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posted a comment on Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy. 9 months ago
are you kidding? i can feel it. spirit of the happy days.
posted a comment on Justin Berkovi - Sex, Cash And Crime EP. 9 months ago
yes sir. you are right. such a tune lucky to have this on vinyl
posted a comment on The Micronaut - Contrast. over 3 years ago
Listen for the very first time to earlylate by a dr. Rubinstein mix and felt in love immediately - euphoric and melancholic ! Top5 Track 2018!!!
posted a comment on 747 - Aurora Centralis EP. over 4 years ago
Deep, melancholic but foredriven. cant decide which is the best track. nevermind. EP of the Year.
posted a comment on Mystic Bill - U Won't C Me. over 5 years ago
wonderfull track. thx marcel d for showing me this at dj kicks mix cd
posted a comment on Marcel Dettmann - DJ-Kicks. over 5 years ago
do you know his berghain 02 mix cd? a class of its own.
nevermind i like the beginning. first 5 tracks are great
posted a comment on Tropic Of Cancer - Stop Suffering. over 5 years ago
Outstanding. Atmosphere. Deep like the ocean. So melancholic. So beautiful. I Really love That EP. Thanks to the Artist.
posted a comment on Sci-Clone - Red Fever / Everywhere I Go (Remix). over 5 years ago
Wonderful words for a wonderful outstanding beautiful track. Thx mate.
posted a comment on King Britt. over 6 years ago
guys please listen to his remix of tony scotts hare krishna..
posted a comment on Abyss (3) - Every Time I See You. over 6 years ago
"every time i See you" the original Version is an Underrated beauty
posted a comment on Various - Get Lost. over 6 years ago
Ultra aka Orlando voorn Made with "bells" a timeless beautiful. At least for me.
posted a comment on Justin Berkovi - Sex, Cash And Crime EP. over 6 years ago
buy this ep, because of "you come to me". it is worth, beautiful track with beautiful strings.
posted a comment on Mario J & Murat - The First Visit E.P.. over 6 years ago
heard it first time on an old monika kruse mix cd. awesome track
posted a comment on Sunpeople - Check Your Buddha (Sven Väth Remix). over 6 years ago
i recommend the original version. i recommend the original version!! not the remixes !!
posted a comment on Projekt: PM - When The Voices Come. over 6 years ago
every track a winner. now 20 yrs old but timeless.
posted a comment on Murphy Jax - We Dance. over 6 years ago
first time i heard "time to bump" was mixed with scubas "adrenaline" played by john osborn some years ago at about blank open air in berlin 2011 (or 2012) -i felt in love with this atmospheric acid track.
posted a comment on Luke Hess - Michigan Central Station EP. over 6 years ago
pure detroit deepness, released on my birthday. what a present!
posted a comment on BT - Flaming June. over 6 years ago
i bought it for the lemon d remix. its still good
posted a comment on Donato Dozzy - Acid Test 03. over 6 years ago
cant say which side is better. outstanding ep.
posted a comment on Donato Dozzy & Tin Man (3) - Acid Test 09. over 6 years ago
dream team. test 7 opens my heart and makes me cry. test 2 is psychedelic tripping tripping tripping... unbelievable good.
posted a comment on Agoria - I'm Simply Not There (Remixes E.P). over 6 years ago
pitch down the youngsters remix a little bit and it sounds better these (slower) days.
posted a comment on Electric Rescue - Rough Auss. over 6 years ago
sorry but i cant understand why nobody wrote something about the bastien grine remix here?!! its such a great track!
posted a comment on Strand - Floyd Cramer's Revenge. over 6 years ago
no comment here that zephyr is a pure beauty??
posted a review of Luke Hess - Believe & Receive EP. over 6 years ago
one of the best german producers made a remix of one of the best detroit legends. thx for that. this remix goes straight forward but is still deep. what a track.
posted a review of Developer - Orgins EP. over 6 years ago
TELE is a huge techno stomper. Slow and dark. Berghain sound. 5 Points.
