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posted a comment on Skyharbor - Sunshine Dust. about 1 year ago
I recommend every fan to get this edition and not the red marble one. The latter looks absolutely nothing like the advertised product:
posted a comment on Tesseract - Sonder. about 1 year ago
I'll try and record some snippets of my record to illustrate the problem. Luckily it's so obvious that even a bit of silence would already be enough. Will post again as soon as I have a recording.
posted a review of Tesseract - Sonder. over 2 years ago
Sonder contains solid TesseracT songs undoubtedly. Due to it's relatively short runtime compared to TesseracTs former albums it feels more like a long EP though. Stylistically I'd describe it as the darker brother of Polaris.

If you intend to buy it, ... See full review
submitted Riverside - Eye Of The Soundscape. over 3 years ago