Sewing Material You Need To Level Up The Game

The only thing that can make your sewing experience better every time and which can help you in focusing on your work is the right kind of material on your desk. With the help of the right kind of tools, you can make anything much easier and it will help you in saving your time. The question is what kind of material we are looking for exactly?

We have the best basic home sewing machine for beginners, needles, threads, and bobbins then what exactly do we need to make the work easier? Well, I am going to tell you about some of the tools which will help you in saving time and you can complete a number of projects in no time.

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You can have more information about the sewing machines by reading the best sewing machine for home use reviews online. Most of the people work manually and due to the no use of extra material they have to spend lots of time on the station.

Let’s have a look at the basic material you should have on your desk all the time to maintain the work and simplify the projects.

1. Pilot Frixion Pens

Use Pilot Frixion pens instead of pens that are going to leave the marks on the fabrics. These marks can ruin the appearance of your clothes and will be removed after a number of washes.

Pilot Frixion pens are easy to use and once you have marked on the fabric, after a few minutes you can see it will vanish from the garment and your stuff will be clean as new.

Frixion pens are going to make the work easier and you don’t have to stretch the fabric again and again. All you have to do is to mark the places and follow your guidelines. This pen is kind of an awesome tool for the beginners who need the guide at this point.

2. Quick Turn

It’s definitely hard to turn the long straps of fabric just by your hand and to make sure that the line is straight as well. In the beginning stage, it’s hard to manage all at the same time. Another sewing material which should be on your sewing desk to cope up with the turning of fabric is quick turn sticks. These sticks are easy to use and available everywhere.

Insert the stick to the end of the fabric and start turning it to turn the folds. Once everything is aligned, start sewing and remove the stick from the fabric. After using this tool, you will wonder how you were doing work till now without this?

3. Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are absolutely hard to ignore once you have started to use them in your several projects. The objective of the shears is to maintain the cleanliness in the work instead of simplifying it. If your work is going to be neat then it will be easy to sew. This is the perfect tool when you are trying best to finish the seams in a perfect manner.

If you have set your own room as a sewing space then you should learn more about the The Best Sewing Machine For Home Use Reviews to set up the workspace as a professional office.

4. Seam Creaser

To turn the point of the project many people must have used chopsticks and other things. Now seam creaser is here to help you with the turning of the project. The chopsticks can tear the fabric and can damage the threads of the garment. Instead of investing in the things like sticks you should go for the project turner.

Insert the creaser into the fabric and turn it around to finish the seam without making it ugly or thick. Now your every project is going to be super easy and the appearance of the fabric will remain the same.

5. Cloth Clip

Stretching with one hand and handling the machine with the other hand is not an easy task. If you are tired of the stretching and still things are not going in a way you want to then use a clothing clip. These pins are just not suitable for the stretching but to join and hold the different pieces of a garment together.

At the time of joining two ends of the garment together, the seamstress holds them with her hand and it may create some mess when you are a beginner and trying to hold things at once. Use this clothing clip or known as alligator clips to complete the work in no time. This tool is suitable when you are stitching a piping, tape or doing some trims in the dress.

6. Rotary Cutters

So here is the last tool you may need when you avoid basic scissors for cutting. Rotary cutting is going to make cutting much easier for you when you want to separate the basic pattern piece. The sharp blade of the cutter is just not going to help you with the cutting but it will not leave a thread unfinished. It’s suitable for the cutting of all kinds of garments no matter how thick it is or how thin it is?

For the fabric like chiffon, you need a stable hand for the cutting so there would be no disturbance during the sewing and no more tear. A rotary cutter is one of the most sensible and amazing tools to make your cutting purpose simple. A rotary cutter must be on your desk in order to make your cutting work faster.


The material is always important to make sure whatever you are doing must be done in the correct way. Sewing material is important when you have to simplify the work as well as need help as a beginner. If you are still confused about the machine and looking for the best sewing machine for home use then consider buying sewing machines from Singer or Janome.

Organize everything neatly on your work desk to save your time from searching and completing the project within the given deadline. Good luck with your next project.