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Same issues as others with b1. Messaged them- hopeful for resolve.
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posted a comment on Terror Cell Unit - God Took Everything Away From Us So Now We Will Take Away Everything From You. over 2 years ago
so 4 ppl did receive these? hmm.. out of 120 copies. Mine never came and all I got was some sh*t-show response from the label about how they were recording metal albums. integrity in the underground 2k18.
posted a comment on Fiebre (5) - Teknoveneno. over 2 years ago
hopefully a wider edition ahead!!
as with much of this imprint though; likely cyanotic from wait asphyxiation.
posted a comment on يوسف عازار الياس, Pece Anasovskoga*, Seamus McNeill* - Vol. 3: Pipers. over 2 years ago
any contact info for this imprint? seriously would love to track down this cassette!!
posted a comment on A$AP Rocky* - TESTING. over 2 years ago
why does this not have a vinyl release? & PLEASE not some high fashion vinyl that sells for a K, or is only for sale arbitrarily for a single day.
posted a comment on Silent EM - Foreign States. over 3 years ago
Hopefully a third edition may be ahead? Seeing that the other editions disappeared as swiftly as they did- can at least hope.
posted a review of Various - ΜΕΤΑΜΟΝΤΕΡΝΟΣ ΑΜΕΡΙΚΑΝΙΚΟΣ ΤΡΟΜΟΣ. over 3 years ago
after listening to youtube vids more than several times- felt like praising this refreshing compilation.. great pacing to tracks that feel like something more than the standard 16 bar ebm elektron crap that is all too pervasive at present.. nothing... See full review
posted a comment on Soundmurderer / Atlas (49) - Listen What A Gwaan / Blest. over 3 years ago
weird many copies available [at jacked prices] for the other two.. were there fewer made of this one??
posted a comment on Rabit (2) - Supreme. over 3 years ago
thanks for thee heads up- considering it's pretty out of reach at 75 bones and the discogs algorithm doesn't want to update that one sold for 20 [works out for larger cut for them dunnit?] hopefully it trickles down to the rest of us who missed out..
posted a comment on Rabit (2) - Supreme. over 3 years ago
how is the music on this album- all that damn hype of making people wait a year after payment and only comments are the track lengths / different art / titles.. one person says "country"..? how is the actual music? not seeing anywhere to hear this... See full review
posted a comment on Sewer Election & Ligature (2) - GBGNYC 2017. over 4 years ago
was kindly refunded without asking for such for inquiring why this was yet another pre-order which came nowhere near fulfilling the obligations committed towards due to the lifestyle of touring vs running the imprint. was told not to bother ordering... See full review
posted a comment on Kenny White (8) - Solution Not Possible. over 4 years ago
fug the flippers- to the seller with multiple copies for over 60 bones a pop- esp fug off. BEB - please cut em off so that ppl who care about the music might attain.
posted a comment on Raime - Notion 2 Notion . over 4 years ago
decent sounds. will watch for ppl to get bored of waiting for someone to buy at inane flipper cost, and buy it when it goes down to a more reasonable price befitting of something pressed in an edition of 500. no reason anyone should pay these jacked... See full review
posted a comment on Martial Canterel - Cruelty Reigns Through Ages. over 4 years ago
when will this material see reissue?? so effing crucial!!! hope it makes it to wax!!!
posted a comment on Schimpfluch-Commune Int.* - For The Tasmanian Devils. over 4 years ago
Direly wish that this would see reissue!! At least uploaded somewhere..
posted a comment on Puce Mary - Yours. over 4 years ago
hahahahahahaha! 1K for this cassette released this year. what an effing joke. Sad state of affairs.
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site was amended some time ago to make public again.
posted a comment on Celldöd // T × R × P* - Untitled. over 5 years ago
that sounds decent - even better would be thee totality ov Celldöd.
posted a comment on Celldöd // T × R × P* - Untitled. over 5 years ago
hopefully tracks reach the rest of the world outside of the handful of people who got to pick this up at the gig in Sweden.
posted a comment on Regis - The Boys Are Here. over 5 years ago
ace quality!! copious contusions amidst ominous scapes- on top ov the game!! skull banging dissonance!!
posted a comment on Sadovision* - The Pissing Theory. over 5 years ago
Would be nice to see Urashima or someone do a vinyl reissue ov both Sado Vision cassettes. Would love to be able to hear this one. other cassette tis golden!
posted a comment on CHBB - CH-BB. over 5 years ago
seems demand is high enough- someone needs to help this see some sort of reissuing..
posted a comment on Rashid Al-Taliq* - Music Of A Nomad. over 5 years ago
def will watch for years to see if this ever appears..
posted a comment on begottened - Begottened. over 5 years ago
Chew from Corrupted and Guilty Connector!!

