mostly disorientating, "Just Fucking"-type tracks, many made with tongue firmly in cheek. Most tracks not by Audion. It doesn't really work. Slow and too casual to get going, when the pace does pick up, it's largely on tracks which no... See full review
DJ Bone - R.I.D.E.
posted a comment on DJ Bone - R.I.D.E.. over 4 years ago
Are you effing kidding me? No reviews in 16 years?! Obviously though, I share some of the blame, so by way of recompense, here goes: if you're looking to buy just one Subject Detroit EP, try this one. (Perhaps for archival purposes and partly... See full review
Detour - Full Duplex EP
posted a comment on Detour - Full Duplex EP. over 4 years ago
Fairly sure that 'Backwoid (original mix)' was played at 33 1/3 RPM in the video. The correct speed is 45 RPM
David Carretta - Domination E.P.
posted a comment on David Carretta - Domination E.P.. over 4 years ago
It's all about side B. Lot's of hype about this EP at time of release. The reason why I only half regret being swept up in that hype is the B side. As an earlier reviewer noted, this EP kind of ushered in a 'new' proto-genre: 'electro clash' (which... See full review
Surgeon - Force+Form
posted a comment on Surgeon - Force+Form. over 4 years ago
You learn something new every day, if you're lucky! Why is this LP version considered a misprint?
Shake - The Unsterilized Sessions
posted a comment on Shake - The Unsterilized Sessions. over 4 years ago
I have it, and t's a keeper for all the right reasons ;)
Glass Domain - Glass Domain
posted a comment on Glass Domain - Glass Domain. over 4 years ago
Glad to be of service! You might want to drop your caps lock the next time you accuse someone else of reviewing on drugs. Just sayin'!
Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day
posted a comment on Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day. over 4 years ago
Whilst I would not offer my opinion of your reviewing capabilities as harshly (and let's face it - hilariously) as the two earlier commentators, I have to also disagree with your conclusion that this music is not "adequate for dancing". I think you... See full review
Robert Hood - Minimal Nation
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Minimal Nation. over 4 years ago
Sorry mate. Have to say though, that a lot of people who read that review *did* understand it.
DJ T-1000 - A Pure Sonik Evening (An Education In Loops And Signals)
posted a comment on DJ T-1000 - A Pure Sonik Evening (An Education In Loops And Signals). over 4 years ago
(By the way, this isn't a review as such; more of a comment.) I've only just realised (after reading the DJ T-1000 bio on this site: - that this was marketed as a compilation. Alan Oldham references... See full review
Diego Hostettler* / Rocco Caine / Heiko Laux - Splinter
posted a comment on Diego Hostettler* / Rocco Caine / Heiko Laux - Splinter. over 4 years ago
Oh dear. Rather unfortunate, though unintentionally prescient imagery used in the artwork for this one.
Play It Again Sam
posted a comment on Play It Again Sam. over 4 years ago
The profile section says: "Independent record label based in London, launched in 2011 by the [PIAS] Entertainment Group." Yet there are entries here from the 1990s. Is the profile info correct?
Rustie - Green Language
posted a review of Rustie - Green Language. over 4 years ago
Not a total disaster. Rustie's spellbinding programming, melodies, sweeps and overall grimey drama are all present and correct. It's the raps and vocals that let this one down. In my opinion, Rustie couldn't have assembled a bunch of whacker rappers... See full review
Plastikman - EX
posted a comment on Plastikman - EX. over 4 years ago
Please at least write your own review for God's sake!!!
Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind EP
posted a comment on Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind EP. over 4 years ago
I take it you've never heard it loud under 'night club conditions'. Too bad. You missed out.
Claro Intelecto - Neurofibro
posted a comment on Claro Intelecto - Neurofibro. over 4 years ago
That's on a separate EP. Probably Claro's best selling record, judging by how popular and acclaimed it was when originally released. It was a smart move to leave, it off here, to be honest!
G Flame & Mr G.* - The Nastiness E.P.
posted a comment on G Flame & Mr G.* - The Nastiness E.P.. over 4 years ago
If you were aware, your description was confusing. "Teamed up with...." was incorrect. "As part of..." would have been better.
