I'm a fan of italo-disco, touhou, game, euro-disco etc... Although it's a simple comment, but thank you for reading it.

(Japanese) 東方projectや洋楽のイタロディスコ、ユーロディスコに興味を持ちだんだんと80年代ダンスミュージックにはまった音楽ファン。単純な感想ですがお読みいただければ幸いです。
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posted a comment on Dario Dell'Aere - Eagles In The Night. 15 days ago
"Eagles in the Night" is the pure masterpieces in 1985. A rare work by Dario Dell'Aere, a member of Fockewulf 190 who released 'Gitano' and 'Body Heat' singles in '84. Human League and John Foxx fans want to purchase IMMEDIATELY, '80s sound fully opened ... See full review
posted a comment on Den Harrow - To Meet Me. 17 days ago
Maybe the audio is taken from the record or tape (Noise is contained due to tape deterioration...)
posted a comment on Various - I Love Disco Diamonds Collection Vol. 1. about 1 month ago
The beginning of "I Love Disco Diamonds Collection" series from Spain... Includes "Plastic Doll" by Dharma, "Orient Express" by Wish Key, "Do You" by Duke Lake and more golden 12 tracks. Also attractive that there are many maniac hit-tracks not selected ... See full review
posted a comment on Just Two - Bring It Up. about 1 month ago
Something dark and atmosphere sound, best work from Airport label...!
posted a comment on Stefano Pulga - If. about 1 month ago
Russian DWS label seems to release the CD in 2018 or 2019. I think the artwork and sound source are probably informal by copying from LP, so I would like to recurring Stefano Pulga officially after getting permission if possible...
posted a comment on Five Sinners - Magic / Precious Lies. 2 months ago
Only red colored-label, rare for fans ! I hope re-press the record again...
posted a comment on Fun Fun - Color My Love. 2 months ago
D.J. played and people danced 'round in 1984... love this
posted a comment on Marko Nika - Okay. 3 months ago
"Okay" is not bad ( for me ordinary ), but side B-2 "Love Is" more terrible. The sound is loose, don't feel comfortable listening to music. If you want to listen TRUE italo music, you can pass this single...
posted a comment on Sun-La-Shan - Catch. 3 months ago
It's a "dangerous" single that runs a massacre spurring the momentum of the current electro scene. If you hear the female voice, just shout: CATCH IS SEXY !
posted a comment on Sisley Ferre* - Please Stay With Me. 3 months ago
Maybe this song was inspired from Gigolo by Green Ice...!!
posted a comment on Various - Italo Disco Hits. 4 months ago
Maybe this LP was pressed in 1983 because most of songs are released in 1983... (except "You Are a Danger (1982)" by Gary Low)
posted a comment on P. Lion - Springtime. 4 months ago
This P. Lion's album is the best clear sound. BRAVO !
posted a comment on Joe Yellow - U.S.A.. 4 months ago
This song was covered by Japanese male idol group "DA PUMP" !
posted a comment on Raggio Di Luna (Moon Ray)* - Comanchero. 5 months ago
If two remixes included on this single, maybe more collectable edition...!

1. 12" Special Remix
2. 7" Instrumental Version
posted a comment on Jaber DJ - Search For You. 6 months ago
I felt 1983 italo-disco vibes... Let's play 10 times and you will find the pleasure to listen. GET THIS TUNE !
posted a comment on Attack (2) - Crazy For Your Love. 6 months ago
If you heard Laserdance's "Humanoid Invasion", you will know the answer of original track...
posted a comment on Gaucho - Dance Forever. 6 months ago
0:47- Sounded like underground BGM from NES game "Super Mario Bros."
posted a comment on Radiators - I Am Sure. 6 months ago
Clean and magrificent sounds... i know the price is high even though it's second-hand, but i think it's worth this record as much.
posted a comment on Various - Mixenergy. 7 months ago
This single is included with the Fun Fun's CD album "Have Fun! & More...", both sound quality is pure awesome...!! (But song title is incorrectly written as "Energy Medley" and "Energy Megamix")
posted a comment on Various - I Love Synthes12"er Dance Vol. 3. 7 months ago
These tracks are used this version:

Track 2: Hot Version
Track 6: MEMIX 023 or ZYX 5170 Tribal Remix copy
Track 10: 1986 single version, not 1989 Chinese Mix
Track 12: Side A (Part 1 and Part 2)
posted a comment on My Mine - Stone. 7 months ago
If you are searching 1985 italo-disco albums, you should add this... All tracks are awesome, but I will choice favorite tracks top 3:

