The Electric Banana - Even More Electric Banana vinyl_zombie

September 16, 2019
Why aren't there two versions listed if there are two versions as noted????? There should be a re-issue version, no?

Eddie Hazel - Game, Dames And Guitar Thangs vinyl_zombie

December 31, 2018
What makes this a reissue? There are no details explaining what sets it apart.

Christopher Lee - Hammer Presents Dracula vinyl_zombie

December 27, 2018
This label was not used after 1976, so, as a re-issue, it couldn't be any later than 1976.

Josefus - Dead Man vinyl_zombie

December 2, 2018
This has run-out text suspiciously similar to the Numero 2014 re-issue....any clarity on exactly what is represented here?

Camel - Mirage vinyl_zombie

October 22, 2018
Janus switched to this red label in 1976, so this would be a 1976 or later press.

Various - Mickie Most Presents British Go-Go vinyl_zombie

December 4, 2017
What is the run time on the SE-4306 version? Unfortunately, no one posted times for this entry or a picture of the label for it either. It is 4:29 on the mono MGM version and the Metro re-issue.

Burl Ives - Burl Ives Sings Little White Duck And Other Children's Favorites vinyl_zombie

June 3, 2017
This circa 1959 to early 1960s mono reissue of Columbia's original 1956 issue CL-1980 is a nice pressing. It is reissued on Columbia's budget Harmony label; earliest pressings of the reissue will be on the black and silver Harmony label through circa 1966.

Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond vinyl_zombie

May 16, 2017
Does anyone know if Capricorn actually released this label (1974-1977) in the 3D cover? Or is this just a late press label (1974-1977) married to an original 3D cover?