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posted a comment on Miles Davis - Birth Of The Cool. 7 months ago
Terrible pressing - small scratches, bumps, pops, etc. on all three of the copies I tried.
posted a review of Windy & Carl - Consciousness. over 13 years ago
A "just good" CD. I was expecting a fuzzy drone masterpiece, a la label mate "Stars of the Lid", and wasn't disappointed to begin with, but then came Windy's vocals. Sigh. Post-rock fans probably will eat this up, but this reviewer just wasn't too into ... See full review
posted a review of Biosphere / Deathprod - Nordheim Transformed. over 13 years ago
Very dark, sometimes abstract. Biosphere and Deathprod took turns "transforming" and manipulating fellow Norwegian (and electronic music pioneer) Arne Nordheim's original recordings.

The result is satisfying. I think Biosphere's influence restrained ... See full review
posted a review of Ashera - Cobalt 144. over 13 years ago
Great CD for sleeping, and probably meditating. VERY relaxing. Kind of a modernized, less dated version of Namlook's "Air" series in that it uses a female voice in much the same way. Next to Eno's "Neroli", the best sleep CD out there.

Took me nine ... See full review
posted a review of Tim Hecker - Mort Aux Vaches. over 13 years ago
The only disappointment here is the cheap packaging (thin composite plastic page, CD is held in place by a punch fastener). Very flimsy.

Music: Awesome. I could only make out one composition that I had heard before on the three CDs of his I own. ... See full review
posted a review of Chris Watson - Weather Report. over 13 years ago
Great effort. Field recordings from Kenya, Scotland, and Iceland very gently manipulated. Everything from lions howling to glaciers groaning. An instant classic in field recording circles upon release, and definitely one of the best titles in this genre. ... See full review