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posted a comment on Baccacha - Round And Round c/w Party To Party. 6 months ago
You're looking at the test pressing, there was only 10 pressed. The actual release can be found here
posted a review of Ceybil Cross / Ceybill Cross Band - Someday, And Then Some!. 11 months ago
The B side is OK. It doesn't have the wonky vocals. Pitches up a treat.
posted a review of LeBlanc Featuring M.C.Red* - Love Is Funky / What Is Love?. 12 months ago
If you like your down tempo, dreamy, trumpetey Italo house then buy it for the Acid Jazz Mix. It's brilliant. The other mixes are shite in my opinion, that's why its gets 3 stars.
posted a comment on DJ Flavours - Vol. No. 2. over 3 years ago
It's all about Rock Da House for me. Proper tune!
posted a comment on Labourage - Rocking My Soul. over 3 years ago
The A1 on this is worth the punt. It's ace! The other mixes are not so good.
posted a comment on 2 Notes - U Don't Know. over 3 years ago
I still can't make up my mind which version I prefer. Both the hardcore and extended mixes are brilliant. A must have in any Italo House collection. 5*****
posted a comment on Flavour (2) - People Are Still Having Sex. over 4 years ago
The remix '91 is worth the punt alone. quirky :)
posted a comment on J. Pay - Taiko / Alcatraz. over 4 years ago
both tracks are absolutely stunning! B side is best, highly recommended! :)
posted a comment on George Laredo - Soul Vibration. over 5 years ago
What a tune. One of the best italo house has to offer. If you spot one, buy one!
posted a comment on Beat For Two - I Wanna Raw. over 6 years ago
A1 & B1 are ok, but the ambient mix is absolutely beautiful! An absolute gem of a tune. Just buy it! :)
posted a comment on The Mixmaster / Sex & Passion* - Another Day In Paradise / Your Body. over 6 years ago
Forget another day in paradise, its all about sex & passion. Top tune
posted a review of Raf Dee-Jay* - Hey Girl. over 6 years ago
All 3 mixes are brilliant. Sax mix is slightly faster and a fair bit different than the club and dream mixes. Club and Dream mixes are a bit on the slow side but pitch them up and they sound beautiful! Dream mix is my favourite out of the 3. Top tune!
posted a comment on Violent Bop Generator Featuring Gianni Viola - Joy. over 7 years ago
Unpure. B2. That is all.
posted a comment on Tongue (2) - Out Of Bounds. over 7 years ago
house mix is a beast!!
posted a review of M.C.J. - Sexitivity. over 7 years ago
All mixes on other labels are good, but the micro mania dance mix is the mix of mixes. Just a shame you can't get it on an italian label. Buy it if you don't own it. A fabulous mix!
posted a comment on Beat Band - Dance Now. over 7 years ago
Acid house it's plain and it's simple,
Pump up the bass and raise up the treble
Sent to a crowd on the floor in the middle,
Rub-a-dub dub on your spots til it tickles.
Plain and simple, acid is bold
This style of music I feel won't grow old!
I know... See full review
posted a review of Mahogany (6) - Runaway. over 7 years ago
One of the original italian house tunes that made me fall in love with the genre in the first place. A mind blower imo. Enjoy! :)
posted a review of Touch Of Soul - We Got The Love. over 7 years ago
Vocal & piano versions for me. Though if I had to choose it would be the piano version. It just fills my heart with joy everytime I play it. Everytime I listen to it I listen to the very end. If it's Neri playing that piano then it sounds like he... See full review
posted a review of Shirley - Give Up No More. over 7 years ago
Pure class! Similar sounding piano to touch of soul - we got the love. Not note for note, but key changes and style imo. Don't read too much into the ratings. It's fucking brilliant!
posted a review of Syndicate 305 - I Promise. over 7 years ago
If you found your way here, just buy it! It's up there in my top 10. A tune I thought I imagined/lost. I suppose some would say it's cheesey, but not me. From the second that beat/piano/vocals come in that's it! You're smiling! :)
posted a review of Rudy* - I'm On Fire. over 7 years ago
Agreed with Sam. The vocals on this are amazing! The beat, bassline and just everything else on this is gold. And don't forget that little flutey bit either! :)
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Max 'N' Frank Minoia - Stormy Love. over 7 years ago
Top tune! Never tire of it.
posted a review of Jill Sanders - Only You. over 7 years ago
WOW! Just WOW! Tunes don't always have to be pumping, this is an example of that. Just brilliant!
posted a review of Nasty-B - I Can't Wait. over 7 years ago
If you like ya italo then you have to like this! 5* all day long!
posted a review of Groovemaster J - Hardness. over 7 years ago
Imo probably one of the best ever intro's to a tune. As soon as it starts and you hear that piano and that cool sounding voice over, that's it! It's got ya! My tune of 2013. Pure italo gold!
posted a review of Mel Melvin - I Believe In Love. over 7 years ago
I stick my neck out on this one. Pure italo greatness. Buy it!
posted a review of Kasso - Walkman. over 7 years ago
Been told by a mate it's a wine bar kinda tune. He's wrong. The A1 is one lovely, cool sounding downtempo piano tune. Not one you can boom in a club, but don't let that put you off. It's got one of the best sounding piano riffs out there!
posted a review of Cappella - Be Master In One's Own House (Remixes). over 7 years ago
Jazz mix jazz mix jazz mix! Pier Rossini at his finest! ;)
posted a review of Love Nation (2) - Everything 4 You. over 7 years ago
Personally I don't rate any of the everything 4 you mixes, for me it's the love nation theme (B3). Words cannot describe how good it is. So DEEP, so italo, so 90's. Trust me, you need just that one tune in your collection!
posted a comment on Various - The Free Zone EP Vol. 1 & 2. over 7 years ago
Worth it for body entertainment alone. That track is just beauty without words. Everything else is a bonus.
posted a review of Tam Tam (4) - See Me Touch Me. over 7 years ago
Agreed with 808 man. Such a simple, yet brilliant tune. You will not be disappointed.
posted a review of Old Foxes Feat Tommy G. (3) - And The Beat Goes On. over 7 years ago
One of the best. Pure gold through every note. If anyone mentions will smith when they hear this tune needs a slap. Imo you have everything that represents italo house in one here, a blatant rip off of a tune which has been done brilliantly. The... See full review