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Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke - Her Revolution / His Rope
posted a comment on Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke - Her Revolution / His Rope. over 3 years ago
There's still copies dropping here and there. Boomkat all of a sudden had some copies earlier today, I was able to get one and just got the shipping notification so it looks like it is actually for real. Keep your eyes open at (online) vinyl stores... See full review
posted a review of Arcade. over 17 years ago
I have to disagree that the Turn Up The Bass series was 3 killers and the rest fillers. Those "fillers" were usually underground hits which never made it into the big spotlights. For me, most Turn Up The Bass compilations contained the best of the... See full review
Wide Area Network Records
posted a review of Wide Area Network Records. over 20 years ago
Wide Area Network Records is now a dead label. I've decided to quit the label since I couldn't get anything done with it anymore. It has been a wonderful time to run this label, but it's now a thing of the past.

In it's stead, I am now running a... See full review
Various - Essential Elements 6
posted a review of Various - Essential Elements 6. over 20 years ago
the chosen tracks are awesome (one can not go wrong with tracks by Gusto, Sunshower, Jark Prongo and Secret Cinema) but the mixing is not very good. It's beatmatched perfectly, but some tracks just don't match with eachother, the styles differ too much.
posted a review of Simex. over 20 years ago
Simex seems to have the gift of making techno music interesting to listen to as well as to dance to. Most techno music sounds best when heard on a big sound system at a party, but the music Simex makes is also very interesting to just listen to when at home. See full review
Speedy J - Loudboxer
posted a review of Speedy J - Loudboxer. over 21 years ago
though this album is definately not a bad album, I must say that I liked his period of idm/industrial influenced music more. the stuff released on warp and a shocking hobby are just more intricate, more interesting to listen to. but I guess this album... See full review
Oval - Szenariodisk
posted a review of Oval - Szenariodisk. over 21 years ago
I must indeed agree this is definately one of the best things I have heard from oval, period. there is something to this disc that I have not heard in other Oval music, though I can't pinpoint what exactly this is.
Noosa Hedz - Hoola Hopz
posted a review of Noosa Hedz - Hoola Hopz. over 21 years ago
similar to boards of canada yet a little less polished, hoola hopz is totally recommended for those that like what's released on warp and similar labels.
posted a review of Fukk God Lets Create. over 22 years ago
awesome glitchy experimental music ...
The Chemical Brothers
posted a review of The Chemical Brothers. over 22 years ago
the chemical brothers seem to become more and more aimed at whatever is popular, and not at whatever is good. the early chemical brothers work are very groundbreaking and very good, but when they released surrender something snapped, something went... See full review
Outland Records
posted a review of Outland Records. over 22 years ago
one of the best house labels to ever release anything in the netherlands, this label started simply as an amsterdam record store.

outland has released some classics! and their sleeve designs, done by dutch artist dadara, are always very nice to see.
posted a review of AmbientLive. over 22 years ago
the AmbientLive events are definately very nice events. pretty underground, but that's probably the power behind the events: they're not too big and contain good music that won't ever get too commercially interesting.

The releases on the... See full review
Animals On Wheels - Designs And Mistakes
posted a review of Animals On Wheels - Designs And Mistakes. over 22 years ago
a very nice combination of drum n bass, breakbeat and idm-ish influences. different from a lot of other releases because of "acoustic" feel it has, even though most (if not all) sounds were actually from electronic instruments.
posted a review of Ant-Zen. over 22 years ago
ant-zen, or Anti-Zensur in it's full name, is a label that focusses on quality music with an experimental feeling. be it noise, dark ambient, drones or full on digital hardcore ... it's good if it's released on ant-zen (of course, this is subject to... See full review
Struttura - Better Emotional Than Clean EP
posted a review of Struttura - Better Emotional Than Clean EP. over 22 years ago
very refreshing mix of old electronic synth music with new and experimental sounds. a combination I have not heard before.
posted a review of Chulk. over 22 years ago
It is weird and amazing that this artist isn't signed yet to a label such as warp, rephlex or skam. his music is awesome. it's autechre, but not autechre. it's aphex twin yet not aphex twin. it's solid. it's present.
posted a review of - . over 22 years ago
Come With Us, the most recent endeavour of the UK duo The Chemical Brothers, is also their least. they have sold out. this album does not contain any of their really booming breakbeats that made them famous and even gave them their own genre. it's all... See full review
Sidhartha - Mouse Clicking EP
posted a review of Sidhartha - Mouse Clicking EP. over 22 years ago
this might sound weird coming from the person running the label which released this disc, but it is amazing. this artist from the ukraine always surprises me with the high quality of the music he makes. simply incredible. not only this music, but his... See full review
Aphex Twin - On
posted a review of Aphex Twin - On. over 22 years ago
of all music that richard d james has ever released, "on" must be the single best piece ever. it has the chilled, ambient feeling of a lot of tunes, but also the weird, distorted rhythmic works of other aphex work. still, this track is unique in every... See full review
Aphex Twin - Drukqs
posted a review of Aphex Twin - Drukqs. over 22 years ago
this album is one of two opposites.

on one end, it rocks ass big time. the music is awesome, and is once more very refreshing. especially the classical pieces are something totally unexpected and very refreshing.

on the other end, this release... See full review
AFX* - 2 Remixes By AFX
posted a review of AFX* - 2 Remixes By AFX. over 22 years ago
this release, though not officially linked to the rephlex label, is still a rephlex release. this can be seen easily by checking the notes in the inner grooves of the vinyl release. the notes there say:

MEN1A1= CAT 112 EP (this is for side a)
MEN1... See full review
Daft Punk - Burnin'
posted a review of Daft Punk - Burnin'. over 22 years ago
this one is awesome. techno with a disco flavour.