Slam - Virtuoso
posted a comment on Slam - Virtuoso. over 4 years ago
Which virtuoso were Slam alluding to? Well, the synth stabs are straight out of the average Juan Atkins track of the 2000s. But choose your own techno virtuoso, for there are many.
Mikron (3) - Severance
posted a comment on Mikron (3) - Severance. over 5 years ago
Might have to agree with you there, there, and there. (Dumb word count rule).
Mikron (3) - Severance
posted a comment on Mikron (3) - Severance. over 5 years ago
Agreed. It almost kills everytime. Perfect symmetry and pure emotion. Beautiful, *T E C H N O*
Robert Hood - Wire To Wire
posted a review of Robert Hood - Wire To Wire. over 5 years ago
Bought it, played it a few times, kind of liked, it but wasn't hugely impressed, so put it aside. 16 years later, I dig it out and, OMFG, what a beast! The key takeaway of course is that even though Hood had already begun to pursue subtler, slower and... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
Savvas Ysatis - Select
posted a comment on Savvas Ysatis - Select. over 6 years ago
The ambient journeys with Taylor Deupree (2016) came after this, not before. This was a much earlier LP from 2001. The ambient excursions are the mature work.
DeepChord - Vantage Isle [Extended Edition]
posted a comment on DeepChord - Vantage Isle [Extended Edition]. over 7 years ago
You forgot the most essential bit. The original 100 included an additional item, a 45 rpm 7 inch with two additional tracks.
Hieroglyphic Being - Machines For Lovers EP
posted a comment on Hieroglyphic Being - Machines For Lovers EP. over 8 years ago
It's worth bearing in mind that Jamal Moss was recording a lot of his music on compact disc during the times when these tracks were produced. For those of you too young to know, think of compacts as an even sh***r version of 128 kbps mp3s. Personally,... See full review
Audion - Suckfish
posted a review of Audion - Suckfish. over 8 years ago
I didn't give up on this one back in 'the day' and as far as I'm concerned, I've been vindicated each time I've listened to it since, regardless of the (somewhat sniffy) attitude from peers who didn't think it lived up to the 'true spirit'. Here are 5... See full review
Monobox - Molecule
posted a review of Monobox - Molecule. over 8 years ago
A colder and more brittle sound than many Robert Hood fans might be accustomed to, but for me that only added to the intrigue. Another thing that struck me re-listening to this record for the first time this half decade: when the time comes for techno... See full review
Floorplan - Paradise
posted a comment on Floorplan - Paradise. over 8 years ago
Altered Ego is included in the digital version for sale
Morgan Geist - Double Night Time
posted a review of Morgan Geist - Double Night Time. over 8 years ago
8 years later (actually fewer than that, but I've been busy) I take most of what I wrote down there back. Is there any doubt that this is an excellent LP? Highly refined, perhaps overproduced and not exactly throwing off vibes of spontaneity, but... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Stingray (2) / Mariska Neerman - 002. over 9 years ago
It will be getting picked up more widely in a few weeks.
At the moment it can be bought via which is also handling distribution. I'm passing on info given to me directly from the label
Gosub - Low Volume Lovers
posted a review of Gosub - Low Volume Lovers. over 10 years ago
No reviews, till now. That ought to have been rectified years ago.
I just bought another copy as a gift for a friend, a very discerning, long-standing electro fan, and a fan of Frustrated Funk. This is undoubtedly a stand out even on this remarkably... See full review
Terrence Dixon - From The Far Future Pt. 2
posted a review of Terrence Dixon - From The Far Future Pt. 2. over 10 years ago
Terrence Dixon's music is difficult. Like Autechre-difficult. It’s possible to take a subjective metaphor too far though, so bear that in mind, but I’m trying to point out that there are few easy rides in his compositions. That characteristic appears... See full review
Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald - Borderland
posted a review of Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald - Borderland. over 10 years ago
Unfortunately, there's more than an element of truth in the idea that this record represents the sound of von Oswald and Atkins putting out 'just anything' because it will sell regardless. Interestingly though, for me, 'Borderlands' is very... See full review
Plant43 - Driven By Magnetics
added Plant43 - Driven By Magnetics to their collection. over 12 years ago
Various - Tresor Compilation Vol. 6
posted a review of Various - Tresor Compilation Vol. 6. over 13 years ago
Quite unintentionally, I think this compilation brought together a clutch of tracks and slight variations in style which ended up showing techno of that era at its most elegant yet still unaffected and 'purist'. The genre had certainly had time to... See full review
Robert Hood - Live At Fuse
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Live At Fuse. over 13 years ago
Ironically, for some reason, the party was cancelled!
