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Venetian Snares - Greg Hates Car Culture
posted a review of Venetian Snares - Greg Hates Car Culture. over 22 years ago
The sound quality on this record is a bit lacking, but its not a hinderance to the insanity of this one. Very gabber/hardcore influenced stuff, its easy to mix into a hardcore set as long as the bpms are high. Some of the time signatures are... See full review
Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth
posted a review of Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth. over 22 years ago
Hardcore dancehall business with samples from the movie "belly" (the scene where the feds are raiding the jamaicans house and hes screaming "no romp with buumbaclaat i am the original dondaataa - i murder people for fun" orwhatever.) Distorted... See full review
Ickoo - The Gentle Balls Of Ickoo
posted a review of Ickoo - The Gentle Balls Of Ickoo. over 22 years ago
The first briokids release in the hard crazy style. Created from february to may 1999 on a juno and a sampler, the dirty samples and bass were partly accident. The rawness of this album was later perfected by Ickoo on his track "cunt bumpin" - where... See full review
Capone - Genetically Unmodified Samples
posted a review of Capone - Genetically Unmodified Samples. over 22 years ago
Fusion comes in clean and pretty with total chill dnb 5am business. After the break though its total apocolyptic terror as only dillinja uh i mean capone can do. the bass line goes lower every step and the other noises in it are completely inhuman... See full review
Alec Empire - Alec Empire Vs. Elvis Presley
posted a review of Alec Empire - Alec Empire Vs. Elvis Presley. over 22 years ago
Alec Empires cutting up of classic Elvis songs is the funniest hardcore record Ive heard. He makes the king sound like hes a screaming psycho and every time Ive played this record to people they laugh. A welcome variation on empire's part while... See full review