・Dr. Atl
・Hypnotic Tango
・Cupid Girl
posted a comment on Doctor's Cat - Gee Wiz (Deluxe Edition). 7 months ago
It was a release for only the vinyl for a long time, so it was pleased the CD was officially released. Next time I want to listen with high-quality master tape sound! (Track 11 is used from original master tapes and maybe other tracks is taken from ... See full review
posted a comment on Sandy Marton - Modern Lover. 8 months ago
Official Sandy Marton '86 CD album, mega rare and hyper expensive !!
posted a comment on Fake - Frogs In Spain. 8 months ago
The best italo-singles in 1984. The album cover (a frog with a castanet) is really artistic and wonderful, so I'm decorating with my room. If you liked the single, you can search the LP "New Art" ! Thank you for reading my comment.
posted a comment on Antonella - Supersonic Level. 8 months ago
Came from World of Toono meme in youtube video!
posted a comment on Laser Dance* - Laserdance ('88 Remix). 9 months ago
I think track 3 was recorded with wrong speed. (Actually it's supposed to record on 45 RPM but there's a mistake the audio recorded on 33 RPM...)
posted a comment on Giak - Inside You. 9 months ago
I think you should post the lyric(s) here... discogs.com/group/813
posted a comment on HiroyukiODA* Presents HSP (2) - on-sawmen. 10 months ago
Now the item is saled, but too expensive price! :(
submitted 谷山浩子* = Hiroko Taniyama - 水玉時間 = Mizutama Jikan. about 1 year ago
added The Real Fake MC & Dee Nasty - The Furious EP to their wantlist. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Mike Mareen - Dance Control. about 1 year ago
Night'n'Day version is released on Russian label EsonCD, but this is unofficial disc. (Audio quality was not bad) Let's expect to release on official edition.
posted a comment on Fun Fun - Greatest Hits & Remixes. about 1 year ago
And you should add these tracks:

Sing Another Song (Bonus Beats)
Sing Another Song (12'' Extended Version, X-Energy)
Give a Little Love Again (12'' Extended Version, X-Energy)
Color My Love (Bonus Beats)
Happy Station (Extended Bonus Track)
Could This ... See full review
submitted Various - Seiso Best. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Fake - New Art. about 1 year ago
I'm waiting the official releases with italian edition on CD :)
posted a comment on Rare80 Records. about 1 year ago
Since the unofficial releases of the Rare80 label is still being sold in eBay in the U.S. and CD and LP in France, I'm thinking that there's not much meaning to ban on selling in Discogs. There are many versions (ex. Club Version, ○○○ Remix, Megamix ... See full review
posted a comment on Kris Tallow - Mister J. about 1 year ago
The voice sample which says "Another visitor. Stay a while... stay FOREVER!" comes from the c64 game "Impossible Mission" (1984)...
submitted Various - Iv-Vi. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Reizend Farbe. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Still Moment. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Drizzle Doll. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Espressivo. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Con Spirito. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on dwsrecords. about 1 year ago
It's a bit disappointing because Discogs describes it as unofficial version, so we can't sell and purchase. I'd like to expect official releases in the future. Anyway thank you for providing high quality sound.

2018 May 9th Note: DWS released Den Harrow ... See full review
posted a comment on Digital Emotion - Full Control. about 1 year ago
I enjoyed very much with the electronic sound of 80's return for the first time in a long while. The disadvantage is MP3 covers are dull, but light drums and synths are absolutely awesome for me. "Attention" of the second station seems to be the latest ... See full review
posted a comment on Fun Fun - Greatest Hits & Remixes. about 1 year ago
"About two tracks below (Disc 2)"

2-5 Sing Another Song (Gary Otto Remix)
2-8 Living In Japan (David Phillips Remix)

I have already purchased the original U.S. vinyl (TSR 840) and heard it with my player, but I'm concerned about scratch noise. Does ... See full review
posted a comment on いえろ~ぜぶら - 東方染紅歌 ~Fate of Blood~. about 1 year ago
Although the singing skill and the quality of the song itself are high, I'm concerned there are too many remake songs. Moreover, it's a shame that it's ruining the great singing because of arranging ignoring the original song. However, because the level ... See full review
posted a comment on Rare80 Records. about 1 year ago
Unfortunately, all of CD sales (Rare80) at Discogs Marketplace were prohibited...
posted a comment on Stylóo - Pretty Face (Re-Edit Version). about 1 year ago
Really hard to find remixed version on vinyl, but you can enjoy the compilation album "Italo Disco Classics" !
posted a comment on Brian Auger - Night Train To Nowhere. about 1 year ago
I can't believe Auger is participating in italo disco... Maybe he would like to forget about the work, but this is killer track!
posted a comment on Laserdance - Force Of Order. about 1 year ago
I checked today, unofficial Laserdance album selling was prohibited at this marketplace...