I've been collecting records for more than 35 years and in the early 90s I started selling and trading duplicates or items I didn't listen to anymore.

(Private) seller.
I try to grade as strict as possible for your total satisfaction. I know the frustration of a buyer receiving an overgraded item. I don't use the NM grade very often and many of my VG+ LPs are actually EX+ or even NM-.
Most of the records in my sale list come from my collection, only a few (usually the 'odd ones' out of my musical taste) come from other friends' collections. ALL records are graded personally by myself.
Click here to check if I'm currently selling records on your wantlist, or better just browse my inventory.
Always read my S&P terms before ordering: I do not ship worldwide and I do not accept paypal anymore.
Interested in books? I have a few for sale on Bookogs (only for Italian buyers, at least for the time being).

Just two things to say:
1) I will never buy anything from those dropshippers with huge inventories who do not own the records they're selling (which is a blatant violation of Discogs policies, BTW), don't grade them personally, never bother to reply to questions and have no clue about what they're selling. I pretend first hand informations from copies in hand on items I'd like to buy – and definitely you should too. :-)
2) I will never buy anything from those sellers who constantly unlist/relist their items only to appear at the 'top of the list'. There is no reason, except spamming, for doing this more than once in a week.

Somehow disappointed these days, especially because the forum has become a joke where 'double standard' and 'blind opposition to change' are the watchwords.
Activities: limited to my own contributions, items I have in my collection, for sale and on my want list, sometimes discographies of my favourite artists. That's still well over 10,000 releases though.
Plus (occasionally):
– cleanup of fantasy dates, especially on Italian releases (for instance, here is a list of Italian releases with SIAE and nonsensical pre-1970 dates);
– cleanup of European CBS releases with incorrect country and date (if you want to take a look, here's a list of nearly 1000 CBS LPs incorrectly tagged as 'Netherlands' instead of 'Europe'). And these are "only" the LPs with a date (often wrong, BTW). And this list doesn't include: LPs with unknown dates, CDs, tapes…
I do expect you cast a positive vote on any of my submissions before adding any more data or making one of those annoying mass edits. It's just a matter of common courtesy.
If you cast positive votes on my submissions, be confident that sooner or later I'll check yours and do the same to yours. :-)
If I improve and fix a submission and I miss something or make a mistake, please have the common courtesy to leave a comment and I'll fix it. Negative votes for this reason are only a disincentive for me to improve the database and therefore be sure I'll return the favour. Nobody is perfect.

Due to repeated personal attacks and widespread hubris I'm not following any forum thread anymore and I've disabled every forum-related notification.
If you want an opinion on any forum discussion please send me a PM. Pinging will not work anymore.

Personal messages.
Please don't waste your time sending me PMs – I will not reply, except for the following cases:
– inquiries about any item for sale;
– I know who you are, as we have exchanged messages / positive votes / comments (in the forum too) in the past;
– request of an opinion in a specific forum thread I've not commented in before.
For any other thing, please go to the forum or refer to the Submission Guidelines instead: they are there for a purpose, not just for decoration.

Last but not least: always remember that, from a database perspective, "common sense does not exist in Discogs" (cit.).

Thanks for looking! :-)

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Last updated: 3.Nov.2018 – 18:37 CET
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