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The Rodd - Skorpeo / So Blue
posted a comment on The Rodd - Skorpeo / So Blue. 7 months ago
So Blue (Without You) is a monster slow grooving track.
John Henry Miller, Jr. - Spiritual Healing
posted a comment on John Henry Miller, Jr. - Spiritual Healing. 11 months ago
'Spiritual Healing' is remarkably similar to Leo's Sunshipp's song 'Give Me Some Sunshine.'
Art Fletcher - Solomon Grundy's Sunday
posted a comment on Art Fletcher - Solomon Grundy's Sunday. 12 months ago
As the reviewer below mentioned, this might not be the Afrocentric spiritual jazz record you're hoping for. It is however a lounge pianist who knows how to hit some very deep moments at times, especially in the track 'Summer Mist.' It doesn't feel... See full review
Comateens - Comateens
posted a comment on Comateens - Comateens. about 1 year ago
Apart from the drum machine featured in every song, the album as a whole is pretty fractured. It's like they're trying as many ideas as possible to see what will stick. Ranging from Dragnet-style chugging guitar, a take on the Munsters theme, and a... See full review
Ron Urban - Urban Project In Jacket!
posted a comment on Ron Urban - Urban Project In Jacket!. about 1 year ago
Not folk, world or country like the description says. Rather dope new wave and pop songs with a weird bend. As confusing as the cover implies but overall a cool listen.
Montegos / Electric Funk (2) - Beware Of The Shovel / The Shovel
posted a comment on Montegos / Electric Funk (2) - Beware Of The Shovel / The Shovel. about 1 year ago
The “Beware of the Shovel” side is far superior to “The Shovel” in my opinion. Falsetto bedroom sophistication. So great!