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posted a comment on Deadbeat & Paul St. Hilaire - Four Quarters Of Love And Modern Lash. about 1 month ago
ha, sitting in the office while reading this with this cranked up in beyerdynamics dt990. life's good.
posted a comment on Alton Miller - Progressions / Time & Space. 2 months ago
man your drum work on this one is out of this world. love & gratitude from Siberia brother!
posted a comment on Peggy GOU. 3 months ago
Money money moneeey, root of all evil.
Also, ego. But these two go hand in hand.
posted a comment on Peggy Gou - Moment EP. 3 months ago
Written-By, Producer – Peggy Gou

ah I seee, you're one of those people that believe it's gonna be rainbows, ponies and democracy if they said so in the news. I admire your naivety!
posted a comment on Daft Punk. 4 months ago
Brian Transeau a.k.a. BT approves this comment.
words words words words
posted a comment on Rocco Siffredi (3) - Per Aspera Ad Astra. 4 months ago
LOL, Dick Cover index
w w w w w w w w
posted a comment on Vakula. 4 months ago
yet another bunch of offended fans.... gonna cry? :D
its 2021 ffs, ever thought of unfollowing him and ignoring stuff you don't like? and who the hell cares what anyone thinks anyways? it's what you've done that matters in life.
posted a comment on The Limiñanas. 5 months ago
dayum! . . . . . . . . .
posted a comment on K+D* - 1995. 6 months ago
a stellar release with K+D quality trademark; enjoyed it from the first listen... a blast from the past... another time, another dimension.. different zeitgeist.. I guess we were younger, kinder, and more naïve back then? perhaps even those born a bit... See full review
posted a comment on BT - ESCM. 6 months ago
you wanted a perfect beatsy beatsy trancey trancey electronica album but BT destroyed yo dreams ha ha. personally I think that Solar Plexus is a brilliant and unique effort, and that the whole album is very strong. especially compared to tedious crap... See full review
posted a comment on William Basinski. 7 months ago
The one and only.
L o o p i a m ⠀ D i s⠀ i n t e ⠀g r⠀ i n ⠀s⠀ k ⠀⠀i ⠀⠀⠀.
posted a comment on Moodymann - Untitled. 7 months ago
Jomarriott, hello, thank you for your offer. I'd like a digital version, in mp3 320 quality or higher. please send it to: [email protected]
In turn, I would like to present you a little gift. I poured all my soul into making this eclectic mix in... See full review
posted a comment on Trentemøller - The Last Resort. 7 months ago
The stuff of legends. Stone cold classic. Should be preserved for future generations.

Countless hours spent with this album, digesting its nuances, at home or walking the lonely streets of another lonely town. People come in your life and leave.... See full review
posted a comment on cv313. 7 months ago
gotta love those D artists (cv313, Moodymann, etc..), I can just imagine them crusing through the city late at night with the warm wind gently blowing through their hair and then all of a sudden they're triggered by some perfectly stinky and damp and... See full review
posted a comment on George McCrae - Breathless. 7 months ago
Breathless (Ambient House Remix) is a forgotten 'deeper than deep' gem, a sensual 'ambient disco' secret tool.
posted a comment on Parks & Wilson. 7 months ago
Can't get enough of their Essential Mix from 2000. Dark. Deep. For the heads.
Modern mixes let alone Essential series pale in comparison.
posted a comment on Elements Of Life - Molecular Dreams. 7 months ago
Yes, Still Holdin' On is without a doubt a stone cold classic. Thanks DJ Harvey! But hear me out: Elemental Dreams is something else. An out of this world, subtle, atmospheric psychedelic gem. Composed 26 freakin' years ago!! Can you imagine such... See full review
posted a comment on The Timewriter - Deep Train. 7 months ago
one of the smoothest tech/deep house mixes out there. heavy tribal feel to it which is a huge turn on ;) next Deep Trains are good but can't quite reach that level except perhaps for vol. 5.
posted a comment on BT - Love, Peace And Grease. 7 months ago
Almost 9 min long 'Love, Peace And Grease (BT's Puma Fila Mix)' is the stuff of legends. Groovy, filthy, dangerous cocktail of hip hop + breaks with a workout of a famous Newcleus - Jam On It sample. Crazy, go crazy, don't let your body be lazy!
posted a comment on BT - Movement In Still Life. 7 months ago
I think now in 2020 we're finally starting to realise what a classic this is aren't we?

