Interested in collecting Psychedelic/Progressive Rock from the 1960's and 1970's.
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posted a comment on Jellyroll - Jellyroll. 5 days ago
The second coming of Blood Sweat and Tears. Move on.
posted a comment on Tomorrow (2) Featuring Keith West - Tomorrow. 5 days ago
I agree. I found my mono pressing at a garage sale summer 2016 for 50 cents Canadian !
submitted The Mourning Reign - Evil Hearted You / Get Out Of My Life, Woman. 6 days ago
submitted The Hassles - The Hassles. 17 days ago
posted a comment on The 21st Century Sound Movement - The 21st Century Sound Movement. 22 days ago
William O'Malley still has the original master tape. you can contact him here 816-204-0606
submitted The 21st Century Sound Movement - The 21st Century Sound Movement. 22 days ago
posted a comment on The World Famous Ron Wray Light Show* / Don Bombard & Headstone II - Speed / Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. 28 days ago
Ron Wray Light Show - Speed, is pretty much the fuzziest track on discogs ! insane.
posted a comment on The Thyme - Somehow / Shame Shame. 28 days ago
'Someone' is a Killer soft psych track with lotsa fuzz ! A must have ! Thyme often opened up Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Cream, and MC5 at venues such as the Grande Ball Room and The Union Street Station.
posted a comment on The Road (2) - It's So Hard To Find. 28 days ago
You Rub Me The Wrong Way sounds like The Contours - Do you love me..
posted a review of Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera. about 1 month ago
The Kazoo on the track 'Dream Starts' is total bad-assery !!!
posted a comment on Apocalypse (11) - Apocalypse - Original Soundtrack Of Cinerama Film "Wunderland Der Liebe". about 1 month ago
Flies under the either love it or hate it. It's a mixed bag.. the sitar ads to the atmosphere. Id rate it 7.5/10.
posted a comment on Earth And Fire. about 1 month ago
The band should have stopped after releasing the first album and maybe the single Memories.
posted a comment on King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - 12 Bar Bruise. about 1 month ago
How dumb are these prices ? I consider this to be a classic case of "False Market" type record.
posted a comment on Edward Vesala / Soulset - Yksi, Kaksi, Kolme, Neljä Soul Jumppaa. about 1 month ago
So many 'Fake' discogs sales to drive up costs. Nuff said.
posted a review of After All (7) - After All. 2 months ago
9/10 ! It mixes the elements from psychedelia, progressive rock and jazz rock
submitted Ian Matthews* - Tigers Will Survive. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Mad River (2) - Mad River. 2 months ago
What the hell are you saying ? The glue on the sleeve means nothing. The UK unofficial is posted here on discogs. Numbered edition (stamped in bottom right corner), unofficial repress from the 1970s.
Unofficial plays at 45, original plays at 33.
Plain ... See full review
posted a comment on The Projection Company - Give Me Some Lovin'. 2 months ago
A mostly instrumental album with sitar, keyboards, swinging rhythms, popping grooves, and fat fuzzed out chords. There's also some bluesy country vocals in the mix. A fun "party" album to listen to, similiar to the Animated egg album.
posted a review of The Dirty Filthy Mud* - The Forest Of Black. 2 months ago
Just discovered this ! Mind blown ! Takes you to where you want to go ! If Bieber listened to this, he'd actually grow some....
posted a comment on Shark Move - Ghede Chokra's. 2 months ago
Such a killer progressive-psychedelic rock album from Indonesia. My favorite tracks are 'My Life' and 'Evil War'. An original copy of this is insanely rare, so if you have a copy, keep it in a fire and waterproof vault, or sell it to me :) Also, would be ... See full review
submitted Kapingbdi - Hey Brother. 3 months ago
posted a review of Southwest F.O.B. - Smell Of Incense. 3 months ago
Pretty cool cover of Buffalo Springfield's Rock N Roll Woman, although I prefer Tramlines cover version the best !
submitted Voyager (29) - Stick It Out / A Walk Away. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Love - Four Sail. 3 months ago
What is the difference between this Canadian version ? labels look identical. The Matrix ?
posted a comment on Camel (7) - Under Age. 3 months ago
Great cover of Tin Soldier ! Fantastic hard psych album.
posted a comment on Dragonfly (8) - Dragonfly. 3 months ago
The album was actually release in late 1968.. not 1969.
submitted Neil Young - On The Beach. 4 months ago
submitted Martin Randolph - Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde. 4 months ago
submitted All Of Thus - All Of Thus. 4 months ago
submitted Marvin Gaye - I'll Be Doggone. 4 months ago
submitted Goody Two Shoes - Come Together. 4 months ago
posted a comment on A Passing Fancy - A Passing Fancy. 4 months ago
The 45 version of the song "I'm Losing Tonight" has some killer fuzz guitar that is omitted on the LP version.
submitted Rocco (Del Sud) Severino - Lu Calabrisi E La Calabrisella Mia / Lascio la Mia Mamma . 4 months ago
submitted Gary Schwartz - I Really Like You. 4 months ago
posted a comment on The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers. 4 months ago
Read the notes. Only a few 'error' copies came out from factory with a gatefold. The rest have a top and bottom 'opening'
posted a comment on King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson). 5 months ago
Sounds Overpriced. Buy the first UK if you can get a clean copy!
posted a review of Baumstam - On Tour. 5 months ago
Died and gone to heaven type record ! wow !!!!! The fuzziest album Ive heard yet ! The song Jazz Break is a mind blower !
posted a review of Parish Hall - Parish Hall. 5 months ago
A must have ! Killer Hard rocking blues album ! The cover looks like a gospel relogious oriented album though.. hahaha Pick it up if you can find it ! 4/5 stars.
posted a review of George Harrison - Electronic Sound. 5 months ago
This is not considered music by any means.. just some messed up sounds coming from instruments. I guess if you were a former Beatle, you can pretty much do anything you wanted !
Do not waste your money on this one !
posted a comment on The Bachs - Out Of The Bachs. 5 months ago
A really amateur but cool mix of low-fi garage-pop-psych. Almost every song on this album is well written though! My favorite track is 'tables of grass fields'. The song title is funny as heck ! haha This will take you to where you want to go ! Good luck ... See full review
posted a comment on Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever. 6 months ago
Doubt it because original is only once. Its not that much more than a reissue. Also who knows how those original analog tapes were stored over the years ! Did they actually record the album in analog or in digital ???
posted a comment on T2 (3) - It'll All Work Out In Boomland. 6 months ago
Boomland is right ! This is a completely underrated classic! A must have ! It's got the progs, it's got the psychs, and its got the hards ! It just keeps going and going !
submitted Black Heaven (3) - 2099. 6 months ago
submitted Legal Aliens - Lady Of The Erne / Dartanielle . 7 months ago
submitted Fish In The Attic - Fish In The Attic. 7 months ago
posted a review of Apocalypse (22) - Apocalypse. 7 months ago
Considered by some critics as the first true rock album ever sung in hebrew and certainly the earliest example of progressive rock in Israel. A masterpiece of israeli rock that fuses traditional hebrew songwriting with british heavy and prog rock sounds ... See full review
submitted MAY BLITZ - May Blitz. 7 months ago
submitted Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - Contaminazione. 8 months ago
submitted Merry Airbrakes - Merry Airbrakes. 8 months ago
posted a review of January Tyme - First Time From Memphis. 9 months ago
An awesome hidden gem ! Great listen from start to finish ! Similiar to The Yankee Dollar, and a mix of Jefferson Airplane and Big Brother and the holding company with Janis-like screaming vocals ! Get it before prices start rising on it !