Heath Brunner - Movie
posted a review of Heath Brunner - Movie. over 13 years ago
Heath Brunner was for many years an assistant to 'Master' mastering/cutting engineer, the late, great Ron Murphy at Detroit's National Sound Corporation. Hence as you might expect, Brunner knows what he's doing technically - even if it's not clear who... See full review
LaChandra - Just Started
posted a review of LaChandra - Just Started. over 14 years ago
How many little-known sessions did these guys do, which got packaged with the name of some talented but ultimately forgettable singer's name on the cover? The late-eighties Blaze magic is there and unmistakeable if you know it already, so you won't... See full review
Manasyt / Sync 24 - The Subsiding EP
posted a review of Manasyt / Sync 24 - The Subsiding EP. over 14 years ago
Anyone who names their track after the onomatopoeic sound of one their lead synthesizers, 'Warg', is alright with me! Both halves are this EP strike the right balance on keeping things for the body more than the mind. The pun in the title is the clue.
The Exaltics / AS1 - The Freefall / Code Reference
posted a review of The Exaltics / AS1 - The Freefall / Code Reference. over 14 years ago
It no doubt takes work to keep things direct and organic-sounding whilst using a computer. Expect memorable, almost basic sequences, and painstakingly constructed harmonic distortion.
Aux 88 - Global Darkness
posted a review of Aux 88 - Global Darkness. over 14 years ago
In a way, I'm glad Aux88 have passed their 'legendary' phase. Since that happened, their music has been simple, tracky, elegant and effective. Take 'Alien Lifeform.' Try and resist the manic acid riff, perfect snare crack and amazing chordal sub drop.
DJ Godfather - Via Satellite From Detroit
posted a review of DJ Godfather - Via Satellite From Detroit. over 14 years ago
Verse, chorus, verse chorus, verse, chorus...heavy breathing in the background. It's a classic because of the chunky, dirty but techy machine-made breaks and the spine-tingling DX line, that can send you into the rafters under the right conditions.
Midway (2) - Set It Out
posted a review of Midway (2) - Set It Out. over 14 years ago
Whichever of the several versions on offer here you prefer, you will get a blistering 808 hand-clap workout at some point in the track. Personally I prefer the 'Funky Breakdown Mix' as it dispenses with any pretension of a song and indulges in pure... See full review
D.J. Afrika Bambaataa* - Death Mix — Live!!!
posted a review of D.J. Afrika Bambaataa* - Death Mix — Live!!!. over 14 years ago
Badly recorded; it's also virtually mono. And the [almost] live content seems quite all over the shop, veering aimlessly from rapping, scratching and cut-up performances. But about 2 minutes 34 into the B side, the DJ throws in a vaguely oriental,... See full review
Knights Of The Turntables - Techno Scratch
posted a review of Knights Of The Turntables - Techno Scratch. over 14 years ago
Magnificent! 1983, so don't expect much by way of frills, but there are good honest thrills aplenty. If more people busted Woody Woodpecker on their records the world would be a far less po-faced place. Scratch DJs like these are heroes not because... See full review
The Infiltrator - The Infiltrator
posted a review of The Infiltrator - The Infiltrator. over 14 years ago
Is André Holland influenced by European electronic 'drones'? They're all over virtually everything he does [including this]. But don't worry, here they're just a background for frenetic staccato electro beats, which are not made for you to scratch... See full review
Ultradyne - Cities In Retro
posted a review of Ultradyne - Cities In Retro. over 14 years ago
Archetypal stuff here. These tracks sound as if they're sequenced live, there are no clever fills or improvisations and the production quality is decidedly crusty. However, there's no mistaking the visceral energy and even anger on this EP. The main... See full review
The Advent - Another Planet E.P.
posted a review of The Advent - Another Planet E.P.. over 14 years ago
Before imploding in 2000, The Advent [the group] made some raw, no-nonsense UK techno-tinged electro. This EP has arguably, the deepest concentration of Advent electro which you will find in one place.