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Frank De Wulf
posted a comment on Frank De Wulf. about 1 year ago
Frank De Wulf unsung? Neither he or Joey Beltram are unsung...
Interactive - Dildo
posted a comment on Interactive - Dildo. over 3 years ago
This even got airplay on the radio in Los Angeles back in '92, not during the day though, or however that was possible!
Praga Khan - Sounds Of Sin
posted a comment on Praga Khan - Sounds Of Sin. over 6 years ago
Nobody wants edits. The photo archives are nice, but you can find the original 12" versions via Discogs and probably some of these releases have been or might get repressed.
The Future Sound Of London - Live ISDN Transmission 2
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Live ISDN Transmission 2. over 7 years ago
Contains the raw cuts of "Slider" and "The Far Out Son of Lung"
T99 - Anasthasia
posted a comment on T99 - Anasthasia. over 7 years ago
Cave Edit and Dub Mix are similar, but not identical. The Cave Edit is much more warehouse-y, while the Dub Edit has more emphasis on the baseline.