French, living in Canada.
Record collector since the '70s, and also a long time fan of The Residents for more than 35 years. In the last years I have completed, improved and cleaned up as much as I could all their releases in the Database, along with their own labels such as Ralph Records, and related artists too. If you are interested, have a look at my Residents' lists.
Today I continue this task with the rest of my collection going through each item one by one. My goal is to provide a detailed and reliable source of information on all these items I own by adding and editing images, BAOI, Companies, Credits, Notes, etc. and also merging duplicates and fixing mistakes. I also keep a daily surveillance on my favorite artists, labels and series.

☑ The Residents' collection, all formats: completed (2011/2012)
☑ CD part 1: completed (Sep. 2012 - Nov. 2013)
☑ CD part 2: completed (Nov. 2014 - July 2016)
☑ 7": completed (Dec. 2013 - Nov. 2014)
☑ Cassettes: completed (Nov. 2014 - March 2015)
☑ DVD and VHS: completed (July 2016 - Oct. 2016)
☐ LP, 10" and 12": in progress (22 Oct. 2016 - ... )

Vinyl matrix/runout identification (Version 6)
French price codes
Columbia/Sony/Epic format codes
US record pressing plants
This Side / Other Side
1st Pressing in FTF
Packaging terminology
CD Matrix semi-circular Barcode
Canada - CBS Records Canada Ltd. (DM = Don Mills)
Canada - Quality Records Limited (Q, Qu)
Czech Republic = Gramofonové Závody (MZM...)
France - A.R.E.A.C.E.M. (stamp)
France - C.I.D.I.S. Louviers (CIDIS 380)
France - CIDIS, Antony (CIDIS 380 LPL and 1 Y / 2 Y)
France - DFI (⩓)
France - Pathé Marconi EMI, Chatou (Pressed By - M6-123456)
France - SNA (stamp)
France - Translab (Ʈ or TL - Lacquer Cut At)
Germany - Interpress (IP - Pressed By)
New Zealand = PRS Ltd., Miramar/Wellington
Switzerland - Turicaphon AG (SWISS MADE Ⓣ)
The Netherlands - CBS, Haarlem (1969-1990, Ⓗ / nn-xxxxxx-yy - ex. Duck Stab)
The Netherlands - Sony/CBS, Haarlem (1991-1998, 08-0xxxxx-yy...)
UK - Adrenalin (4) (pressing plant)
UK - Allied Records Ltd. (ALI)
UK - Aerco Processing (Æ)
UK - CBS Pressing Plant, Aston Clinton (∴ or ⋀)
UK - CTS Studios
UK - Damont (1972-2006, pressing plant)
UK - EMI Records (Pressed By - e.g. xxx-A-1U-1-Q2)
UK - Garrod & Lofthouse (G & L)
UK - Gedmal Galvanic Ltd. (gg / GG / GG2 / GG3 / ५५)
UK - Lyntone Recordings Ltd. (LYN-12345)
UK - Musitech (Musitech Plating Ltd - MT.1 or ⥛ or MT.-5)
UK - Nimbus (NRL for Nimbus Records Limited; plus MPT, MPK, etc.)
UK - RCA Records Pressing Plant, Washington, UK (W, A1C or A1H, A1AT or A1AAB)
UK = Sound Manufacturing (△ #### or C ####, or K ### or ◊ ###)
UK - Tape One (TA1PE)
UK - The Sound Clinic (ISC)
UK - Trident Studios (⍦)
UK - Utopia Studios (ƱTOPIA)
UK - WEA Records Pressing Plant, West Drayton (WEA / TP, W-L often in combination with F/1 W x or FI W-x or F/1 W-x yD, W-x, S-x or Ƨ)
USA - Allied Record Company (ɑ - Pressed By)
USA - Artisan Sound Recorders ('Circles and sticks' logo - Mastered At)
USA - Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc. (Emw - ℰMW - ƐMW)
USA - Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs (F/W)
USA - Greg Lee Processing (Plating/Metalwork, California - L-12345 and L-12345-X)
USA - Hauppauge Record Manufacturing Ltd. (HRM, ᐉ, ⟷)
USA - Hub-Servall Record Mfg. Corp. (Pressed By - HUB, HUB TV)
USA - K Disc Mastering (Lacquer Cut, California)
USA - Masterdisk (Lacquer Cut, NYC)
USA - Rainbo Records (pressing plant, California, S-12345 or R-12345)
USA - Sheffield Lab Matrix (Metalwork, California / Pennsylvania, SH1, SH2..., △12345)
USA - Sonic Arts (Lacquer Cut, ⊏◯⊐, SAC, SA)
USA - Specialty Records Corporation (SRC, Pressing plant)
Å, ᐂ (Australian pressings) = Å (3)
A Porky Prime Cut = Porky (5)
ALLEN, AL = Allen Landau
AM = Alain Morand at Dyam
ARUN = Arun Chakraverty
B.J. = Bob Jones (6) at CTS Studios
BG, ⚘ = Brian Gardner
CD = Colin Dix
E1, E2 = Achim Elsner
EG = Eddy Gorecki
EW = EW (2) (UK mastering engineer)
GR Gerald Reynolds
H1 = Peter Harenberg (ℋ. ℋ1...)
JA = Jack Adams (2)
JG = John Golden
Jonz = John Dent
Kdisc ch = Carol Hibbs at K Disc Mastering
KEV = Kevin Metcalfe
KP = Ken Perry
LK, LKIKS = Leo Kulka at Sonic Arts
MAX, MA = Maxwell Anandappa
MS = Miles Showell at Utopia Studios
PF = G. F. Pfanz
PN, Pete @ Tape To Tape = Pete Norman
RAYS = Ray Staff
SA = Steve Angel
TimTomCBS = Tim Young at CBS Studios, London
YD = Yves Delaunay at Dyam
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The correct catalog number is RR-8007-E on labels and on etching, this is the official one. On back sleeve, bottom right, it is wrongly written RR-8807-E.
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