Back when BT trademark meant badass, groovy & dangerous! His sound then had a perfect balance between technical prowess and emotional essence. This album has got... See full review
posted a comment on Kuniyuki* - Shout. 7 months ago
both versions are sickkkk
words words words words words words words
posted a comment on Kuniyuki* - Shout. 7 months ago
Shout: absolute SKULL CRUSHER of a track. in a good way.
posted a comment on BT - Emotional Technology. 7 months ago
I find myself loving this guilty pleasure album perhaps more than I should :) this is indeed a solid album. I don't get all the hate towards it. if anything, this 'pop' sound is way more inventive and juicy compared to the bland stuff he's been... See full review
posted a comment on BT - Electronic Opus. 7 months ago
ambitious on paper, but I've never quite managed to wrap my head around this project. laying symphonic elements over already perfectly complete masterpieces, then truncating them to few minutes long à la radio edits, what for? as a document of a live... See full review
posted a comment on Lu (3) & Jii Hoo - Shelter. 7 months ago
(Elegia's Shelter Remix) is nothing short of a masterpiece. Very subdued, elegant, and intimate. Special track.
posted a comment on Jori Hulkkonen. 7 months ago
No comments for this prolific sound magician so I'll take a shot. I can't overestimate Jori's influence on my life. From his unique 'nordic house' vibes on Jori Hulkkonen - The Spirits Inside Me, to subsequent eclectic albums, to his schlagers Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses EP, 'Lo-Fiction' (unreleased 808... See full review
posted a comment on BT - Flaming June. 7 months ago
13min long 'Full On Extended mix', curious where did the uploader dig it up.
Save it before it disappears! Can't find it anywhere else.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a comment on BT - Fibonacci Sequence. 7 months ago
dark. deep. filthy. DANGEROUS.
back when BT trademark meant BADASS.
different times, different zeitgeist, different sound..
posted a comment on David Sylvian. 9 months ago
because people are naturally in awe of his music, and want to express that, and rightfully so. Gone To Earth for example, come on, it's a stone-cold classic.
posted a comment on Villagers Of Ioannina City - Age Of Aquarius. 9 months ago
Pristine production. Catchy guitar work. Strong vocal performance. Spiritual but not corny. Earthly in its traditional roots but also extraterrestrial in its futuristic lyrics, expression and execution. Reflecting the current zeitgeist as well – it's... See full review
posted a comment on Pilot (12) - Boogie Nites / Indian Summer. 9 months ago
one very mysterious record, dug up from the obscurity largely thanks to mr. Jori Hulkkonen and his light & sunny 2002 Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

a comment from youtube:
[quote]I was in contact with the A&R man for this label a long long time ago... See full review
posted a comment on BT. 9 months ago
The Lost Art of Good BT Albums (c)

Sad but true...

Don't get me wrong. The man is my hero. Literally. Brian has my utter respect and is responsible for blowing my mind off regarding music production and sound design. In 2010/11 I... See full review
posted a comment on BT - The Lost Art Of Longing. 9 months ago
The Lost Art of Good BT Albums (c)

Sad but true...

Don't get me wrong. The man is my hero. Literally. Brian has my utter respect and is responsible for blowing my mind off regarding music production and sound design. In 2010/11 I... See full review
posted a comment on Robert Miles - 23am. 9 months ago
Full Moon is a smashing yet sensual masterpiece I can't get enough of. Slight psy & tribal influences. Perhaps his best track. Best listened alone, at night. Gets me every time... Rest in peace hero
posted a comment on Darragh Casey - ANTQ002 EP. 9 months ago
in the right hands and proper situation Xuri can become a devastating experience. proper techno. rare to come across these days.
posted a comment on K-S.H.E* Vs. Juzu A.K.A. Moochy - Morning Grow: Melancholy Grow Remixes. 9 months ago
This is perhaps THE record out of all my humble collection, and surely one of the most transcending ones I've ever heard. What an obscure record. Deeper than Mariana trench. To my knowledge it's the only track with sampled Osho speech (the most badass... See full review
posted a comment on Mathew Jonson - Marionette. 10 months ago
I don't know how he does it but he does it once again. First Northern Lights, then this. Mathew, hats off, you've created something really special here. Live edit is a favourite but original is equally great. Transcending, timeless music. Get it so... See full review
posted a comment on Gigi Masin - Wind. 10 months ago
it's clearly stated in the credits: tenor sax by Marco Barel. the tune is brilliant btw I don't care
posted a comment on Skyscaper - Skyshapes. 10 months ago
Skyshapes is an obscure ambient dub tech record guaranteed to take you away. First heard it on Wired Thoughts compilation. Subtle use of field recordings and shift to a softer beatless side towards the second half is something else. Special one.
posted a comment on Uusitalo - Vapaa Muurari Live. 10 months ago
a badass set million light years ahead of anything I can think of. and to think it was constructed live... what pair of keen ears do you have to possess? damn Vlad. you had my curiosity, then you got my attention, now you have my deepest respect.
posted a comment on Madonna. 10 months ago
steamybrown2003 u ok m8?
. . . . . . .
posted a comment on Mercan Dede - Nefes. 10 months ago
Ginhawa is an absolute gem of sensual ethno fusion. Sen, sensiz gel..
posted a comment on Jairamji. 10 months ago
strange how first albums by an artist are usually his best. this time is not an exception.. Kindred Spirits -- easily one of the best albums I've ever heard -- somehow feels like the most well-rounded effort. could it be because it was released on a... See full review
posted a comment on Jori Hulkkonen - Half In The Bag. 10 months ago
Let me tell you something. If this EP had been released on 12" on some more known label or distributed more widely, everyone simply would've gone crazy about it. It finds Jori in his top form, it's damn worth to be put on 12" but I welcome the... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Deepchord - De Wallen. 10 months ago
Liumin CD#2, Red Lantern Pt3, Shot Point, Aerosphere, 'Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness' #8 and #10... so many amazing sonic trips. still, I think Prayer Wheel can top them all as the most sublime work Rod has done so far since he started focusing more on... See full review
posted a comment on Deepchord - Northern Shores EP. 10 months ago
interesting, track#4 on a digital release is named "Sand And Shore" while on vinyl it is "Sand And Sea". are they any different? I've heard only the digital one, and it is a stunner. an example of immersive rhythmic ambient.
posted a comment on Psychonauts - Songs For Creatures. 10 months ago
no offence to the designer -- it is, if anything, a mismanagement -- but what a dull cover for such an inventive and adventurous music (I mean, 1st edition -- maybe that was one of the reasons this album is not well known as it rightfully should be).
posted a comment on Linda Law - Nights In White Satin / All The Night. 11 months ago
slowed down All The Night may very well be the the most groovy & sensual song I've ever heard. I mean it! that bassline, and that guitar, ahh... it's that good! don't miss out on the edit by the Super Value boys on one of their comps.