what more could there need to be said!!
posted a comment on Drew McDowall - Haecceity Deluge. over 5 years ago
Watched day after day for this one to reappear. Wrote the label multiple mostly unanswered times inquiring about it, and the reissue came and went without a chance to pick up. To say the least- dejected.
posted a comment on Subliminal (5) - Sterben Lassen. over 5 years ago
price gougers. ouch.
posted a comment on Body Without Organs - Black Sun (The Live Recordings Of Body Without Organs). over 5 years ago
hope that this shows up on a blog somewhere sometime.

why Vinyl On Demand has not re-issued their releases is beyond me.
posted a comment on Celldöd, Black Leather Harness - Krig. over 5 years ago
eff!! wish there were at least a bandcamp or something- this imprint looks like an ill as hell for swedes deal.. many more desiring this am certain!!!
posted a comment on Drew McDowall - Haecceity Deluge. over 5 years ago
Lucky are the few who score this one.
posted a comment on S. English - Conscious Walk. over 5 years ago
effing great material!! hopefully sees a wax treatment- as over 150 bones for a cs from this year tis utterly stupid- as was only 50 copies being made..
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posted a comment on Various - Destination Morgue VII. over 5 years ago
may thee ancient chaotic force which manifests thee appearance ov these obscurantist occultural forces please manifest these sounds somewhere where their presences may be felt!!!
posted a comment on Various - Destination Morgue VIII. over 5 years ago
Hoping that someone may please blog this and the preceding year as well!!

those of us outside of Italia are dying to hear!!!
posted a comment on Bruta Non Calculant - Instinct. over 5 years ago
Eff! Ov all their releases- why is this the one not on wax? Simply magnificent!!
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ha - blogspot acct tis now invited readers only.
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posted a comment on Lussuria (2) - Scarlet Locust Of These Columns. over 6 years ago
as with the slightly less ltd "immemorial" selling at 50 bones aftermarket; this one will be a nightmare to watch sell..
hopefully digitally released in the intermediary period of waiting to see when this shows up in a likely reduced form ala "death... See full review
posted a comment on NGLY - NGLY. over 6 years ago
third copy purchased with identical skip issues. even purchased via shoppe reviewing them here as being OK.. please do not blame equipment for bad pressing issues.
posted a comment on Various - Pundartugg - Argot Bruit. over 6 years ago
any ideas how to find this reissue?
only info i have seen for it tis right here on discogs, but none ever sold..
looks like an utter beast of a compilation!!
posted a comment on NGLY - NGLY. over 6 years ago
hopefully sees a better repress due to the skips on B1 multiple ppl are experiencing.
posted a comment on NGLY - NGLY. over 6 years ago
this drives me nuts.. best track on the record = B1.. both copies identical skips. patronizing as eff that someone here is blaming on grade of equipment.. when this many folks have problems it with this particular issue it is inane to blame those who... See full review
posted a comment on NGLY - NGLY. over 6 years ago
yes!!! two copies!!! effing BS!!!!!!!!!
posted a comment on Absolute Body Control - Waving Hands. over 6 years ago
looking forward to my copy!! revive flexi-pop!!!
posted a comment on Various - Supreme Garbage. over 6 years ago
payed for 3 copies from the crowd fund / raising effort in may of 2014, and still waiting to see copies...

highly disappointing
posted a comment on Russell Haswell / Raime / Powell (9) / Vereker / Evol - Reel Torque Volume 7: Diagonal Rave Tapes. over 6 years ago
whilst highly qualitative throughout; definite standouts = Haswell / Powell/ Vereker/ & EVOL mixes [was surprised the Raime mix did not hit me]. have not enjoyed mix tapes this much in some time!! as immersed in magnetic materials as time is spent... See full review
posted a comment on Excruciating Terror - Vision Of Terror. over 6 years ago
friend picked this up for me at the seattle 2014 show since i was unable to go. effing great music, but copy tis dubbed insanely quiet/ have to crank stereo to hear and registers nothing on tachometers :< so glad to hear- only wish i had a better dub.... See full review
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aka : bro-mantic nepotism edition.
asked about this release at seattle show to be told by merch vendor that it was not available- only to watch him hook up another kid with a copy who very shortly thereafter had it signed by a non band member under... See full review