posted a comment on DJ Joe T. Vannelli* Featuring Csilla - Play With The Voice - Germany Vs. USA. over 6 years ago
paul van dyke made one of the best (piano) trance tracks ever.
posted a comment on Stormzy - WickedSkengman 4. over 6 years ago
huge. 2015 winner
posted a review of Conforce - Modern Amusement Podcast 012. over 6 years ago
One of the Best podcasts i ve ever Heard
posted a review of Under Black Helmet - Mute . over 6 years ago
wtf. no reviews here? for me: techno ep of 2015. pure. dark. berghain at its finest.
posted a comment on Visonia - Rain Of Petals. over 6 years ago
what a beauty. free download too. this synths made my day. thank you
posted a comment on Various Artist* - Earth Tones. over 6 years ago
i wonder why nobody wrote a review here. Especially Move D - Aspiration 2010 is a beautiful hypnotic acid track, i felt in love the first time i heard it!
added Fatima Yamaha - What's A Girl To Do? to their collection. over 6 years ago
added Discogs - Real Love EP to their wantlist. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Intrusion - RA.153. over 6 years ago
No doubt this is the best dub Techno mix i ve ever heard in my life. Just beautiful.
posted a comment on Ellen Allien - Ellen Allien E.P.. over 7 years ago
Get The Groove Goin' its a classic.
posted a comment on Fet*, Et Moi* - Honni Soit Qui Mal Y Pense. over 7 years ago
added Various - Platinum Breakz to their collection. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Dario Zenker - Alto Fragments . over 7 years ago
Dario on his Top of Production.. What a awesome Release. Every Track is a Killer and GROWIN is the Track of the Year for me. A pure rave track, a Special Thx to the Video cuttend Crew of 29ofNov, they made the perfect video to this track.
Timeless EP.
posted a comment on Jon Dasilva & Maceo Plex - Love Somebody Else. over 7 years ago
normally i dont listen to music like maceo plex. normally i prefer deep house, berghain and dub techno. BUT. this is such an amazing colloboration with jon dasilva. love somebody else is such a happy track. love it really much. thx guys
posted a comment on Groundation - Young Tree. over 7 years ago
Today i heard Groundation for the very first time. the song called "groundation dub", the last track of this album. hardly to describe the feelings i had. so deep. so deep! so much love in it. thank you for this groundation
posted a comment on Varg (6) - Misantropen. over 8 years ago
True. Deep Music. Reminds me of Dozzy too, maybe its better than the new abstract dozzy yet:)

Album of 2013.
posted a comment on Projekt: PM - When The Voices Come. over 8 years ago
No entry here.. Shame on you. So a lovely Deep tune.
posted a review of Claude Young - Nocturnal. over 8 years ago
Concentration Factor is One of my Alltime Detroit techno Tracks. Its so intensive, psycedelic, deep and sounds out of space. The Blueprint for labels like Prologue.
Mid 90s were the best techno years. Lived in berlin and listend to Detroit Berlin sound
added Dambala / Militant Barry - Rebel / Militant Dub to their collection. over 8 years ago
added Bob Marley & The Wailers - Rastaman Vibration to their collection. over 8 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 8 years ago
posted a review of Andre Rozzo* - Storm Warning. over 9 years ago
Storm Warning (Shelter Mix) is an amazing deep track i've first heared in a donato dozzy mix.
posted a review of Tiga - Gentle Giant Remixes. over 9 years ago
i will never forget when norman nodge played the martyn remix at berghain two years ago. since then i have been falling in love. piano makes goosebumps.
must have.
added Various - Rave On to their collection. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Paul Kalkbrenner - Tatü-Tata. over 9 years ago
good old times of pauls work. amazing track on the a side. fantastic track on the b side. high quality work. looking for another famous techno(trance)track with the same vocal sample of gebruenn gebruenn. any idea? released some years paul stomper.