At the age of 15, he started listening to music from EBM ( Front 242, Klinik,...) to Rock a Billy ( The Batmobile, Straycats, Cramps,..) after a while New Beat, Techno and House came into his life. Around the age of 17 he was playing his first gigs.
During the 90´s he played a lot as a dj and after a while he put also his first steps into making his own music. Starting with a sampler and a drummachine, to make his first tracks, that he realized on different labels.
After a break of severeal years he starting a Live act that was focused on Minimal Techno, beside it he experment with a jazz collective.
In 2015 he opens a new door, now he is working with visual and conceptual artists, along with his Techno projects.
Recent Activity
submitted VCT - Einzats Ep. about 1 year ago