French, living in Canada.
Record collector since the '70s, and also a long time fan of The Residents for more than 30 years. In the last years I have completed, improved and cleaned up as much as I could all their releases in the Database, along with their own labels such as Ralph Records, and related artists too. If you are interested, have a look at my Residents' lists.
Today I continue this task with the rest of my collection going through each item one by one. My goal is to provide a detailed and reliable source of informations on all these items I own by adding and editing images, BAOI, Companies, Credits, Notes, etc. and also merging duplicates and fixing mistakes. I also keep a daily surveillance on my favorite artists, labels and series.

☑ The Residents' collection, all formats: completed (2011/2012)
☑ CD part 1: completed (Sep. 2012 - Nov. 2013)
☑ CD part 2: completed (Nov. 2014 - July 2016)
☑ 7": completed (Dec. 2013 - Nov. 2014)
☑ Cassettes: completed (Nov. 2014 - March 2015)
☑ DVD and VHS: completed (July 2016 - Oct. 2016)
☐ LP, 10" and 12": in progress (22 Oct. 2016 - ... )

Vinyl matrix/runout identification (Version 6)
French price codes
US record pressing plants
Adrenalin (4) (pressing plant, UK)
Allied Record Company (ɑ)
Allied Records Ltd. (ALI)
Aerco Processing (Æ)
A.R.E.A.C.E.M. (France, stamp)
CBS, Haarlem (Ⓗ / nn-xxxxxx-yy...)
CBS Pressing Plant, Aston Clinton (∴ or ⋀)
CBS Records Canada Ltd. (DM = Don Mills, Canada)
C.I.D.I.S. Louviers
CTS Studios (UK)
Damont, Damont Audio (UK pressing plant)
DFI (⩓)
Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc. (Emw - ℰMW - ƐMW)
EMI Records (Pressed By - e.g. xxx-A-1U-1-Q2)
Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs (F/W)
Garrod & Lofthouse (G & L)
Gedmal Galvanic Ltd. (gg / GG / GG2 / GG3)
Greg Lee Processing (California, L-12345 and L-12345-X)
Lyntone Recordings Ltd. (LYN-12345)
Musitech (MT.1 [1 lying] or MT.-5)
Nimbus (NLR => NRL = Nimbus Records Limited; MPT, MPK, etc.)
Pathé Marconi EMI, Chatou (M6-123456)
Rainbo Records (pressing plant, California, S-12345 or R-12345)
SNA (France, stamp)
Sonic Arts (▭◯▭, SAC, SA)
Sony/CBS, Haarlem (1991-1998, 08-0xxxxx-yy...)
Specialty Records Corporation (SRC)
Tape One (TA1PE)
The Sound Clinic (ISC)
Translab (Ʈ or TL)
Trident Studios (London - ⍦)
Turicaphon AG (SWISS MADE Ⓣ)
Utopia Studios (ƱTOPIA)
WEA Records Pressing Plant, West Drayton (WEA / TP, W-L often in combination with F/1 W x or FI W-x or F/1 W-x yD, W-x, S-x or Ƨ)
Alain Morand (AM at Dyam)
Allen Landau (ALLEN, AL)
Arun Chakraverty (ARUN)
Bob Jones (6) (B.J. at CTS Studios)
Brian Gardner (⚘)
Colin Dix (CD)
Eddy Gorecki (EG)
EW (2) (UK mastering engineer)
G. F. Pfanz (PF)
Gerald Reynolds (GR)
Jack Adams (2) (JA)
John Dent (Jonz)
Ken Perry (KP)
Kevin Metcalfe (KEV)
Leo Kulka (LK, LKIKS at Sonic Arts)
Maxwell Anandappa (MAX, MA)
Miles Showell (MS at Utopia)
Pete Norman (PN, Pete @ Tape To Tape...)
Porky (5) ("A Porky Prime Cut")
Ray Staff (RAYS)
Steve Angel (SA)
Tim Young (TimTomCBS - Mastered At CBS Studios, London)
Yves Delaunay (YD at Dyam)
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